Adherence to the Webtoon Turns A Business Proposal Drama Posters into Candy Colored Cuteness

Seeing the just dropped suite of drama posters for upcoming SBS romance A Business Proposal (Office Blind Date) makes it actually seem cute in a derpy way. The adherence to the webtoon visuals was clearly the marching orders and while the OTP on with Kim Se Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob looked really flat and unappealing, the rest are actually okay. Nothing creative but serviceable in the world of standard genre K-drama rom-coms. It helps that the second leads Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah are quite eye-catching solo and together, I haven’t read the webtoon but I hope they have their own love lines and it’s not going to be a love triangle or quadrangle but instead two sets of pairings while deliver different emotional stakes.


Adherence to the Webtoon Turns A Business Proposal Drama Posters into Candy Colored Cuteness — 28 Comments

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  2. Well, no doubt, the second couple will steal the spotlight in this drama as I know acting abilities of both Seol in ah and Kim min kyu. I don’t want to downgrade Ahn Hye Seop but he has no enough charisma to be main lead in CEO like role. May be he is talented since he got Baeksang. However, I wasn’t satisfied with his other roles. Regarding Kim Sejung, she has cuteness but I don’t think she will be suitable for this flirty role. Actually, I don’t like her roles except Uncanny Counter. She sometimes overacts. Seol in ah is so talented. She can pull of both villain, smart, funny or naive roles. I watched her several dramas. Idk why PDs is still sleeping on her talent cauz she has both ability and visual. She is totally main lead material. Her peers is grabbing lead roles already even though they aren’t good enough.

  3. AHS and KSJ are inexplicably cute together and their chemistry is shining in the behind the scenes videos. The way he was shielding her from the sun was so youth romcom kdrama happening in real life. AHS must really love working with KSJ because he has never looked happier on set not even with LSK who he had pretty strong chemistry with. He literally wanted nothing to do with his last female lead and the videos were hard to watch because of the extreme awkwardness and forced niceness but thankfully this time boy is glowing. KSJ generally has very good camraderie with her costars I’m also loving her and SIN together they look like BFFs in real life too. The cast for this drama gets along like a house on fire.

  4. The quality of these posters is not top. The shadow on the background make KSJ’s hair looking weird.

    At least, Japanese won’t have too much work to do for this drama :p

  5. I’m just glad this site is finally covering a wider range of stars and dramas than the usual 5-7 faves who got article after article for just breathing. While we are at it can you also please write more about Nam Yoon Su? He just scored 2 dramas back to back. More Junho, Rowoon and Na In Woo too please plus all the kids from All of Us Are Dead if possible. Thank you.

      • if her faves’ dramas don’t do well or her interest drops, she won’t blog about them at all. Example, she likes hjw but no review of chocolate. same for ysh, no mention of my strange hero and moonshine after their premiere episode. in hwayugi however she dissed the fl big time and elevated her love lsg to high heavens.

    • @rasberry So true! Its much more interesting now because we can read about lots of different actors and dramas! Like the Kang Hoon article was a surprise! Would also be nice to see more recent C-dramas and new C-actors being covered too because there is lots of new talent and genres! Recently Reset and Shining for one thing did an excellent and unique take on the time travel genre which K-drama never seems to be good at. Fly with you and Skate into love were also great sports dramas which wasn’t about e-sports for a change! Go Ahead and Find Yourself were also excellent dramas in recent times. In terms of genre dramas The Long Night and Bad Kids were brilliant and wish there could have been some coverage on this blog about it. C-dramas are evolving really well recently!

  6. I don’t understand why fans of Kim Se jung is bitter if somebody says 2nd couple has better chemistry. I think they are insecure that Kim Min Kyu and Seol in ah will overshadow the main OTP which they did already. 2nd couple is on fire. Kim Se jung is talented but she isn’t ready for rom-com. Her Uncanny Countee success brings her so many offers. And I am glad. I hope she will show mature acting here. Regarding Ahn Hye Seop, well, let’s not lie ourselves her chemistry with LSK is always top-notch. But here even in bts videos they are awkward with each other.

    • Eh they literally only had one bts video here? The drama has barely started so how do you judge their chemistry off such a short clip? AHS had nice chemistry with LSK but didn’t interact much with her bts either. And I’m willing to bet their chemistry was due to the writing more than their acting as neither are good actors.

  7. every promo material I’ve seen for this looks cheap. also as much as I liked Sejeong as an idol (girl has an amazing voice btw), I just never feel chemistry from her with her male costars.

  8. That’s why I don’t like casting idols. Their fans try to shut critical viewers up and defend their fav as much as possible like Jisoo’s fans. Kim Se jong was lucky with uncanny counter otherwise she would remain invisible with cheap dramas. But her fans treat her like Son ye jin level. What a joke. She is not bad, but let viewers give honest opinion about her skills without being biased. She isn’t good at rom-com

    • Yes I agree about psychoo kpop stans. Jisoo was worse than garbage in that show and she dragged everyone through the mud with her. The controversy got that much exposure because of kpop fanwars let’s be honest. If there was no controversy, ppl would have been louder about how embarrassing her ‘acting’ was. Idol actors need to work their way up after practicing on their craft instead of relying on their company’s nepotism and bot infested Instagram followers to get lead roles. Hope she doesn’t try to ‘act’ until she learns how to deliver a dialogue without garbling half the words

    • I’m not a K-pop Stan, although I love N. Flying quite a bit, but I don’t understand people who are so critical and negative before the show starts. I don’t get it. How can we know if 2nd couple will steal the show? I love Kim Min Kyu, but it’s going to be hard to steal AHS’s spotlight. He’s very charismatic and beautiful. But that’s just me. I like to keep my mind open.

    • true jisoo exaggerated her expressions so much and couldn’t say a line without sounding like she had something in her mouth. No wonder the writer reduced her lines and only made her cry pathetically in the background for most of the show

  9. i skimmed thro the webtoon since ur last post @koala and yes 2nd lead has their own love line thank goodness. And as far as visuals and similarity from the webtoon is concerned, i think second couple is more fitting to be the main otp. hopefully i’m wrong.

    • I like Kim Se Jeong. It’s exactly the fact shes not too pretty in the korean conventional beauty sense , funny and lively that makes her a perfect underdog for dramas. She didn’t seem to have access to good roles in the past and only recently with the success of uncanny encounters. I am excited to see her pull this one off and her next drama with Nam Yoon Su. I find her tv personality very attractive as she is good in variety, good in singing and here’s hoping she does well in this role too to snag an all kill like Lee Seunggi. Good future ahead and for a girl with a diificult background like hers, its nice to see people like her and IU succeed.

      • She has that charm to her looks and it isn’t over exaggerated fake praise like with some recent idol actresses *coughjisoocough*
        It’s better to be non conventionally pretty these days too. Those kind of actors always appeal more to international viewers and after success of shows like obs even Koreans are turning more to less conventional types of beauty these days

      • It’s not just the looks. It’s the vibe and charisma. The WEBTOON character’s vibe is the complete opposite to AHS baby face. He’s handsome but he just doesn’t suit the character.

  10. It’s hard to look for someone who could fit him but Rowon would be closer to Taemu but AHS wouldn’t be a bad choice in like 5 years and he would need to bulking up for it.

    • I agree too but its going to be a school 2017 reunion if ro woon is casted. Lol. Kim min kyu will surely feel left out. Im still looking forward to this drama. The making trailer was so much fun. Sejeong really does light up a set with her positive behavior

  11. Even in the webtoon, the 2nd couple is just so cute.

    I feel like sejeong is too young looking but I am glad to be proven wrong.

    This drama isn’t really that complicated so the things that needs to work is the chemistry

  12. I’m definitely also liking the 2nd lead vibes, they are also to me the better actors. I’ve never been able to finish a AHS drama, he’s pretty but doesn’t engage me, especially after his “blind” acting in red sky.
    Will watch anyways to see how it goes, and also to support my girl SIA (looking forward to her getting a prime lead role )

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