Second Episode of Thirty Nine Goes Up Slightly in Ratings to 5.076% and Drops a Major Plot Spoiler Bomb on Viewers

A word of caution, don’t click on this post to see the pictures below if you don’t want to be spoiled on a really major plot point in the drama Thirty Nine. I don’t mind spoilers, I was the kid who sometimes read the end of novels after the first chapter and then the middle section in between when the urge hit. But for this drama about three lady best friends to deliver a twist this early feels like it will be jarring for the viewers, and definitely for the casual passerby who may take it as a reason to not watch. This increase in ratings from episode 1 to 2 is a good thing but I don’t see as much buzz about this drama considering Son Ye Jin is the lead and she’s hard carrying for now whatever buzz there is as nearly all the commentary is about her performance or character from the K-netizens.


Second Episode of Thirty Nine Goes Up Slightly in Ratings to 5.076% and Drops a Major Plot Spoiler Bomb on Viewers — 85 Comments

  1. Well, I’m the opposite

    That major spoiler is what grabs my attention to this drama. That’s what I found interesting to check this drama out

  2. I absolutely love the friendship between the three. The reason why they rushed mijo’s love story and made him confess in second episode itself is because they probably going to focus on the girls more from now on. This drama feels like it’s abt the 2 friends fulfilling Chanyoung’s wishes and giving her a heartfelt farewell . Poor girl spent her entire 30s pining over a man who can’t commit to her. She deserves peace.

    As for buzz, it’s a simple story abt 3 women in 40s learning to deal with the reality of parting with a dear friend. The romance is not over the top and it is kept as a backdrop . Even if it’s son yejin , because of its genre it’s bound to not have buzz as compared to some youth dramas or makjangs out there .

    PS: The finale scene is still trending at no.2 on Naver tv with close to 500k views. People are surely tuning up. Even an article related to the drama was trending at no.1 on naver news section this morning

    • Idk from where Koala is getting these reviews from knetz. She maybe talking abt the forums like pann and qoo.

      Acc to good data rankings thirty nine entered top 10 even before the drama started airing. Clips from drama were trending on naver tv. As comparison, i would like to mention Red Sleeve which was extremely popular in sk. The red sleeve related clip on Naver with highest number of views is close to like 600k . Now compare it with views of yesterday’s ending scene. The difference isn’t huge.

      If we want to talk abt twitter it’s a given that dramas like 2521 or our beloved summer to have more clout .

      • She got from weibo and anyways, Koala is trying hard to downplay anything with SYJ (if you guys haven’t noticed).

        This drama and the ‘slightly’ rise of its rating is actually not much different than the one she was spammed about a few days ago lol.

        Of course this drama won’t get much buzz with much of International audiences (let’s admit it, romcoms/heavy romance focused are still the biggest attractings for majority of them) compare to this slice of life drama that centered around 3 women in their 40s *eye rolls*

    • Thank you! So much context missing from koala’s post. Its clear when she is trying to not hype up a drama when it doesn’t include her faves…JTBC has been in a slump since last year with low ratings and finally 2 dramas led by established female actresses break 5% on first weekend and she underplays that. Smh.

      • Koala and a certain section of people trying too hard atp. Thoughts regarding the drama are subjective i won’t comment but to underplay it’s reception…nah . Let’s be honest no sane person would expect CLOY type ratings here.
        Thirty nine itself doing better than Something in the rain ratings wise, which was considered a hit back then.

  3. Name a drama whose rating didn’t increase on its 2nd episode?

    This is not surprising at all. The rating is a disappointment if we are being real. So much hype going on but majority is due to the wedding announcement. Their Marketing strategy didn’t work as expected.

    • I thought its just me. Binjin supporters will hates this but serious talk who announced their wedding news before drama airing? It’s purely for marketing purposed and it’s cheap sorry to say. I didn’t expect this from someone as SYJ calibre. I said what i said

      • Based on common sense it is easy to understand that wedding /dating announcements hinder a drama because people find it difficult to relate to the on-screen couple.
        They were going to get married in march anyways . It’s still better than announcing the marriage before the drama than in the midst of it.

      • The reason the wedding was announced the week before 39 airing was because it just happens that the wedding date is late March right when drama ends. So they either had to announce it before or announce after the wedding already happened which it sounds like they didn’t want to do as it would appear disrespectful to fans to not know this was happening. There was an article that even said they waited until last Thursday evening to announce because that was after the cutof time for the press questions for 39 presscon. So they strategically release news then so that it would give media no time to ask questions about their wedding during press conference. Does this sound like something they would do if they wanted attention??

    • You think SYJ or HB need to hype up their personal lives for ratings? These two are so ridiculously low key and private. They all but disappeared after CLOY aired to massive worldwide popularity. They don’t talk about each other publicly or post about each other on social media other than the wedding announcement.

      The timing of their wedding just happens to be in March after Thirty Nine airs. Its when they had free time since Thirty Nine just wrapped filming a few weeks ago and HB has a film to shoot later this year and promo for 2 movies to release this year too.

      They don’t need cheap tactics to gain attention. How do you think either has been successful for 20 years in this industry? SYJ never even publicly dated anyone before. She is an acclaimed actress who attracts viewers and box-office because she is a good reliable actress and beloved in her country.

    • Bulgasal, moonshine, lost, it’s okay to not be okay to name a few, their ratings didn’t increase in 2nd episode ?. Infact the previous drama in the same time slot, artificial city, it’s ratings dipped too.

    • Bulgasal, moonshine, tracer, lost, it’s okay to not be okay , start up,to name a few, their ratings didn’t increase in 2nd episode ?. Infact the previous drama in the same time slot, artificial city, it’s ratings dipped too .

      • @Tori, law school premiered at 5% last April and then dipped down to 4% in second episode. Didn’t hit 6% till the end. Sisyphus debuted at 5% as well and then hit 6% but by second episode by that was over a year ago as it debuted in January. Almost everything that came after had lower numbers.

    • Maybe if this was on another channel but jtbc has had terrible ratings all throughout 2021, so both Weather and this one are actually quire an improvement I think. It still is too early to say and it could go down but I wouldn’t laugh at a 5% rating on a channel that consistently underperformed last year (btw I haven’t even watched this show, and I’m not sure I will, so no “SYJ biased fangirls” attacks please. I’m not her fan).

      • Law School & Sisyphus had ratings at 6%. These shows were from 2021 and on the same wed & thurs time slot.

      • Law school and Sysiphus had an earlier time slot of 9pm kst unlike thirty nine which airs at 10:30pm kst. Infact jtbc pushed back the airing slot of all of its dramas. Worst case is for mon-tue slot at 11: pm.
        No wonder jtbc is tanking so hard.

      • @Tori

        39’s 1st episode ratings is okay for 10:30pm on a weeknight against all 3 terrestrial broadcasters live coverage of the Olympics short track and curling where the SK team were competing for medals and qualifying spots. What remains to be seen is if it can maintain a 5% against Kill Heel next week. It’s also streaming on both Netflix and TVING so viewership is spread out. Sisyphus was at an earlier timeslot and had 3 episodes at 6% but went all the way down to 4% until the end.

  4. It’s too cliche and boring. SYJ just being SYJ i don’t know I just didn’t see anything new or impressed by it so far. We’ll see

    • SYJ being SYJ is being excellent, reliable, breathing life into the character, and always bringing her A game so in that sense I agree completely ? All the actors are strong in this drama. Only issue for me so far is the female friendships are more interesting than the couples.

    • Kind of understand where you come from, me can feel the vibe of Jin Ah and Seri too and even with the same hairstyle, can’t help it. That’s why I always have massive respect for actors who can give different vibes and experimenting with their looks in every new characters they are in.

      • Same here. Yoon Seri and Cha Mijo are blending together for me. They should’ve at least styled her differently.

      • Yoon Seri was distinct even within the drama itself. NK Seri was styled a certain way, barely any makeup, frumpy aujumma clothes and acted more warmly. SK Seri was always well groomed, designer clothes and composed/ cold. I dont see too much of her in this character. If anything I see SonYejin’s real personality in this character based on her interviews. She is silly and laughs a lot.

      • But maybe they could have given her new styling for this drama. Like a short hairstyle but problem is other two leads also have short hair.

    • I also don’t see any different from Son Ye Jin performance too which never amazed me. She is beautiful but feels flat in most her productions. Her only works that I like is The Classic and A Moment To Remember. I try watching this drama too because I love the Chinese version so much. I’m glad it’s not an adaptation after watching 1st and 2nd episodes. The performance felt flat to me and storyline is too cheesy.

      • No need to downplay SYJ to prop up your faves ? Flat performance and SYJ don’t ever belong in same sentence. She literally shows a million emotions on her face in every production whether movie or drama. Even if you don’t like her or she’s not your fave, flat? Really?

      • She is way too overhyped and has a pretty privilege. It’s just that her dramas weren’t as big as contemporaries and she had to sustain in movies. Even in movies she had a huge slump from 2008 to 2015. I wish people will get away from their movie is superior obsession and see objectively.

      • Tory, what slump from 2008 to 2015?

        In 2008 she released My Wife Got Married which bagged her Baeksang Best Actress and Blue Dragon Best Actress that year
        In 2011 was Spellbound, 7th highest grossing Korean film that year.
        In 2012 she released The Tower, second highest opening day ticket sales in Korean box office history.
        In 2014 was The Pirates, a huge blockbuster hit that year which released a long awaited sequel this year.

        I think most actors would love to have that kind of slump. I dont think pretty privilege accusation works when they have skills and success to back it up. Save the pretty privilege for your bias.

      • Tory

        Lol. You don’t even fact checking what you are saying. What a total clownery

        Sorry that your bias doesn’t success in movie like SYJ does ?

  5. The Netflix rankings are out too. Thirty Nine debuted at 2 in Netflix South korea today. For comparison, other recent dramas 2521 debuted at no.4 . Meanwhile Weather forcast took one more day to enter top 10 in sk.
    Just because there is less Twitter clout,it doesn’t mean people aren’t watching. ?

  6. I love the slice of life vibes of the drama. Its pacing is also slow tho for some reason just suits the plot. I enjoy watching the first and second eps. We can see even in the first week of airing these thirty nine old ladies have their own love lives.

  7. People on this site obsess more over metrics and ratings than PMs do with their products ?

    Anyways, looks like 39 isn’t an adaptation of 三十而已 the way the story is going.

  8. SYJ stans were so loud when SHK’s drama released and made life of her stans hell. They didn’t even wait for the 1st week to end to start their hate parade. While SHK was not great in the drama and the drama is boring, 39 is no different, SYJ doing her same old melo cutesy stuff she keeps doing with no change whatsoever. Her drama wasn’t even able to beat Kim Tae Ri’s drama forget reaching the ratings of SHK dramas. CLOY was her claim to fame internationally and no amount her fans lecturing about her awards can change it. No one cared about her outside korea till CLOY and now her fans are being brave. Even the current ratings would be probably due to hype from her wedding announcement and her first love stunt. Smart of them, probably helped that all their close acquaintances conveniently came out and talked about how beautiful and fairytale their love is lmao. Accept it, SHK never had to feed shippers to get ratings or fans, Unlike miss nation’s first love and ahem ahem mr.sjk who can’t probably do a drama without feeding shippers and throwing his costars under the bus

    • LOL. Oh boy, the way the triggered stans are about to form a loooooooong queue under your comment… ? I already see one anon in particular going round replying to anyone who isn’t singing hymns and praises about their fave.

      • well truth is a bitter pill to swallow. The audacity to belittle an actress who single-handedly pushed the hallyu wave when none of this global platforms were available. And she didn’t do this feeding shippers. They fail to accept that SYJ failed in dramas before CLOY hit and she is also doing same melo every where which her stans accuse kyo of. They can flaunt SYJ’s awards and her movies which probably not many saw before cloy. even SYJ likes her new found fame now lol. Even Kim Tae Ri who is supposedly more of movie actress has more ratings than the nation’s first love

      • shk didn’t feed shippers? you mean her public huge ass wedding covered by media with overhead drone shots, pre nup shoot, etc… wasn’t feeding the media and shippers? or holding hands on the red carpet with sjk while denying they were dating? No, your right she didn’t try to feed shippers. nope not at all.

      • nice try, but the way the wedding happened and how the details constantly kept leaking from SJK’s side, it must be him who wanted the huge public wedding. It was disgusting how he was going around showing her off as a trophy. His family had a weird museum for onlookers, if that isn’t clear indication of the clout chasing mentality. Her and her agency never entertained shippers. He was the one who cowardly filed divorce when she was not even in the country. And again it was his side who has most commentary to say when she was the most graceful in the manipulation. BinJin loves the attention they are getting now and milk it regularly with all the chatter about their fairytale love. 39 release date and her marriage date wouldn’t be fixed overnight, clearly then planned this, it’s just ugly how the entire buzz is shifted on her which would be okay if not for other two actresses who are also part of it.

      • Nice try, given the way how SJK was showing her off as some trophy he won and how his side was leaking all the details on the marriage , it would be his idea to have the big wedding showing her off as some display piece. Her and her agency has always refuted shippers and wouldn’t encourage them. It was him who cowardly had to give her divorce when she wasn’t in the country and to beg for sympathy. Given how she didn’t lose any of her endorsements after his public stunt is proof enough how gracefully she handled all this. His family had a weird museum set up for them so that should give enough indication. Binjin actively encourages shippers, SYJ looks like has finally got her share of fame which SHK always had ? Also how everyone of their close acquaintances keep talking about their private life and how she picked interiors for their house ? Who gives out such details ? It clearly comes from them. Well I guess make hay while it lasts I believe, because already no one cares about them other than their weird fans, so once they get married, ppl also will move on. They have to come out with new strategy to stay in news

    • Lol becareful because the whole nation’s first love army will come skin you alive. SYJ and mediocre flat performance don’t belong together. There is only SYJ is incomparable and above all so watch your words. She is very innocent and real. She don’t know how to media play and use lame tactics.

    • So true, her claim to being a Hallyu star was CLOY. No doubt about it. And it looks like she is enjoying it a lot. Tbh, Her wedding announcement before the premier was suspect. They are making this drama look like she is the only lead and the other two are just there for support.

      • Dawn, Brussels, whatever you guys are calling yourselves. Stop embarrassing shk further by trolling this comments sections. Its a bad look. Its the weekend, unplug from the internet and go get some fresh air or something. Shk doesn’t need your protection. Shes just fine.

    • All I can say is you are one brave soul to come after THE Son Ye Jin ?. I am in the camp that her looks and acting are overrated. Her and center Jung media playing their couple-ness at the Baeksang awards was also very off putting.

      • They acted like a couple at Baeksang? Really? People kept saying they were acting cold and distant the whole night. All they did was go up and accept an award together that was voted on by fans.

      • All he did was go up to her before the show started and said hello? How is that playing up their couple ness? All actors greeted each other during the event.

      • Really? All actors link arms and hold hands and wait for reporters to take pictures of them together?

      • Didn’t shk and sjk also act like a couple on Baeksang? One of them even appeared on the other’s fan meet .
        And jung hae in held hands with Han ji min too

    • Are we talking about the same SHK that staged the awkward cement background photo-op with JKY to try to drum up shipper interest in their romance only for everyone to clown on them?

      And the SHK who has been frantically issuing media piece after media piece trying to save face from NWABU’s failure?

      That SHK?

      • Yes that one!!! LOL I’m dying at these comments. Shk fans coming for Syj by accusing her of media play and bad acting? The nerve. I’m so entertained though keep it coming ?

      • @Loling, whewww just making sure. The way @brussels was going on and on on her soapbox, I was wondering if I was thinking of the wrong SHK.

        We should all spare some sympathy for those poor SHK fans. They’ve been through “hell” for the last few months. The long awaited return of their “Hallyu queen” was a disaster, and to rub salt in the wound, all their “enemies” had a good run, from SJK with his double film and drama hits, to HB and SYJ with their celebrated wedding announcement. Won’t someone think of their suffering?

      • Btw, wherever did @Nad and @Haeki go? They’ve been MIA since NWABU started airing, which is strange bc they were hyping up that drama sooo much.

        I hope they’re doing okay and not hanging out in the same 6th circle of hell with @brussels.

      • Lol I’m a SHK fan and also like SYJ, but I can’t help feeling sick reading all these immature fan wars. You’re as pathetic and sad as those delusional SHK shipper. Everytime I read any SJY articles I can’t help but feel gross at all the hate towards SHK. It seem to me that only shippers are the lowly fans.

      • Having a photoshoot for an upcoming drama is not a staged op. It means promoting the drama. Announcing a wedding days before your new drama airing and having all ‘close’ acquaintances talk about fairy tale love is Staged op. 39 release date and her wedding date wouldn’t have been planned overnight. They clearly planned this, ugly that they had to shift the buzz entirely on her when there are two other actresses. Now compare that to SHK promoting relatively unknown actresses.

      • Having a photoshoot with your costar is called promoting a drama and not staged op. What’s staged op is knowing when you are drama is coming out and planning your wedding around same time and disgustingly hijacking the buzz when there are two other actresses who have significant roles and make it all about you. Compare that with Kyo promoting relatively new actresses who doesn’t have a role as equivalent to her. 39 airing date and her wedding date wasn’t fixed overnight and they knew what they were doing. I would be annoyed if i were the fan of any of those actresses because her marriage would also happen when the drama is ongoing and smart way to steal all the limelight.

      • @Staybitter You are spot on! They know the date of her drama beforehand and you don’t plan your wedding overnight. It was strategic. They are milking their CLOY characters way too much. Even in the wedding announcement by Hyun Bin, it is is still Jeong Hyuk and Seri and a photo of them from CLOY.

      • @dawn – that was so not genuine? I understand if they met through cloy and liked each other post that but their fans keep barking about how their fairy tale started way before cloy ? They are milking everything left of cloy, it would be okay if she was the sole lead but there are other actresses too…

    • HAHAHA

      Thank you for this comment!! You just proved that my guess is correct that all these rubbish comments on SYJ is coming from your fandom. Anyway, who else other than you guys? The fandom who got no shame and still lusting after Hyun Bin ?. Man, you guys are shameless on soompi forum, twitter and instagram for this

      • Ewe!!! Joke of the day. You can lust over HB all you want. If I don’t like SYJ and think of her happiness, I would prefer SYJ with someone else. SHK long gone, only delusional shipper still day dream about him with her.

      • binjin stans and SYJ stans talking as if Hyunbin is a catch ? There are better guys out there And she moved on from his long time to even consider going back. No one wants him and SYJ can keep him, they can milk their cloy popularity as much as they can.

      • Lol please.. the two commenters replying to me, a simple check on your twitter, instagram and your BinKyo soompi thread can tell that much about how you guys are lusting after HB. If not, then why we see you all sounds SO BUTTHURT over their wedding here in this very entry? All your comments smells so sour ?

    • A lot is being said but can we please focus on the story line. Today the comments feel like fan wars and not about objectively looking at the work.

  9. What annoys me the most is how SYJ is trying to act cute in interviews and pictorials making those aegyo faces.It is really cringey! ? Like girl, act your age, you are almost 40!

    • I’m sorry your bias has no facial expressions. Must be boring to stan such a cold and dull person. Hope you enjoy watching all the SYJ interviews. Seems you are investing a lot of time keeping track of someone you don’t like ?

  10. @ewwww your name suggests your fandom.Hyun Bin is not a catch? So why the years of fanwars between binjin and binkyo? Your statement reeks jealousy. Its very obvious. Milking cloy? That very private and lowkey couple until the marriage announcement is not relatable to your fandom. The comments that Kyo received in her last drama should be constructive but your toxic fandom were in denial that they are all hate from binjin. You can browse reddit and see for yourself the comments about Kyo. Now that Son yejins drama is up, you are doing this just to hype your fave. Wow! Thats pathetic

  11. Binjin is all about media play and fan service. Imagine lying through your teeth to say that you only started dating after CLOY when everyone knows that they were seen in the US grocery shopping back in 2018. Because they know this is what Cloy fans wants to hear. Milking the success of their drama up until their marriage announcement where Hyun Bin still refers to themselves as Jeon-Hyuk and Seri with a photo of them from CLOY. If that is not Media play…

    • Yeah yeah and your bias, the mighty Song Hye Kyo never did media play with her Song Song? Guess what.. let me tell you. Go on google and a simple check on how she was milking with her #SongSongCouple tag post back LOL

      Others can throw bullshit here but not those SHK’s stans. Buy yourselves a big mirror first before speaking ?.

      And don’t let me start with you guys pretending not lusting after Hyun Bin here but on sosmed.. were all crazy over wanting him for your bias.

      All the bitter jealous commments here can tell us that us. They are all so CLEAR and OBVIOUS to see. You guys are coming over Son Yejin precisely because of you guys are being bitter about Hyun Bin 🙂

    • Must everything be explained to you people? They didn’t say they started to date after Cloy to milk the drama,but because they had denied it several times before so they didn’t want to appear to be lying. Lots of actors do the same. But truthfully we don’t know for sure when they started dating or when they became serious. They’re entitled to their privacy.

      Next thing you’re gonna say is they are only together and getting married for media play too lol

    • LOL and this coming from a SHK’s stan? ?
      And don’t tell me you are not her stan cause only idiot would believe it

      Tell you what. How about you go walk around google to check about how your bias cashed on Song Song? Remember her #SongSongCouple tag post? Or are we playing amnesia now? ?

      And don’t even start trying to whitewash and pretend that you guys don’t lust after Hyun Bin. If you don’t, then we won’t be seeing all these bitter sour puss comments from you guys on these very entry and all these attacks on Son Yejin. It’s precisely because of your lust after Hyun Bin. Everyone who wants to check can go on twitter, instagram and soompi to check your comments there 🙂

      • So pitiful and sad to see these kind of shipper stans. LOL I wonder does SHK still cry every night over HB? It seem like she is so overly done with his God like overrated self. I’m here to read the reviews for this drama because I’m currently watching it now. Sad it’s not that great but so much delusional beef is going on for no reason. My first time on this blog and SHK is being dragged in to feed unstable shippers hearts. ? Poor SHK!

      • @Scarlett Heart

        Shipping wars are exhausting and embarrassing but to be fair no one was dragged SHK in this until one of her stans decided to insert her into the conversation and go off on SYJ.

    • Did it ever occur to you that the wedding date holds a very special meaning to them that they would want it to happen on that specific date regardless of any circumstances.
      I understand your bitter and envious but I still hope for your idol to have a second chance at love, that way her fans will no longer be insecure to other actresses

    • Hmm are you sure? I think u got mixed up w song2 couple..

      So funny tho announcing 1 yr after drma ended and buzz disappears get called for milking their success. Announcing before drama get bashed from sth else.. the mentality of shk stans are seriously speechless. I mean can u please look at shk herself, she is like the queen of mediaplay n u dare to say others.. ridiculous

    • Hmm are you sure? I think u got mixed up w song2 couple..

      So funny tho announcing 1 yr after drma ended and buzz disappears get called for milking their success. If they Announce before drama then they will say cloy high rating cos the leads are dating.. the mentality of shk stans are seriously speechless. I mean can u please look at shk herself, she is like the queen of mediaplay n u dare to say others.. ridiculous

  12. SHK is not into shipping when ALL of her past projects involves a male partner and that is also the reason why your claim that she singlehandedly lifted Hallyu is funny. Being in the top 5 of the Hallyu survey for actors which is composed of 11,500 respondents and she got 1.6% percent which is just equivalent to less than 200 votes and you are all acting high and mighty, but it’s okay we’ll give it to you as that survey and her magazine covers are the only things that you can be proud of.
    I would have SYJ’s career path at any given point. Imagine being one of the most awarded actress, highest ticket sales for actress @44 millions plus, respected and well loved in Korea then hitting the jackpot with CLOY’s global success gaining her lots of international fans in the process. The parade of gifts, billboard ads, dominating voting apps, and foodtrucks her fans have been showering her.
    Chungmuro, Hallyu, Box office, awards, endorsements plus a happy and promising personal life, she have it ALL.
    So it is really understandable if the antis are very jealous.

  13. I love reading ridiculous fanwars and oppaunnie shipper stans but sadly I won’t jump in with this bandwagon because I’m not a fan of Hyun Bin. He don’t catch my attention so maybe next time. I don’t know what is so cool about him that SHK fans are dying to through her name in for people to talk trash about her. Sadly she has some irrelevant fan shippers. Move on People.

    By the way this drama is quite boring but I watch it for Kim Ji Hyun because I like her performance.

  14. Why are the fans of the untalented actress and mediaplay queen SHK camping on this article. Lol. The bitterness is so palpable. Still hurting over the flop that was nwbu and the way SHK’s non acting was bashed so bad? Lol. Just concentrate on hoping that SHK grew some acting talent for her new drama or else everyone would have a heyday bashing her again.

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