SBS Mon-Tues Romance Drama A Business Proposal with Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung Premieres to Ratings of 4.9%, 6.5%

The new Mon-Tues SBS drama A Business Proposal (Office Blind Date) arrived this week and its reception was as expected the same degree as the drama hewed close to the webtoon its adapted from. The first episode got 4.9% AGB nationwide ratings and the second episode went up to 6.5%. Since this is airing on SBS the ratings are not high but it’s not a bad start and I can see it going up a bit more. The drama is high energy and fun for the most part, well the two female leads and their characters are for sure. Kim Se Jung and Seol In Ah are the highlights of this drama so far, their friendship so sweet and much needed in a drama land full of bitchy second female leads this time we have two BFFs who are just enjoying life and each other’s friendship. Ahn Hyo Seob is passable but between playing a straight laced “perfect” man character and his limited acting he’s skewing towards handsome statue more than engaging male lead. Kim Min Kyu is more interesting for me but I can see both male leads opening up when the parallel romances start in earnest. I liked the first two episodes but be warned it’s pretty silly and fluffy so be ready for tons of coincidences and over-the-top antics.


SBS Mon-Tues Romance Drama A Business Proposal with Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung Premieres to Ratings of 4.9%, 6.5% — 46 Comments

  1. Ahn Hyo-Seob was disapointing, he was lacking chemistry with Kim Se-Jung and Kim Min-Kyu. He was like Ha Ram but in modern world and he can see.

    I liked the humor, it was funny.

    • Totally agree. The only drama I like with him is Thirty Going On Seventeen, or something like that. He was better there. Ha-ram all over again. Very wooden. Only Park Seo Joon, Lee Min Ho, Park Hyungsik, Ji – Sung, So Ji- Sub can do the chaebol thing. He needs more experience to be able to carry a drama in his own. Luckily he has his female leads to carry the drama!

    • have to disagree here because he perfectly portrays taemu who is very disconnected with love and real life in the first half of the story – since he isn’t self-aware of emotions he’s robotic like and is mostly immersed in business. chemistry seems to appear a little later in the manhwa itself too, after he finds out who hari is (who happens to bring out the best in him).

      • Like Janette wrote, it’s not the fist character like this and other actors could do better.

      • Nope. Kang Taemu has cliche character. Other actors can act better than AHS. Next week KBS will have romcom drama with KJW as the main lead. Quite similar character with Taemu, let’s see who can act better as rich cool chaebol.

      • Totally agree, here he is portraying his rigid, workaholic chaebol no nonsense lifestyle. Even as Ha Ram his character is supposed to be like that…rigid and very serious but when he smiles…he changes everything. Why do you need to see the chemistry when he shouldnt yet. I dont think he has any problems with chemistry with any of his lead females.

    • Whaa the drama just started. Give him a chance atleast lol. He’s doing absolutely amazing. They main characters arent supposed to be in love yet so how would you see chemistry. It’s Se Jung who’s acting is a little extra but hyo seop is perfect

      • But he has no chemistry with his friend neither, there isn’t the excuse he doesn’t know him.

        It’s a rom-com from a manhwa, it’s the purpose that the FL is extra. AHS is stiff and doesn’t have this humor touch, just wooden.

    • the last time I remember he had good chemistry is with Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong. Which where he is just a supporting role. His chemistry with Lee Sung Kyung also didnt work for me, bcz he is too wooden.

  2. I like chemistry between Kim Sejung and Seol in ah. KSJ has more chemistry with Seol in ah than AHS. Seol in ah is soo good at acting. When will she be female lead???? I am waiting eagerly. She totally deserves to be female lead rathr than hyped newcomers

    • Right the two actresses have great chemistry!
      Seol In Ah is really good as second female lead.
      She is pretty, cool and natural.

    • I agree about the KSJ and SIA chemistry! I think both ladies had more chemistry with each other than with their male partners. But that’s really cuz of the writing. The writing for their friendship was amped up in the drama adaptation. Even though I like AHS, I’m all for it if the drama can be like 80% KSJ and SIA antics! SIA led a family drama, Sunny Again Tomorrow. I think this role could propel her to more main lead opportunities.

    • Seol In-ah was the lead in Sunny Again Tomorrow, but that was a 122-episode daily soap that had terrible ratings by the standards then.

  3. I like the fact that it is funny a lot, it kept me going and also I really love the relationship between the two leads, it was the best part of the drama for me. Nothing new about the drama though, just the same old tropes.

    • The 2nd OTP in drama is more interesting in term of acting n chemistry. This is 1st i watch Seol In Ah but boy she so charming girl crush. Ahn Hyoseob is just didn’t do anything for me he just bland it didn’t help the 2nd male lead is have more screen presence than him. Yep the plot it so silly n fun at the some time. I’m gonna stick for more eposide

  4. I love the 2 girls together.

    The male lead can never act anyway but going through the motions. The FL is very emotive. I am not sure how it will pan out when they actually have to kiss but so far all the secondary characters are excellent actors so its all good.

  5. She sure will after this drama. Her comic timing was gold. I think it helps that both of them go back a long way to School 2017 so the camaderie was already established then. She’s really versatile but was always casted as the pretty bitchy ex gf. With this show, she showed that she can pull off comedy as well so that should make producers take note of her. Ep 1 felt a little contrived but by ep 2, the chemistry among the cast seemed to have sparked. Its hilarious and definitely a light watch in these depressive times

  6. The drama is hilarious no doubt. AHS and KSJ have a great rapport and are clearly comfortable with each other offscreen too which I never felt he was in his last drama. The girls were the best part for sure. They deserve an award for their chemistry.

  7. Sejung and Inah are the highlights for sure and the rating increase is due to them. Apart for their chemistry, I’m also expecting good chemistry for the 2nd lead couple. Koreans say Sejong is the Korean Emma Stone with her well recieved comedy.

  8. Man, Seol in ah is breakthrough here cauz I know Sejung’s acting is always chef’s kiss. KSJ is indeed new rom-com queen. But my eyes only look at Seol in ah. I hope she will get a female lead soon. She has great potential.

  9. AHS’s acting was passable in Dr. Romantic, I think. His acting in his other projects are lacking in depth and ‘realness’ – seems he can’t find his acting style without proper guidance from the director maybe?

  10. Exciting and funny for 1st episode.
    The 2 lead females are funny. I think
    the story line is going to be good.
    Looking forward for more episodes.

  11. It’s true that this drama is nothing new. The type of man who is talented, handsome, rich, perfect and falls in love with a girl who is the opposite of him in every respect but she has a beautiful appearance with a strong, bright and positive personality. Both of them disliked each other at first but the marriage contract occurred later due to a forced situation, marriage first, love later. But I still watch it because it makes me laugh even though sometimes I realize these things don’t apply in reality anymore.
    If you don’t expect anything, just relax and enjoy it. Because the purpose of the film is to make the audience laugh, it is simply entertainment during the pandemic.
    KSJ some parts I find are a bit like JJH in My love from the star, especially Ops and Sorry but this is a romcom so it’s hard to come up with comedy without exaggerating.
    It’s been a long time since Netflix has had such a pure comedy. We can watch it comfortably, without the stress, suspense, and anger like when we watch Pen House or The World of the Married or Sky Castle. Our real world is now so tired and scary, my roommate school dorm is Russian and she was almost ostracized by the whole school. She didn’t dare to go anywhere and just stayed in room crying, so I asked her to watch this series with me and just laugh.
    I’m also waiting for next week KBS Crazy Love. hope Koala will update about it too.

  12. Its actually nice to have an old school tropey romcom again. The directing is excellent and love how the drama makes fun of itself and the tropes. The chemistry is good too. Everyone has chemistry with each other be it romantic or otherwise. I love the grandpa and his makjang drama love. It reminds me of Scarlett and her morning makjang drama addiction. I know its going to be predictable but in a fun way and Sejong is amazing in her character. Samantha and Rachel is iconic.

    • Yes!! Just like I’ve never gotten tired of western rom com movies either. Also the fact that it’s only 12 episodes is icing on top for me. Rom com kdramas should be 10-12 episodes, maybe even less depending on the story. I hope this episode becomes the norm for them.

  13. Clearly it’s Seol In Ah who is the scene stealer in this series, she looks so gorgeous and charming with a good acting too, the most perfectly fitted with the webtoon character. Kim Sejeong is hilarious in comical scenes, but I just don’t see how she will perform in romantic scenes what’s more with the awkward and bland male lead, Ahn Hyo seop – they just scream no chemistry. She wasn’t good in romance parts in her past series as well so let’s see if she will do better this time.

    The girls are doing great so far, but the boys are so underwhelming. Both are just lack the natural charisma to play such characters.

  14. I disagree. She sparks with guys easily due to her easygoing ways both in variety and in her dramas. Only drama she failed to generate any chemistry with is Yeon Woojin. He is always so bland to me and never a great watch. Like YWJ chemistry with Son Ye Jin now. Its flat also. Sejung was good in Uncanny Encounters with Jo Byung Gyu. Though they didn’t have an actual love line in the drama, fans talked about them getting together in real life cos they felt the chemistry. School 2017 – where she was a complete acting newbie yet her chemistry with KJH onscreen was pretty decent and offscreen a hoot. Then there was BUSTED. Its a ensemble reality/scripted show and fans still found enough chemistry between her and EXO’s sehun to create sese couple leading to much trouble for her. Her tvc acting with cha eun woo also led to a created loveline by fans rooting for them to get together. I have never liked AHS acting except in his earlier dramas where he was never a lead but I think these 2 will spark fine. I saw glimpses of their chemistry in ep 2 already and if the outtakes and the amount of laughs offscreen is an indication of all four’s tightness as a group. It will only keep getting better going forward.

    • I love this show too. I thought Yeon Woo Jin chemistry with Han Groo was great in Marriage not Dating.
      Unfortunately, not all co stars will have chemistry with each other.

      • I really like YWJ with Han Groo in Marriage Not Dating too. Re-watching now. My fave all time rom-com couple is still Louis and Bokshil in SKL.

  15. I’ve read the webtoon. There’s not really a plot so I’m curious if they’ll add something to it to make it more dramatic. AHS is miscast imo the male lead being drop dead gorgeous is half his personality trait lol and AHS is just ok looking.

  16. Kim Sejeong and Seol Inah are carrying the show. I love them so much!
    Of course, the show is great and all. The other casts are great too. But the 2 female leads together is just fire!
    There’s probably more to expect as the story and the couples develop and I can’t wait for it!
    Also, I like the changes they made so far. It all works and makes the drama standalone from the webtoon.
    Looking forward for next week’s episode, especially after that ending XD

  17. AHS is always stiff. He doee not fit male lead, he acts better as supporting actor (like in Still 17). Dont understamd why SBS is really eager to cast him every year. Can SBS find other actors to be appointed as SBS son? AHS will never able to compete with SJK and PBG (son of KBS) or Songkang (son of Netflix). He is so bland and has poor chemistry with his female lead. KSJ and SIA are the stars who will carry this drama

  18. from the beginning i thought AHS was the center of the drama, KSJ only received the script after JBA rejected it because she couldn’t arrange her schedule.
    But now nobody but his fans mentions him, I don’t know how Koreans react but I just read people praising 2 girls only. If they compliment him, they’ll say he’s handsome, tall, and has an acceptable chemistry with the female lead. I couldn’t stand his acting in the first 2 episodes, I fast forwarded the scenes with him and watched the interactions between 2 girls. At this point, I doubt his acting ability even more if he is confirmed to appear in the Taiwanese remake with JYB. It’s fortunate that he always has FLs caring the films. Not everyone is as lucky as him.

  19. The girls are good and the drama fun to watch . Kim Se Jung confirms acting chops and she is so charming . Ahn Hyo Seop acting is always the same .Ahn Bo Hyun would have been better ! After Yumi’s cells , I’m liking him in Military Prosecutor Doberman too . He shows a mischievous side , very charismatic .

    • The two girls are so good together, I would have totally bought this as a girls’ love drama if that kind of story wasn’t basically taboo on Korean tv.

      The romantic OTP is ok so far but all their interactions are being hard carried by Kim Sejung, he’s just playing your standard stiff chaebol hero and going through the rather robotic motions and not doing it with the flair of a better actor like say, Park Seo Joon or even Lee Jong Seok. It’s not that their interactions lack spark but it’s all coming from her, not him. I hope she’s getting paid equally to him at least, because so far this drama is resting totally on her back. The supporting actors are good too so far, I like the guy’s drama-watching chaebol grandpa lol.

  20. I like the two best friends, they’re adorable… I’ve never seen Seol In Ah in this kind of role before, she’s usually pretty serious and melodramatic. I liked Ahn Hyo Seop back in My Father Is Strange but nothing else after that. This role reminds me of that somehow especially when Kim Se Jung is being outrageous with her alter ego. Kim Min Kyu is gorgeous. I was pleasantly surprised to see Song Won Seok in this after his short stint in My Only One. Three eye candies in one drama, what else could I ask for? I wanted something cute and fluffy and this is doing it for me for now.

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