Lee Jong Seok and Yoona’s Upcoming tvN Legal Drama Big Mouse to Stream Exclusively on Disney+

*Grabby hands* When is this drama going to air?! K-actor Lee Jong Seok is one of my faves and he was in military service from 2019-2021 but came out last year and still hasn’t been seen yet on the big or small screen. He did pick his projects which just haven’t aired yet but hopefully the drama comes first with tvN legal drama Big Mouse. It has also been called Big Mouth which I think was either the original title or K-ent reporters were all just calling it wrong. He plays a two-bit lawyer with the nickname Big Mouth who gets caught up in a murder case and mistaken for a famous swindler named Big Mouse. So I guess both names work for the drama. His wife in the drama is played by Yoona so the romance part is not the falling in love but the already together and tackling a big challenge by each other’s side. I hope it’s as intense and swoony as Flower of Evil‘s married couple were. Anyhoo, I thought this drama would for sure be scooped up by Netflix but in a surprising turn of events this week it was revealed that the drama would stream internationally and domestically exclusively on Disney+. This follows Snowdrop and the currently airing Grid as in the Disney+ expansion playbook into K-dramas. I feel lucky the family has all the streaming services on some weird bundle deal Mr. Koala found so any of the platforms is fine with me. Joining the two leads in Big Mouse are also some top supporting talent with Kim Joo Hun, Ok Ja Yeon, and Kwak Dong Yeon.


Lee Jong Seok and Yoona’s Upcoming tvN Legal Drama Big Mouse to Stream Exclusively on Disney+ — 16 Comments

  1. Every time I hear a show is going to be on Disney+, I groan.

    Is anyone even watching Grid? These Disney kdramas barely get any attention.

    • Same I feel bad for any kdrama that goes to Disney+ now. I’m watching Grid but I barely see anyone talking about it which sucks because it’s actually fun. Big Mouse will air simultaneously on tvN so it’ll at least get some topicality and buzz domestically. I’m curious how Disney+’s next original Soundtrack #1 will fare tho. Are they gonna air it once a week like Grid?

  2. the real question is are they going to release it in real time like netflix? i feel like there was a lag in snowdrop’s releases. i actually couldn’t find it on my disney+ even after a few episodes had already dropped. i only see it now. and i’m not seeing grid either?? their interface makes it really difficult to search. “korean dramas” doesn’t return any dramas either. if they’re investing on the content, they should invest on updating their interface to make usability easier too. what’s the point if people can’t find the damn thing on their platform?

  3. they have to release episodes in real time with english subs if they want any real shot of catching up to netflix. snowdrop was not available for several weeks after its release here in the US and lot of people didn’t have anywhere to watch it. i’m not seeing rookie cops or grid on their site right now either, and their interface is almost impossible to navigate. searching “korean dramas” doesn’t return any actual dramas. they’re spending big money on grabbing these big titles but it will all go to waste if they’re not making the shows accessible. they seriously need to update their interface to enhance usability.

    • This, 100% this. This isn’t the days of ordering a VHS tape and waiting for it to literally get shipped in on a boat. Keep up with the times, Disney! There are no national borders in Kdramaland; the world all watches at the same time.

    • All I gotta say is, 2 years ago Disney was deciding between two candidates to succeed Bob Iger as its new CEO. Disney ultimately chose the VP of amusement parks over the VP of the streaming business (who launched Disney+ and Hulu+). People were very surprised, and the streaming VP shortly resigned.

      So yeah…the new Disney CEO is a bit out of his element and it shows.

    • Seriously their model is the worst. I don’t understand why they refuse to release their Asia content outside the Asia Pacific region. Nobody cares about their Marvel and Star Wars universe that they keep trying to milk. Give us our kdramas on time. Netflix is booming today not because of their English speaking or European content but because of Korean content only. Disney needs to understand that reality asap.

    • I don’t even watch Rookie Cops but have the Disney subscription. I just checked it’s up on mine. Grid is also up on mine.

      Is it because it’s in the US? I am not in the US and I definitely have these dramas. However I am not watching all 3 of the dramas you mentioned.

      The Disney subscription is a waste of my money since my children are also not watching any shows from there.

      • yeah i think they’ve bee delaying the release on the US platform. again, that makes no sense and in fact turns the few people who are willing to go far to watch the show to piracy. most people just move on. this is why there was very little hype for snowdrop outside of the controversy, even though jisoo was in it. if the show had been on netflix, it would’ve blown up in a way that would have overridden the controversy.

  4. Disney+ venture into the korean market is a total failure. They spent so much money on it yet they can’t promote their korean shows like Netflix does properly. Like the app/website is not even user friendly. There’s reasons why Netflix kshows tend to do better then Disney +. Srsly Disney+ is such a rip off.

  5. According to their English advertising in Singapore, the official English name is Big Mouth. (There is no “th” in Korean, so it’s spelled “Mouse” in that language, yes, with an intentional play on words. But Big Mouth means something in general in English and Big Mouse only means something if you are already familiar with the plot. So Big Mouth makes more sense.)

  6. First of all, I need that picture of Kim Joo Hun in poster size, please! Secondly, sad to see that Kwak Dong Yeon is still mainly bound second lead or support roles.

    Great potential basically wasted by Korean entertainment similar to Kim Seul Gi (she could have easily been a rom com or slice of life genre queen, it still makes me upset to think about).

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