C-ent to Produce C-drama Remake of Classic Hallyu Rom-com Hit My Name is Kim Sam Soom

On the scale of yay to oh hells no this is definitely on the terrible idea end of that spectrum. A top C-ent producer has purchased the official remake rights to MBC hit drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, which actually got 50% ratings on its final episode which tells you that this one was among the biggest hits in K-drama land EVER. Sure it’s visually a bit dated now with the mid-aughts fashion as it aired in 2005 but the cohesiveness of the writing and directing paired with one of the best chemistry laden and stellar acting casting of Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin makes it one of many K-drama fans favorite dramas even now. Even C-netizens are wary of this remake, wondering which young male actor can pull off that Binnie’s asshole but endearing Jin Heon and an even bigger worry which C-actress is willing do gain some weight to believably play the normal sized Sam Soon. I think so much has to go right for a C-remake to succeed and honestly lightning in a bottle rarely strikes remakes.


C-ent to Produce C-drama Remake of Classic Hallyu Rom-com Hit My Name is Kim Sam Soom — 30 Comments

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  3. Hmm I am one if those fans who watches it many times .loved it . You’re right, male lead was confuse asshole but hot?. I think, I am gonna be open minded about it. Watch it, if it’s good, then more drama for me?.

  4. Every time I saw Hyun Bin in Kim Sam-soon’s picture, I always wonder what’s different? Is it weight? Is he fatter here than now? I mean his face and cheeks are chubbier.. Or was he just not photogenic enough at that time?

    But back to the topic, I just think this as meh. Never like Kim Sam-soon. I remember I found Kim Sam-soon as an annoying character, although ultimately I finished the drama. It was just an unpleasant watch. Oh, the only positive thing I guess the OST was pretty good.

    • When you look at what HB looks like today versus his earlier dramas, you really know he’s aging like fine wine. He looks waaay better now. I’m sure he had a bit of a touch up here and there (nostrils are smaller now compared to before, higher cheekbones etc), but that’s normal in K-ent right? The touch-ups are subtle and definitely make him look hotter now. Anyway, I hope the C-drama version is a more modern version of the original! With better outfits please and a less chauvinistic male character!

      • Hyunbin definitely looks way better now.. cant look at him in sega era too skinny.. really wonder if he did anything to his face bt it’s definitely a good procedure as it looks v natural..

      • I actually don’t think he did. And he was asked and denied. In MNIKSS he was still baby faced and then when doing Secret Garden a few years later he lost tons of weight so his face looked almost alien like with the high cheek bones. He filled in really nicely after military and with aging and bulking up. When he gained some weight for CLOY his face didn’t look as sharp anymore. His face totally changes as his face fluctuates so I don’t think he’s done any plastic surgery.

      • Hyun Bin fans is like Fan Bing Bing fans. Always denied his plastic surgery just like he did. Anyone who watched his drama and follow him knows he shave his jawbone and enhance his nose and eyes. My cousin is the biggest Hyun Bing fan and bought everything that is his. She was disappointed when Hyun Bin denied about having plastic surgery.

  5. Out of all classic kdrama romcom, this is the only one I never really like. So I am interested to see how cdrama version become

  6. I’m curious to see how this turns out!

    Also, this post just made me realize I haven’t seen Kim Sun Ah in a drama in a long while. And it makes me want to rewatch City Hall too ?

    • City Hall is just *chef’s kiss*

      She and Cha Seung Won can pretty much generate sexual chemistry with a rock, so it was bound to be explosive.

  7. Este drama es uno de los mejores, fue el primero que vi y me encantó desde el principio…. Espero que está nueva versión sea tan buena como la original…

  8. This is my first kdrama and one of the best kdramas of all time. I’ve watch foreign adaptations, I guess it’s hard to replicate the original.

  9. I love My Name is Kim Sam Soon. She remains one of my fave kdrama FLs, and I kept seeing the resemblance between her and Bridget Jones.

    I though Daniel Henney was way more attractive than Hyun Bin, so young me was very confused as to why both females were squabbling over HB when DH was right there.

    • Daniel Henney is a perfectly-made male specie. LOL But this proves that Beauty is not everything, you need charisma and relatability to be well liked.

      • Agree on charisma. But DH didn’t have any less charisma than HB did in Kim Sam Soon, and HB was so scrawny looking compared to DH back then.

    • I totally agree that KSA is the Korean version of Bridget Jones esp. their lips. I have re-watched The Lady of Dignity recently. She was brilliant there with Kim Hee Sun. Also agree that DH was way better looking than a young skinny HB. If I’m Sam Soon, I would have gone straight to DH, language barrier be damned. Lol.

  10. Yeah I’m wondering the female lead too. Kim Sun Ah, despite her popularity at the time, was willing to gain weight for the role, but I can’t picture a popular female C-actress doing the same. The popular actresses there are super skinny compared the Korean counterparts. Even the “average” C-drama characters wear heavier makeup than in K-dramas….

    • Lol K-dramas wear as much makeup and foundation except they don’t go over heavy with the cheeks and eyeshadow so they look more natural. I saw behind the scenes with k-dramas when the lighting is not on and the actors and actresses are loaded with tone of makeup.

  11. I’m another Daniel Henney fan. I first discovered him in MNIKSS. Then the young me shipped him with Claudia Kim in Fugitive Plan B. I wasn’t into Rain-Lee Na Young OTP. I have always thought that Daniel Henney is exquisitely handsome, manly and smexy all rolled into one. If only his Korean is better he would have snagged a lot more roles including MLs. I’m in seventh heaven to know that he would be reuniting with HB in Confidential Assignment 2. What a shame DH has never been paired as the SL opposite SHK, SYJ or HJW. His presence even in a few cameo episodes would have sent the smouldering intensity scale sky high.

  12. Hong Kong TVB had a similar drama starring Myolie Wu. I thought that was a flop in Hong Kong. I loved the Kdrama version. The Cdrama will probably change the whole plot to where it will be unrecognizable. Kinda hard to find the actor and actress to play the leads like the kdrama did. Without those two kdrama leads acting chops, pretty sure the drama would have flopped.

  13. I feel like there is a better chance that they’ll just chuck a popular actress in a fat suit and call it a day. Not that I don’t think there would be actresses willing to gain weight, or god forbid, an actress who is already a bit bigger than “standard expectations” who would be perfect for the role. I just don’t see it happening. Even in Japanese shows, there seems to only be one actress really who they seem to be willing to cast (she is great, don’t get me wrong). But realistically, globally, they look to a fat suit before they look for anything else. Sad but true.

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