Episode 9 of Twenty Five, Twenty One Stays at 10.622% Ratings While Forecasting Love and Weather Dips to 6.421% to Widen the Gap

This Saturday starts the second half of the story and episode airings for tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One and jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather. Its the time to see if the drama truly has legs as the back half of the marathon and of any good story is always harder. Twenty Five, Twenty One remarkably remained about 10% ratings with 10.622% while Forecasting Love dropped to the 6% range and it really heightens the gap between the two. They are not competing at the same time slot so neither is siphoning viewers from the others but Forecasting has noticeably slowed down in story telling in episode 9. It is slipping too much into the slice-of-life side with the main OTP while the second OTP with their jealousy and self-absorbed hijinks is actually helping generate some tension albeit nothing worrying for the leads I just wish the pace picked up a bit more for Forecasting.


Episode 9 of Twenty Five, Twenty One Stays at 10.622% Ratings While Forecasting Love and Weather Dips to 6.421% to Widen the Gap — 18 Comments

  1. OTP Forecasting L&W too kind to the cheaters. Both of them kinda pushover too. Make me lost interest & move to other drama

  2. The romance in Forecasting Love and Weather is too boring, its an example of why people should get to know each other first before dating. They are both too cautious and even their fights aren’t as interesting to watch compared to the cheater couple. The separated couple is boring too, the co-worker’s stories are boring too. The sister’s romance with the neighbor is boring too. The inner workings of the weather is boring too.
    I wish they showed both sides of the family more to make it a little more interesting.
    Twenty five, Twenty One is definitely more fun to watch.

    • So agree, it became so boring, we already know who will be jealous and create scenes… hopefully it gets better after the mom found out about Ha Kyung’s team members living in her home.

  3. I dropped FLAW. Liked it alot more than 2521 initially but started losing interest in it since last week. I really can’t with SK’s acting anymore. Its bad. His enunciation irks me as well. He needs to really start getting himself some good acting and vocalization classes if not just stick to ensemble dramas like Sweet Home where he is not made to hard carry so much screentime. The writing did nothing to hold up the strong start they had. I would rather more stories about weather situations and less about the childish bickering and spying and insecurities. Every fluttering feeling I ever had for this drama is out of the window for good. Glad there is still 2521 to look forward to on weekends. IT’S MONDAY!!!!!! A BUSINESS PROPOSAL DAY…so excited…

  4. I’m not surprised, from the beginning, 2521 is way better written. The characters are really interesting, the direction is beautiful, Kim Tae-Ri is so vibrant in this role.

  5. FLAW is not for action-packed lovers, makjang lovers, cheesy romance. This drama depicts the real live and love situation of KMA workers. It is character driven drama more than plot driven drama. Therefore, the rating quite steady for pqst episodes. 6.00++ for saturday. 7.00++ for sunday. But overall… I’m satisfied.

  6. l love the drama romance forecasting love
    And weather; special the leader actress.
    l love their acting craft of the cast.
    am looking forward to watch this weekend
    is exciting; l believe in knowing the person before dating.if u are serious.

  7. Twenty five Twenty one is good. Both have a good chemistry. Kim Taeri is terrific. Her acting is flawless and keeps you glued to the screen. Business proposal is the next one which I look forward to every week. But forecasting love and weather is boring. I could not see more than two episodes.

  8. I’m watching both and I like both, but I can understand why FLAW has a drop in ratings. It’s a bit too slice of life – and it’s the less fun part of life – marriage and all the obligations that come with it, especially in Korea.

    I also think it’s like how the movie, A Marriage Story, is both an acclaimed and riveting story (divorce is a complicated subject), but also an obnoxious one (ugh we don’t want to hear about your divorce!). Yay for the realistic, emotional detail, but darn it, those emotions are exhausting. People are exhausting.

    2521 is a drama that has an optimistic, escapist feel, which is really needed given what’s going on in the world right now. By episode 10, korea was bouncing back from the IMF crisis. This was one of their better periods before it seemed like youngsters started having a terrible time finding jobs in the last decade.

    I feel like we’re lucky to be blessed with both dramas featuring interesting, strong heroines.

  9. FLAW story telling is slipping back to K-style nagging mother and K-traditional expectation about marriage… which is boring to iFans (me included)… Despite her geological knowledge, FL is failing in making right decisions at work. I will fire her from her Supervisor position (in Ep 10, she does not even know she has to send a staff to Jeju). FL keeps changing her outlook in life about relationship & marriage. Hiding her office romance with ML shows her lack of integrity given that she told her Ex that she will not repeat her mistake. FL is a mess! No wonder she was pushed over by her Ex and let him spend her money.

    • Yeah Song Kang def needs to beef up his acting first before taking on lead roles cuz he sucks at it. Not only he’s not good at it, but he lacks the charisma too on screen. He’s just like one of those idol turn actors who only got the lead roles roles just cuz he’s handsome and good looking, like Cha Eun woo. I honestly have no idea why the heck Netflix promotes him like crazy. At this point, Netflix is PR team more than his agency Namoo actors.

  10. As much as I love Song Kang, FLAW has become a bit boring recently. Will continue to watch it but 21-25 is sooo good if we’re comparing. I’m an int fan so I don’t think my views will have any impact on local ratings though lol.

  11. I’ve enjoyed the “ride” with “21-25.” The slow billed of the relationship was much more satisfying than FLAW. I didn’t like the lazy & “sensational” writing, starting by throwing the leads in bed immediately in the 2nd episode. No build up to the intimacy (foreplay).
    I’m watching only to be supportive of SK. I’ve watched Navillera & Nevertheless several times. At least in Nevertheless the playful tension & organic chemistry made me want to tune in again. I’m still watching it. It could be used as a “couples” tutorial, showing partners how to be present. The intimate loves scenes were some of the hottest I’ve ever seen w/o hard-core sex.
    Yes, SK is new, but I do think he has onscreen charisma. He just needs some time, & better projects. Who’s mentoring him???

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