Collection of Leads Grace the New Poster for tvN Entertainment Industry Backdrop Drama Shooting Star

I’m on such a happy light drama buzz thanks to the early half of Forecasting Love and Weather and now A Business Proposal that this good vibe is extending to a lot of optimism for upcoming tvN drama Shooting Star. The new batch of stills and official poster are just average but Kim Young Dae is bringing a great sense of top star voguing in front of the camera and strange dude off camera. He also looks great with Lee Sung Kyung, this is one of those visually ideal castings and from the early teasers I see chemistry but maybe it’s just Lee Sung Kyung exuding a lot of energy and personality. Supporting male lead Yoon Jong Hoon also looks great, I’m glad he’s gotten his next role after his Penthouse breakout.


Collection of Leads Grace the New Poster for tvN Entertainment Industry Backdrop Drama Shooting Star — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, Eun Byeol’s dad looks very young and boyish here. Actor is only 38 but he played such a doting dad. I’m very new to makjang k-dramas but boy Penthouse is very addicting. I will be finishing season 1 tonight so am glad to see two if its actors showing up in Shooting Stars.

  2. Idk what chemistry are we getting from lee sung kyung other than her creaming her lines and overacting in every drama

  3. Haters gonna hate. But Lee Sung Kyung can make great chemistry than some haters’ fav. She is true rom-com queen. This drama is getting much attention before release. I hope it will do well.

  4. I hope this will be better than FLW, that drama started up strong and fell down fast.
    Still not fond of LSK acting especially after watching the teasers.

    • What do you mean fell down? I has a HIGH rating in Korea so how can you say it fell down just because of the struggle in the character relationship? It is a melodrama genre so what do you expect from flaw? It’s not a rom com FYI

  5. Despite what anyone says, Lee sung Kyung is very talented in everything she does, I just like her so much so I’m looking forward to this new drama

  6. I knew Lee Sung kyung has some haters for no reason but, man I dunno they’re too many. It’s kinda impossible to find positive comments about her even her drama hasn’t begun yet, but, ppl seem watched it already?? I doubt we are speaking about the same person who can deliver good rom-com with sizzling chemistry. But I know one thing she is waaaay better than some of ur fav who usually opens her mouth widely, acts cringy and called it performance

  7. Annoying acting of Lee sung kyung. very limited acting range. Her acting in the cheese in the trap was so irritatingly indescribable. she ruined that drama.

  8. kim youngdae is such eye candy. he really looks like a young kang dong won although kang dong won didn’t age gracefully in my opinion.

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