Ahn Hyo Seob and Park Ji Hyun Caught Up in Dating Rumors After Netizens Spot Similarities in Social Media

The eagle-eyed K-netizens have struck again and this time connecting together two Korean stars who before now no one thought of as even a potential couple. K-netizens are saying actor Ahn Hyo Seob and actress Park Ji Hyun have been dating for the past 5 years, ever since they did a modeling shoot for the jeans brand Edwin. Apparently they posted the same rice cake soup bowl and once she made a beef wellington and shortly afterwards he said it was his favorite dish when asked on camera. I legit have no clue if they are/were dating but it’s just funny how SNS posts can leave a trail or be the source of unfounded speculation due to unintended similarities.


Ahn Hyo Seob and Park Ji Hyun Caught Up in Dating Rumors After Netizens Spot Similarities in Social Media — 22 Comments

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  2. ahn hyo seop does have a long term girlfriend, but everyone thought she was a non-celeb. these are convincing evidence, but what more or less confirms it is her agency saying they have no comments on the matter. if they weren’t dating it would have been a straight up denial. not sure they’ll confirm and they don’t need to. i hope this sets the precedent for young, up and coming actors dating to be a normal thing.

  3. Well if they are dating that long, this wouldn’t affect them. The girl isn’t that active in acting. I only remember her in Yumi’s Cells as the the male lead’s friend who wanted to be his girlfriend and angered Yumi.

    Funny that after his drama became a hit knetz are now interested about his personal life.

  4. The timing of the news drop when the show is about to go into the last 2 episodes was a bit suspicious. Ive read quite a few knetz saying “true fan” is in actuality a jealous ex-gf attempting to derail his career. If you look at AHS filmography, he only does 1 drama a year yet now he accepted dramas back to back without a break at all. Hes going to be filming SDOD for at least another 6-7 months. Its quite telling. If its a malicious effort against him, it seriously backfired. Most viewers do know the show was held up mostly due to the cast electrfying chemistry and not so much his one man show. The news kinda died down for now and he has not seem to have done any post interviews for the drama unlike the rest. I hope it wont blow any bigger like Kim Seon Ho’s case or it will cause serious problems for his imaging issues in the new show with JYB. Esp when the drama hinges on the OTP messaging.

    • Anyone saying news that he’s been in a steady relationship is going to derail his career, is seriously still stuck in 10 years ago lol. It definitely reads as a malicious attempt to derail his career momentum after a hit drama but he’s done nothing wrong or anything that even needs explaining (and I would say the same for Kim Sejeong if she was the one rumoured to be dating too) and unlike KSH case there doesn’t appear to be either an image to sell or any controversy in the relationship itself.

      • It does affect. Its called immersion drop. When you see kim jung hyun do a love drama now.. cant help but think of seo yeji and Kim Hard Hard saga. Same with Kim Seonho – how is he gonna pull off a role of a 30 year old naive man who has never had a gf before meeting his destined love when ppl will recall his abortion saga. Western viewers probably dun care but asian structure is different. Thats why though SYJ and HB were rumoured to be dating as early as 2018. They flatly refuse to confirm until they were ready for marriage in 2021. Its totally ok for artists to have partners but because they take on romantic dramas and the issue of immersion, private lives must be handled with 120% more caution because public does not wanna know the details of their real private lives. That said – I recently watched Ghost Doctor and found it really hard to watch the lovey dovey scenes between Rain and Uee. Same thing… immersion issues. Theres kim taeri and his two kids hovering in the background.

      • Maybe if you’re stuck in the 1950s and incapable of immersion of disbelief lol. The Kim Junghyun “no talking to female costars” thing and Kim Seonho abortion scancal are completely different from a guy who’s apparently just peacefully dating. Did you have any problems watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha (Kim Seon Ho’s last drama) before his ex came out with the scandal? Because the female lead of that drama, Shin Min Ah, has been in a relationship with Kim Woo Bin for the last seven years now.

        And I am Asian, from a country where one of our most popular 90s drama couples consisted of an actor who was married before he even made his film debut and an actress who got married shortly after. They turned out hits into the 00s after that no problem, millions of viewers had no issues watching them even knowing they were both married with kids! Viewers just have to grow up and realise that actors are not their puppets.

      • Yeah, unless there is a controversy, I don’t think actors dating is that big of a deal anymore. There are plenty of examples of married actors or ones in relationships that have had hit romantic dramas. Oh sure, knetz will knetz but detailing careers? No.

    • sorry that wasn’t “immersion of disbelief” I meant “SUSPENSION of disbelief”!

      Point still stands. If actors have chemistry onscreen they’ll have enough to convince the viewer and make them immersed in their performances even if they actually hate each other (the couple from Gone with the Wind) or are dating/married to other people irl eg Jung Hoyeon looks great and has fabulous chemistry with The Weeknd in his latest music video even though she’s had a boyfriend for years now. It’s a different thing from actors who engage in actually questionable behaviour offscreen and subsequently get viewers simply not wanting to see them onscreen at all.

    • I agree with the concept of “immersion drop” to the extent of how the actors are marketed. Some agents overexpose their artists that the audience feels very close to them, some dramas market the otp too much too so the audience confuses real from reel. Milking a drama’s success too much leads to lots of short term money but makes the artist too accessible in the long term. Ahn Hyo Seop disappearing from view after the drama is the right way to go as the audience can subconsciously distance his character from who he is.

  5. I liked her acting in Goo Hae-ryung la historiadora y en Do you like Brahms and was hoping for a greater role for her after yum cells. I heard she was already receiving hate in her instagram from his fans…..

    • Ahh … and I have been trying to place where I have seen her before. I happened to have watched both dramas … and disliked her, so that means she is good playing unlikable characters.
      It’s nice that they are in a long-term, low-key relationship, here is hoping getting popular will not set them back.

      • Yeah, in those two works (I just noticed I wrote something in Spanish lol) she played the cold second female lead but in Goo Hyeryong she was cool rather than cold. In Yumi cells she is once again playing the typical role that’s why I wanted something different for her. I’ve seen some videos of her and Park Eunbin and she can be really sweet, really different from her characters.

  6. They do look alike and matching visual wise ffs. If they happen to be in a long term relationship. Congrats to both of them.

  7. Irrelevant tbh, I don’t understand this outdated mentality that Korean actors can’t have a personal life or have “betrayed” fans by daring to date like normal people in their 20s and 30s do. With idols I understand they tacitly sell their ‘personality’ and themselves as the perfect bf/gf idea for their fans (and even then I think after some years it’s irrelevant and fans need to grow up) but actors have none of that, criticising Ahn Hyo Seob or any actor/actress for being in a relationship is beyond pathetic and immature. By that logic, all married actors should just retire?

    And I’m not saying this as his fan btw, anyone can see my comments on his acting in ABP right here! If anything I think it’s actually nice to see he’s going steady with someone and has a happy relationship with her, and even appreciates her cooking skills lol. Stability is a good thing!

  8. he is a rising star and his company still isnt doing anything about the rumors. very sus that they are keeping quiet about this..it must be true lol

  9. This rumour is bs with the source being a yt channel called sojang who is known for spreading malicious rumours against korean celebs especially idols. A BTS member even said he would sue this channel as they spread some rumours abt him

  10. Dating should be normalised esp when one is dating a fellow artist with no scandals involved. With the advent of streaming platforms and increasing i-fans, k-artists should not have to fear about dating, marriage or divorce. SHK SJK doing just fine after divorce. Dating news reveal is pretty much meh nowadays. Lee Na Young has a reasonably successful drama Romance Bonus Book with LJS despite being married to Won Bin. Eugene and Kim So Yeon have a hit in Penthouse. Ji Sung and Jo Jung Sok are doing well with DJ and HP.

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