Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Release Megawatt Smiling Happy Official Wedding Pictures

A smile is worth a thousand words and the smiles on Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s face at their wedding spoke all that needs to be said about how happy there were to tie the knot with each other. Sure we saw lots of guest taken shots of their flower strewn ceremony but it’s clear as day in these four newly released official pictures of their unbridled joy. I’m way more into Son Ye Jin’s two wedding gowns seeing all the details in these high def pictures, the green one is especially enchanting on her. The couple was in the news this morning after being spotted at the airport on their way to Los Angeles for their honeymoon.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Release Megawatt Smiling Happy Official Wedding Pictures — 21 Comments

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  2. Such a beautiful couple. All of Yejin’s dresses are so gorgeous. They were planning to go on their honeymoon secretly but apparently got spotted by media at the airport who were there for Jennie’s departure to LA lol.

  3. Most gorgeous k-celeb wedding I ever seen. Both bride and groom are truly beautiful as well. Having their honeymoon in LA reminds me of their grocery shopping rumour in 2019. Maybe that was where their romance really started.

  4. Does BP Jennie’s team alert the media everytime she flies in and out of the country? Is it the same for other BP members? I see other Celebrities get caught by the paparazzi because of her. LOL.

    I am sorry but I don’t get why Binjin have to arrive separately at the airport in different cars. I also don’t get why they are not wearing wedding rings. It is kind of weird.

    • Wedding rings aren’t as customary in Korean culture. And for arriving separately I guess they didn’t want pictures taken of them together. They did the exact same thing when they arrived at airport to depart for CLOY location shoot. Even though its totally normal for two colleagues to travel together, they made sure to arrive 10-15 min apart and not even make eye contact until they they went past the gates.

      But looks like all that effort today was for nothing because they were bombarded at LA airport. I dont think they realized people would be waiting for them there.

      • Well, since they are already caught departing SK becos of Jennie. Fans in L.A. can then easily track their flight details -and wait for them there. Fans do this all the time.

      • You can’t compare the scenario now from when they were filming CLOY since there is already a huge difference being that they are already married. People will find it more odd to see them not together.

    • No one can beat BP’s media play so am not surprised if they alerted the media each time the girls leaving or arriving SK. I understand BP is super popular now but they are just everywhere and too much in your face because of the excessive media play.

    • Who cares honestly? There could be a whole bunch of reasons why they don’t have rings on, especially when they’re travelling. They’re private people who have kept their relationship under wraps for years now so I don’t see them opening up completely right away. I know a lot of these “concerns” are because of the train wreck that was Song-Song’s marriage but BinJin have never been as public as they were once they got married.

      As for them getting bombarded at LAX, that was truly unfortunate. They’ve likely never had such attention when they’ve come to the US before and thought they didn’t need bodyguards. Hopefully they can avoid those space-invading idiots for the rest of their trip and actually have a great time.

      • Very true. They both never got caught going to the States before. It had to be from Jennie. Now fans in LA can easily get arriving destinations.

  5. My otp finally sailed. Looking back they had dropped clues that they were in love. I hope my other otp will come true. Thank you Soopoiler for showing us Gong Hyo Jin singing in Soop noraebang last year. My other Soop noreabang queen was holding a mic decorated like wedding bouquet. Singing a rap song, delispice’s confession which was an ost in a reply drama and wonder girls’ I want nobody but you. Holding a duck toy and wearing a mickey mouse type hairband. Is she dating another superstar k winner like GHJ? Lol.

    • Nam Joohyuk, Seo Hyunjin and Hyojin got crap karaoke stall made of egg cartons. Jihyun’s one so special with sparkling mirror ball parked near Han River. Soop so biased.

      • The eng sub is telling. “Fell in love with the noreabang mate” Is this a hint from Soop? A love story always starts somewhere. Back to Bin and Jin. Congrats CLOY couple. Play all the golf you want and shop together in peace in LA. Hehe.

  6. You saw what happened when they are seen together. People and media swarm them. Guess they thought that by arriving separately, it wouldn’t be so bad and it worked quite a bit in SK. They aren’t the kind of people who use their relationship for fan service. They seem determined to keep it as lowkey as possible.

  7. I love the first picture, it is the best because his hand covers her hand so naturally, all the pictures are gorgeous of course.

    I’m surprised to see the video of them strolling freely in the airport without any escorts.

    If they can do that, why can’t other celebrities? Especially the circus around BP is getting ridiculous if it is staged and I really pity the girls.

  8. Lovely wedding dresses. Lovely couple. I was surprised too by the separate airport arrival. Wondering though why HB had 3 escorts and HJ just one. From the way went through to the gates, they would have gotten a lot less goodbyes as with Rain and Tae hee when these two left for their honeymoon, too. I don’t know. They should play along together now. LA must be memorable for them. Remember HJ’s first stanza in their announcement of being together — how they saw each other in a crowd. Enjoy your days in LA. Bag a contract for a Hollywood film!

  9. The wedding dresses are all so beautiful and they look gorgeous together! I hope they got the wedding of their dreams. Congrats HB and SYJ on your marriage and cheers to your happily ever after!

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