K-actress Seol In Ah Leaves Agency and Signs with Gold Medalist Joining Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Kim Sae Ron

Well, for those saying that Seol In Ah‘s name should be in the running for the high profile female lead in upcoming K-drama The Queen of Tears it’s definitely now a reality. The actress has left her original agency Oueint and signed with Gold Medalist, which reps Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Kim Sae Ron. Gold Medalist is basically Kim Soo Hyun’s agency as he formed with his cousin as the agency director. I can see Seol In Ah using her big break as the second female lead in A Business Proposal to try and vault her profile and career to the next level, and oftentimes it comes with changing agencies for a broader reach. Since Kim Soo Hyun’s name is bandied about with The Queen of Tears, I think Seol In Ah could definitely be cast but more likely as the second female lead but in such a high profile drama that would be a win already.


K-actress Seol In Ah Leaves Agency and Signs with Gold Medalist Joining Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Kim Sae Ron — 10 Comments

  1. Kim Soo Hyun is already such a big name that the drama loses nothing by casting a deserving but lesser known actress as the lead. I’m sure Seol In Ah has a lot of goodwill right now and I sincerely hope she gets the opportunity. It’s stupid how easy it is for mediocre actors to get breaks because of their looks whereas actresses get told that they need experience and to pay their dues in supporting roles…

  2. I always loved her since Strong girl Do bonsun. She has that aura which attract viewers easily. In other words, female lead aura.Now she is hitting new breaks in her career like others. She’s very talented but invisible for PDs for a long time. Idk why but if ppl mention about rising K-actresses, they always tell Han So Hee, Kim Dami or Kim Sejeong. But for me, Park Ju hyun(Extracurricular), Choi Sung Eun(Beyond Evil) and Seol in ah also can reach the same league if they have the same various offers from PDs. Give these 3 ladies chance also. They have equal talent like other 3 mentioned above. (Sorry for my English)

  3. Yea I can definitely see her being cast as the second lead in PJE’s new drama. And honestly, her second leads were SSR, YIA, PHJ, SHS, KJH, SJH who are all main leads now. If she really gets the offer, that’s such a huge opportunity. She’s a good actress who’s had a lot of good work to get her to where she is. I can see her making it big!

    Plus frankly, this agency needs a less problematic actress to be the front and centre of it.

  4. I really like SIA. She has that natural likeability. Hope she gets cast. I remember watching School 2017 thinking that cast will really hit it big one day. Seeing KSJ, KJH, JDY and Rowoon being leads now make me feel like a proud mama. Lol. Same feeling I had when I watched EY with LJW and KYD. Some are just born to have lead auras. Going back even further I picked Kim Hye Yoon out of the three bullies who terrorised Louie in SKL to be the standout. Cutie Solomon Park of All Of Us Is Dead was listed as having a part in SKL too. For the life of me I couldn’t spot him in any scenes?

  5. She’s the ONLY reason I was able to finish the overhyped meh that is ABP. I hope this new move works out great for her.

  6. Seol In Ah is so underrated and her previous agency seems to focus on idols rather than actors.
    As second lead in A Business Proposal she finally garners attention.
    Hopefully the new agency will help her land more acting projects not just cameo or minor supporting roles.

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