Ahn Bo Hyun Offered the Male Lead in Fantasy Drama See You in My 19th Life with Shin Hye Sun

Oh now this is a fantastic casting choice! K-ent is reporting today that Ahn Bo Hyun is in talks to be Shin Hye Sun‘s male lead in the upcoming fantasy drama See You in My 19th Life based on a webtoon. The female lead remembers all her past reincarnations and in the most current time life is a successful professional using all her past experiences to her benefit. She encounters the man from her 18th life who is now a chaebol heir and has lost his memory in a car accident. It’s triggering for her based on their 18th life interactions which get a second chance now in this 19th life of hers. It sounds soooooo rife with possibilities to mine and Shin Hye Sun is a chameleon of the first order who can run the entire gamut of emotions. I hope Ahn Bo Hyun accepts to get this drama countdown started.


Ahn Bo Hyun Offered the Male Lead in Fantasy Drama See You in My 19th Life with Shin Hye Sun — 19 Comments

  1. I hope Ahn Bo hyun will accept the offer. His current drama Military Prosecutor Doberman is getting above 7+ rating constantly and even achieved near 9%, yet nobody is talking about it. So strange. I think it’s all about star power. Cauz Neither Jo bo ah nor Ahn Bo hyun has decent fandom to attract more viewers. I believe Shin Hye sun has both: rating queen and buzz queen.

      • Yess not the first and second… But I’m just glad prosecutor doberman is doing well so he get offered male lead again.

  2. I’ll watch SHS in anything. Not so familiar with ABH’s work but hopefully he’ll be worlds better in acting than the other Ahn. Still recovering from the physical pain of watching him try to act in ABP. Ugh.

  3. on the other website, the readers of the manhwa disagree with his casting as they said he didn’t suit the traits of the ML such as being delicate, baby-faced, etc

    • True, I read the webtoon, and I pictured the male lead more like Yoon Kyunsang. He’s somebody who goes through every day affected by his past traumas, and you could see it in his face. And he’s really prickly to the point he’s the butt of jokes lol. Ahn Bohyun fits more the image of the male lead from another webtoon, “Act Like You Love Me!”.
      I guess the creative team wanted somebody who looks more mature than Shin Hyesun because obviously the male lead is biologically older than the female lead, or they decided to go for the traditional CEO look.

    • Yeah his casting doesn’t really go with the webtoon (was think more Ji Chang Wook), but I guess it’s really all about the aura and acting. Kim Go-eun didn’t really fit the webtoon image for Yumi in Yumi’s cells but she was fantastic in it.

      • Agree @prettyautumn. It is more important if actors can capture the “essence” of the character than if their looks match 1:1. ABH is a capable and versatile actor so I trust he can do the role justice.

  4. It’s a fantastic casting choice for his fans and a slap in the face of those who loved the webtoon, because he’s nothing like the male lead in it and no amount of acting he could bring to the table will change the fact that he’s not suited for it.

  5. I love the webtoon and know nothing about this actor so although he doesn’t necessarily look the part, I’ll reserve judgement until he’s actually confirmed and (based on what people say) can act the role convincingly.

    • Although if I had to throw a pick into the casting roulette, I’d go with Yook Sungjae – he looks the part & can act well. But I think he’s already lined up for a drama this fall.

    • Knets no.1 choice is Seo Kang Joon. Hes my pick also. Acting, looks, height, similarity to webtoon is almost 99% sync plus he looks older than his real age so the chemistry with Shin Hye Sun would work. Too bad hes in military now

    • I love both Sung Jae and Kang Joon. When I read the char description chaebol heir who lost his memory in a car accident I think of Louis in SKL. Prickly and living daily life affected by past traumas, I think of Lee Hyun in Hello Monster/IRY. Sung Jae is like In Guk’s twin brother while Kang Joon has the looks, suitable age with SHS and aura to pull off the chaebol aura. I didn’t read the webtoon just basing on the commenters’ opinion here. Lol. I think In Guk would suit this role too. He made a cameo in Oh My Ghost in which Hye Sun played JJS’s younger sister in a wheelchair. I’ve always imagined how their interaction would be if chef Edward Seo flirted with her char instead of the other girl manning the counter.

      • I forgot to mention SHS was in High School King of Savvy with In Guk. She was the retail team member to his director Lee Min Suk/ Lee Hyung Suk. Both have perfect comedic skills, chemistry factor, looks and age suitability to complement each other.

  6. I like ABH in My Name but can’t imagine him as chaebol heir yet. I also don’t feel any chemistry between him and KGE in Yumi’s Cells. He’s the type that does well in Taxi Driver like Lee Je Hoon or Mouse like Lee Seung Gi. Will SHS act circles around him? This is his third lead role if he accepts. Have lots of room to improve.

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