Namgoong Min Transforms into the One Thousand Won Lawyer in First Look from the SBS Drama

Filming is underway for the upcoming SBS legal drama One Thousand Won Lawyer (1000 Won Lawyer) which has a script that won the network’s contest in 2015 but has been in pre-production until securing the cast late last year. Headlining is award winning actor Namgoong Min who once again proves he’s not just a thespian but has the method actor routine down pat. He’s shed the gazillion muscles he built up for his last drama The Veil (Black Sun) and no longer looks like a roidhead and is back being debonair. For this role he seems quick quirky and eclectic with his fashion tastes which jibes with being a weird lawyer that charges a pittance in legal fees.


Namgoong Min Transforms into the One Thousand Won Lawyer in First Look from the SBS Drama — 6 Comments

  1. This guy most be a chameleon cuz he shades his skin ever so quickly. That’s one level of devotion to the craft. Looking forward to see how he potrays this character.

  2. First saw him in The girl who sees smells and I am just amazed by how far he’d come. I admire those stars who worked their way up from supporting to lead roles. I feel like they have more staying power.
    I wish stars who had instant starring roles appreciate how lucky they are and be decent enough to not get involved in icky controversies because some people worked really hard to get where they are while they wasted the opportunity that others spend their time and energy to achieve.

  3. I admire his dedication to his craft and the hard work he puts in in every role. Disappointed with the Veil though. Good luck with this one!

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