Ha Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, and Jung Hae In Confirmed for Big Budget K-drama Curtain Call Formerly Titled Tree Dies on Their Feet

Well this new drama title certainly captures the “hire an actor to play a fake grandson” central plot a whole lot more. The K-drama formerly titled Tree Dies on Their Feet is now called Curtain Call and has secured the actors and actress who will be taking their curtain call once the drama is all over. Ha Ji Won has confirmed mere days after being offered the female lead role and she will be playing opposite Kang Ha Neul and Jung Hae In. She plays a department store President and granddaughter of the founder who is a North Korean woman played by Youn Yuh Jung. Ha Ji Won hires Kang Ha Neul‘s two bit actor to pretend to be her grandmother’s son from North Korea that she has been separated from for many years in order to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish. Jung Hae In plays the chaebol son of a retail group. The drama is heading into production in the coming months and I CANNOT WAIT!


Ha Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, and Jung Hae In Confirmed for Big Budget K-drama Curtain Call Formerly Titled Tree Dies on Their Feet — 21 Comments

  1. Jung Hae-In in a chaebol role? It will be the first time!

    I’m really happy to see Ha Ji-Won in a new drama! With Kang Ha-Neul as a lead, nice combo!

    • Same here, can’t wait! ?
      Everything is looking solid so far, the cast are all super talented and the plotline sounds exciting! Very excited for this ?

      • lol I don’t know why my comments always end up as a reply to someone else’s comment ?‍♀️

      • Hyemi – post your comment at the very bottom of the page, don’t click “reply” to anyone’s post or your comment will end up as a reply to it.

      • @Jack Sim Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing. Dunno why this happens. must be some glitch lol

  2. All 3 are skilled actors/actress. I hope the writing and directing will compliment their talents. I like that they changed the title as well. I hope it’s available on Netflix. Can’t wait!

  3. What in the actual fuk is that Ha Ji-Won my goodness this woman doesn’t age at all. God Dayum.. This feels like here younger self- 20 years ago. She holds well. I wanna try whatever she is doing seems like she found the fountain of youth

  4. This actually sounds promising and seems like an emotional plot. I quite like HJW, hope she’ll finally rise back to success with this.

  5. finally, a new project with HJW. can’t wait. I so happy to see her again. I hope this project is well written and will be well executed, too. The cast so far is solid.

  6. Im more surprised that JHI plays the 2nd lead. Or the 3 of them will be the leads? But seems like JHI wont get the FL soooo… 2nd lead? Or just like Steven Zhang in Go Ahead?

    I like them all. Will watch it. Hopefully it’ll be good.

  7. Am really glad that Ha Ji won is coming back to the small screen cuz is been ages I saw her. I hope the script is well written so that their individual skills will be fully harnessed

  8. Big budget dramas scare me because they never live up to the hype. But what a cast! Please let the script be good.

  9. This is a great day. Please let the script be good. All the mega acting talents will go to waste if the story is crap. So far it has the potential to rival Hotelier which also has Youn Yuh Jung playing a hotel owner with megastars Bae Yong Joon & Song Hye Kyo in it. I quite like Hotelier with its overseas location shoots in Las Vegas. I’m expecting HJW to be decked in A-list designer outfits. The production values must rival that of SBS Penthouse.

  10. I’m very confused about characters’ age. KHN playing fake son of YYJ means he’s fake uncle of HJW’s character. Irl, YYJ is 74 HJW is 43. 31 year gap between them. More believable for HJW play her daughter instead of granddaughter. So I have to pretend HJW char is early 30s with KHN char around her age too. YYJ is 42 years older than KHN. So he has to age himself to pass off as her son instead of grandson. This sounds like like Kim Yong Gun’s mistress baby scandal. Suddenly his adult sons have a sibling 44 years younger.

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