Mon-Tues Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman with Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Boa is tvN’s Second Biggest Hit in 2022 Thus Far with Final Episode Breaking 10% Ratings

The question in the next few weeks is whether just finished tvN Mon-Tues drama Military Prosecutor Doberman will remain in the 2nd spot or drop to 3rd with the similar high ratings of still airing tvN weekend drama Our Blues. Military Prosecutor Doberman concluded this week and this drama actually had really high ratings for tvN but remains quite underrated in online chatter and audience buzz. The ratings started at 5.263% and went up to between 7%-8% through the entire run and the final episode surged to 10.081%. Any tvN drama that breaks 10% is a big hit so this drama clearly earned the success despite not having a high profile cast. Ahn Bo Hyun, Jo Boa, Oh Yeon Su, Kim Young Min, and Kim Woo Suk are the leads in what I see as the K-drama version of JAG, and I only have a half life when it comes to legal themed dramas since that is my real life work so I am quite picky about which legal dramas I want to spend my time on. I’ve heard so much great feedback on this drama so if you love legal dramas I think it’s safe to marathon now!


Mon-Tues Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman with Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Boa is tvN’s Second Biggest Hit in 2022 Thus Far with Final Episode Breaking 10% Ratings — 20 Comments

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  2. I haven’t been watching this but I’m so happy for the actors, especially Jo Boa! You can’t always predict what people will pick up and watch and stay invested in. Tvn’s ghost doctor and royal inspector & joy performed better than expected

  3. It was one of those breezy watches. Nothing particularly special but not terrible. I’m glad ABH is getting more lead roles

  4. So happy for Ahn Bo Hyun, the drama gets a high rating despite in mon -tues slot and can carry a leading roles on his own.

    the drama has been done before and quite straight forward. like the whole revenge stuff and so on. but it’s quite addictive so far. haven’t finished it, but will soon catch up.

  5. Not that much legal procedural and quite unrealistic in many parts but it’s entertaining with splashes of humour and attraction between the leads. It’s a drama about revenge and good triumphs evil. Generally good acting and well paced.

  6. I think it really is better to schedule dramas in other slots rather than choosing the weekend slots.

    Though this is the only drama that did well rating-wise in a non weekend slot. And even more so because the drama wasn’t buzzy.

  7. I really enjoyed watching it. It flew by fast. There were a lot of great characters. Kim Woosuk played his role so well. I really hated him in the beginning, and did end up feeling sorry for him in the end. I loved his relationship with his military senior Pyeon, who helped make him a better person. What a redemption arc! One big flaw is that the villains, who were supposed to be super smart and a huge force to be reckoned with, ended up being a bit too comical and too easily defeated in the end. But that’s ok!

  8. Most ppl are giving credit to Ahn Bo Hyun but for me Jo Bo Ah shined more in this one. Her character is interesting and didn’t get flat till the end. I am happy she performed it excellently. Her badass aura is one of the highlights of the drama. I remember she was criticized excessively in TONT. But here she is the most prominent character.

  9. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this was totally different from what’s thought it was going to be. Well worth your time,

  10. I forgot this show aired because no one talked about it…

    I wonder if actors would rather their drama have average/low ratings and a lot of buzz (OBS, IONTBO), or high ratings and no buzz (Prosecutor Doberman).

    (Site is glitching for me so I hope my comment doesn’t show up multiple times)

    • I loved your comment. I think there is a third angle too. Dramas which are not liked by many but still do well ratings wise and still generate buzz. Example Forecasting Love and Weather. I personally loved FLAW. I think that whatever makes the drama successful by any yardstick would be ok, since it’s getting so competitive out there for actors.

      • Only buzz barely matters of its an non romance genre, through the darkness hardly got any and its acclaimed.

    • If the drama is on a broadcast network, then ratings mean more because a lot of the end of the year network awards favor ratings. And if you get an acting award, you can add it to your resume.

      If the buzz is about your individual acting or role rather than script, that could be better than ratings. Moon lovers had lower than expected ratings but I think Kang Haneul, who was still transitioning to adult roles, and Lee Joongi got boosts from their roles.

  11. There were lucky, no interesting drama during this slot. But this one was fun to watch. Both leads did well in their roles.

  12. I think that it was more a revenge drama than a legal one . Some procedures were unrealistic . But the drama was an enjoyable one and both leads were good . I liked very much ABH and Jo Bo Ah showed a more interesting side of her acting . MP did not get buzz but it’s the case for a lot of good rating dramas . Through the darkness was great but it was as Kim Nam Gil didn’t do one of the best performances of the year until now . It’s all about Ahn Hyo Seop, Nam Joo Hyuk,… whom have a long way to go before reaching KNG level !

  13. Think it’s a brilliant drama without all the flare and romantic emotions mixing with work and spoiling relationships.

    I am over Kdramas with fighting for love and or enduring suffering from episode’s 1-13. Then break up in 13-14 fighting walking away or giving up only to rush in and hurriedly/confusingly saving everyone and everything in 16.

    So I enjoy the story line especially of the male lead not bowing 🙇‍♂️ to pressure or giving it because of class and status in riches and privilege.

    Refreshing to watch and worth watching 9 would be 10 but last episode leave me wondering if a season 2 is being looked at.

    I like 👍🏾 it a good direction from the normal line of predictable start to finish see one seen all k-dramas.

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