Junho Handily Wins the Voting for the 2022 Baeksang Popularity Award while Kim Tae Ri Narrowly Beats Lee Se Young to Upset The Red Sleeve Cuff Reunion

The Baeksang Awards has a dedicated Popularity Award for Male and Female Star and it’s a free for all among every single nominee in any category. That means the best song nominee is competing with the movie category nominee with the television category nominee, which is great because it’s the very definition of popular. But in Korea its about how organized the fans are for voting as well and many years you can see concerted fan campaigns to get their star the win. Not sure about this year but very early on it looked like Junho and Lee Se Young of The Red Sleeve Cuff was rocking the leads when voting first opene. But the closing ended this week and while Junho won in the Male Star side it was Kim Tae Ri of Twenty Five, Twenty One who beat out Lee Se Young in the Female Star side. Junho won with over a million votes by a huge margin over second play Key and third place Jung Hae In, while Kim Tae Ri got around $750K votes to Lee Se Young’s 660K votes with distant third place going to Yoona. Last year’s winners in this category were Kim Sun Ho before his scandal and Seo Ye Ji after her scandal so she didn’t even attend to receive it.


Junho Handily Wins the Voting for the 2022 Baeksang Popularity Award while Kim Tae Ri Narrowly Beats Lee Se Young to Upset The Red Sleeve Cuff Reunion — 24 Comments

  1. How we still find a way to bring in the clicks using Seo yea ji
    Scandal this scandal that. Okay ooo, oh ye perfect people
    Congratulations to the winners and the fans you deserve it.

    • Part of k’s playbook on how to increase clicks. Endless HB SYJ posts, AHS posts and now scandals of Seo Yea Ji and KSH at every opportunity.

  2. I was actually quite surprised with Lee Seyoung doing so well because this time one couldn’t vote for both the categories. Thus leading to division of votes among red sleeve fans as both the leads are nominated.
    This means she actually gained a solid fanbase despite not being a part of a Netflix drama. Although i never followed her diligently but i always had a soft spot for her because of hwayugi. Glad that she is finally getting her deserved recognition.

    And i didn’t expect yoona to do so bad. Like she is one of the most famous female idol with a big fanbase but didn’t even cross like 100k votes.

    2521 ended recently and the fans are still active. Not surprised Kim tae ri won. Atleast she won’t go home empty handed. The best actress award is definitely going to kim hye su.

    • How did LSY get those votes? Her fans was collaborating with anyone; Lee Seungi fans, Yoo Suengho, even with fans of Winner, giving out BTS merchandise to lure BTS. Her fandom was so competitive.

      Despite that Kim Taeri fans were strong and since Nam Joohyuk was not nominated, so all 2125 fans are rooting for her.

      I’m surprised with Yoona fans. She has more than 13 million IG followers. Where are they?

      Congratulations 🎉 to Lee Junho & Kim Taeri.

      • Just like Seyoung, fans of tae Ri’s past co actors like Song joong ki also voted for her. But at the end of the day other fandoms could only help to a certain extent. And yeah she had a solid backing from the drama fans being the sole nominee . Not surprised Tae Ri won.

      • And Big Bang as well. Now her fans has to vote Big Bang in Inkigayo on top of voting Lee Seunggi on Chaedol & who knows how many voting polls they have to do to pay back for the Baeksang favor.

        How tiring it is to be fan. It’s alot of work. 😀

      • Not surprised by Yoona’s vote count tbh
        Actors that have been recently active in kdramas always have an edge. In this case, her huge insta followers fambase didn’t get anoigh incentive or excitement to vote for her. If Big mouth does well, you’ll see her fans come out of hibernation

  3. Lee Se Young is sooo good in the red sleeve, love of her depiction of the char despite doesn’t has much story unfold compare to The male lead.

    But Kim Tae Ri is the star of 2521. So KTR deserve the result. IMo.. compare to last year nomination, I kind love this year nomination for best female actor category. so i’m just happy whoever win it.

  4. I never participated in voting events of years before .
    But this year , I voted for TRS couple as I wanna see the union at the ceremony.

    Junho didn’t get the votes earlier as much as he did during the last 2 or 3 days. Key closed in and I needed to give all my votes to him.

    The vote splits really made me sad , I couldn’t give enough votes to Lee Seyoung.

    • True tho. Splitting of votes really affected red sleeve team. The power of shipper fans is something else. Usually they would go to any lengths to make sure to see their OTP on stage together. Reminds of the time when cloy couple won after defeating some big kpop fandoms.

      But because of the new rule, they had to prioritise their own bias this time. Junho being an idol helped him in this case.

    • I was wishing so much for junho’s next co star to be either Ktr or shin Hye sun. Sadly they got yoona ,who has a record of jinxing actors at their peak making their dramas underperform. Good luck to him😓

      • I am afraid ljs has already been jinxed. Big mouth got shifted from TVN to MBC. It would be a miracle if it does well there.

  5. As mentioned that there were no dedicated set of votes for each category so that means all nominees, male & female, were directly competing with each other. So there should only be One Winner. If the give 2, the second winner should be named as runner up.!

    Anyway, congrats Junho and Taeri.

  6. Well, at least the TRS couple will still have their reunion because both are nominated. The shippers will have something to look forward to at Baeksang. And seeing that the 2 are quite friendly and close, there’s bound to be some interaction.

      • @X, no need to be nasty. If she didn’t get one this year, it doesn’t mean she won’t ever get one in the future.

        And @Mary Kay, very shady of you to mention her ‘sympathetically’ in an unrelated post when you know full well the kind of haters she has on here. Unless you’re also X, which wouldn’t be surprising at all.

  7. I watched the broadcast of the 34th Korea PD Awards. Congratulation to Lee Junho for winning the Best Actor Award for your portrayal of Yisan, King Jeongjo. You were beyond amazing in The Red Sleeve. I hope you also win big at the Baeksang Arts.

    Another Congratulations to Junho for being the final winner of TikTok Popularity poll and Kim Taeri for winning the Female category.

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