Lee Byung Hun Revealed to Have Saved Kim Woo Bin’s Life by Urging Him to Get a Medical Checkup in 2017 Which Revealed His Cancer Diagnosis

Oh wow, this is such an important story for many reasons. The first is, thank you Lee Byung Hun! The top actor has been revealed as a key person that helped save Kim Woo Bin‘s life. The actor was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017 and the diagnosis came after Lee Byung Hun urged Kim Woo Bin to go see a doctor and get checked up. The two met in 2015 filming the movie Master released in 2016 and in 2017 during an event Kim Woo Bin started to nosebleed at dinner and Lee Byung Hun saw it and told him to take it seriously and go see a doctor. Kim Woo Bin had been getting nosebleeds for a few months prior but chalked it up to working hard, long hours, and generally being tired. I am SO GLAD Lee Byung Hun pointed it out, told Kim Woo Bin to see a doctor, and Kim Woo Bin listened to his respected sunbae and did just that. The visit and checkup led to his cancer diagnosis and a nearly two year long hiatus from acting to treat and recover. This goes to show, don’t take random changes in your health as just “no big deal” and sometimes erring on the side of caution is the difference between early treatment and too late detection.


Lee Byung Hun Revealed to Have Saved Kim Woo Bin’s Life by Urging Him to Get a Medical Checkup in 2017 Which Revealed His Cancer Diagnosis — 15 Comments

  1. Ok, that was kind of him but that was actually pretty normal. Can’t understand how this even made into the headlines.

    • Having a child in remission believe me if I tell you how you get to know a lot of people who find out in late stages and regret not seeing a doctor earlier. This man potentially saved his life.

      I had a similar experience with my daughter’s leukemia and she just turned 15 by the grace of God and is 4 years In remission. I feel guilty for being too busy and missing the signs until someone told me that her symptoms could be serious.

      When you experience it you get to know how precious life is and grateful for every extra moment you have.

    • You guys are so :/ I’m FAR from even tolerating LBH but this is a heartwarming story. We are reading an entertainment blog so all news are “frivolous”, we aren’t on the New York Times here lol So within the scope, this one’s a nice optimistic and positive post.

    • They’re in the same currently airing drama as costars (and if Kim Woo Bin really was getting nosebleeds for months previously and LBH was the one at whose urging he finally got it checked out by a doctor, it’s not an exaggeration to say he may have helped save his life – who knows what might have happened if he continued ignoring it? At age 27 you don’t normally think you might have cancer when you’re getting headaches or nosebleeds!)

      I’m just happy KWB is healthy now.

    • Which is hilarious because in Cdrama it means horny. Wanna die in a cdrama… gotta spit blood, preferably dark red or black.

  2. My daughter just turned 15 and is in remission and I actually had a similar experience as a single working parent. I missed the signs or just thought she was becoming a picky eater and was losing weight as a result until someone told me to take it seriously.

    I live every day grateful for that person because when she was in chemo we spent alot of time getting to know other cancer patients and some who found out in late stages. Many of them didn’t make it especially during the pandemic.

    It’s heartbreaking that people we were laughing with and playing board games with 6 months ago are no longer around.

    I’m sure Kim Woo Bin’s parents will live everyday grateful to LBH

    • thank you for sharing your story to highlight how important this is. i hope you and your daughter are on a path to happiness and good health. good day.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Coconuts. Your initial reaction was normal, because who thinks a child is likely to develop a life-threatening illness? But that person did a good thing. Here’s wishing you and your daughter continued good health and happiness ❤

  3. With all those kdramas depicting stress-induced nosebleeds, I can see how they were easily brushed off, especially when you’re young and feeling sort of invincible. Important to have someone who can be like “hey, that can be a big deal. Go check it out.”. Grateful to LBH for being that person.

  4. Lee Byung Hyun did a good deed in this case. Sadly news just broke that veteran HK actor Kenneth Tsang Kong died while in quarantine in HK. He was 87. RIP Kenneth. I have watched him in many TVB dramas, HK films and international movies. He will be sadly missed.

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