Food and a Murder Mystery Form the Basis of the Striking Official Posters for Upcoming tvN Drama Link: Eat, Love, Die with Yeo Jin Gu and Moon Ga Young

I’m ambivalent towards when K-romances throw in a death, murder, mystery angle, not that it can’t work or that I’ve never liked one before, it’s just not my favorite two things to combine together. From The Girl Who Sees Smells to Suspicious Partner to When the Camellia Blooms, now we’re getting tvN early summer drama Link: Eat, Love, Die and I hope the die part gets the least amount of screentime. The drama stars Yeo Jin Gu and Moon Ga Young where he’s a chef who has a missing twin sister from decades ago and she’s a down on her luck woman and one day he connects with her and starts to feel her emotions. The two posters are throwing in elements of the death aspect with the one above coloring the pasta strands a vibrant blood read and the one below showing a hand peeking out of an ajar commercial refrigerator behind the two leads and the bloody knife near his hand. The production also seems to really love the slightly muted beige/ochre color that’s used as the backdrop which is not often seen but probably good reason because my eyes really don’t like staring at the color despite the creative posing of the poster arrangement.

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