Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Jung Hae In, Jisoo and Many More K-stars Attend the Dior Event in Seoul for a Fashion Parade Day

Usually fashion events in K-ent have a handful of stars attending, if I see six or more then it’s a solid event but this weekend’s Christian Dior soiree in Seoul had easily a dozen probably more big name and popular stars in attendance for a full fete. There were actual drama reunions such as Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk, so nice to see them in the same post even if they didn’t pose together, as well as Jung Hae In and Jisoo who actually did have chemistry in their drama but was bushwacked with a set up/plot that could never work. Other attendees include Ahn Hyo Seob, Kim Yuna, Sehun, Cho Yi Hyun, Hwang in Yeop, Kim Min Ha, Go Min Si, Lee Joo Bin, and Kim Seo Hyung. The fashion was 90% couture hideous and 10% pretty on the eyes while the attendees mostly went for close lipped muted smiles.


Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Jung Hae In, Jisoo and Many More K-stars Attend the Dior Event in Seoul for a Fashion Parade Day — 24 Comments

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  2. jisoo looks like a punk rock princess. i love it! suzy can never go wrong with that face. she’s lovely as always. however, kim yuna’s ensemble is my favorite. such a stunning mix of old school and modern.

    i’m scratching my head over the boys though. their outfits range from weird to straight up hideous. only njh looks decent, but that’s bc he has a more classic get up that you can’t go wrong with.

  3. Man Ahn Hyo Seob outfit looks the most hideous for me… what’s with that outfit? his pants make it worse. they really found a way to make a handsome man looks like a lost kids in fashion show attendance.

  4. nam joohyuk and jisoo’s outfit looks good to me. almost include suzy as well not until i saw the bottom part. but he looks so gorgeous

  5. It’s a feat to make everyone in attendance look like a hot mess. I thought the point of fashion shows was to make outfits look appealing and sell them, not make them look clownish and turn people off.

    The stylist needs to be fired. The pieces on their own are good, but the styling makes everything look hideous, and none of the clothes fit properly. I’ve seen Kim Min-ha’s ivory jacket in-person and it’s a spectacular piece, but she’s wearing it one size too small, and coupled with that ugly tulle skirt and unkempt hair, you can’t even see how good the jacket is.

  6. As expected of Kim Yuna – SUPER CLASSY! Suzy always the pretty face saves it all. Jisoo looks like a princess. The men didnt even give an impact to me. Sorry.

  7. SORRY but Jisoo looks like a member of the family Adams with that outfit, all black during spring what an odd choice…
    And lets not talk about the boys only Nam Jo Hyuk looks dreamy!

  8. In the very first picture, I mean the collage under the title, who is the gorgeousness in red with bangs? She looks familiar but I can’t place the face.

    • Noze. I personally thought she made the biggest statement. Shes so gorgeous. Suzy too. For the guys I actually like AHS outfit as its most runway style and I like how the colors blended together but he looks really puffy and sombre. So does all the other actors. They all look like they have been doused with lemon juice and forced to attend event.

    • Dancer/choreographer Noze (pronounced as Noh-je, full name Noh Jihye) from Street Woman Fighter. She’s gorgeous. She was behind the Hey Mama dance craze that you may have seen k-pop idols/celebs dancing to. She initially went viral during the promotions for Exo Kai’s Mmmh.

  9. I liked Suzy, JiSoo, Go Min-Si and Jung Hae-In. I liked the skirt of Kim Yu-Na but not the mix.

    Nam Joo-Hyuk looked so tired and his outfit is kinda boring.

    Being in a show on american steaming platform helps a lot to get this kind of invitation.

  10. Sorry, they all look as if they were obligated to attend the show . I know that the outfits are Meh but they should at least show more enthusiasm !

  11. Why do Korean stars appear on domestic events like this like they don’t want to be there lol they’re so boring

  12. Jisoo and suzy and that guy from twenty something whatever are the ones that actually tried.. Others look unpleasant..Korean celebrities are too boring and stiff

  13. Hmmmm -Terrible dress sense to say the least.
    Follow the dramas where they dress extremely well but in this real life
    scene on the stage its deplorable seriously regardless of whether they were required to wear those outfits !!
    Just the truth as I see it but of course not everyone will agree..
    Bae Suzy looks beautiful regardless..

  14. I hope that all this negative accusations regarding Nam Joohyuk stops. It seems as though accusers are trying to make money or fame. Too many are saying Not cruel insignificant people try to hurt someone who probably doesn’t even know them & is not guilty. Even this reporter who is bringing all this up has not done proper research to prove or disapprove with hard facts & proof.

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