K-netizens Marvel at Screenwriter Park Hae Young’s Diversity of Genres and Writing 5 Critically Acclaimed Dramas in a Row Starting From Old Miss Diary on Through My Liberation Notes

Famed K-drama screenwriter Kim Eun Sook may be the most consistently successful ratings hit and buzz queen, but a few other screenwriters have notched their own success. K-netizens this week are discussing screenwriter Park Hae Young thanks to her current critically acclaimed by jTBC drama My Liberation Notes (Liberation Diary). She’s not a prolific screenwriter and has done only 5 dramas since 2004 but each one has been lauded, is a ratings hit, and/or won awards. Starting with Old Miss Diary to weekday drama I Live in Cheondamdong then Another Oh Hae Young to My Ahjusshi (My Mister) and now My Liberation Notes, she has not had a simple miss in quality. Even more impressive is how broad range, each of these is a different genre, mood, tone, and style. Of her dramas that I have watched, I Live in Cheongdamdong and Another Oh Hae Young, both are in the list of all time faves.


K-netizens Marvel at Screenwriter Park Hae Young’s Diversity of Genres and Writing 5 Critically Acclaimed Dramas in a Row Starting From Old Miss Diary on Through My Liberation Notes — 20 Comments

  1. I like the realistic tone of her drama but I hate hate hate Another Oh Hae Young. My all time fave is definitely My Ajusshi.

  2. I love My Mister because it highlights good people who try to be good and choose to be good. That kind of people still exists. And the kindness could change someone else’s world unknowingly, like how jian said in the end. I get depressed while watching it but somehow I also feel warmth inside me.

    Now I’m also watching MLN and so far I find it peaceful. I mean it’s so relatable about day to day life that could get depressing but it gives me this serene feeling. I love the dialogue too. She’s definitely one capable writer.

    • But I rather don’t agree that all her drama has different tone because the first time I saw MLN’s posters it already gives me My mister’s vibes.

      • Agree the posters were giving a proper gloomy my mister vibes. But it couldn’t be more different, only similarity is that there’s 3 sibling and 1 mysterious stranger. Other than that I’m finding my liberation notes to be melancholic and much lighter, the comedy brilliantly delivered by Lee el and lee min ki helps.

      • @kaley the music in MLN has this “hope” in them. Idk how to explain it but it sounds optimistic meanwhile my mister is too depressing 😭

  3. The writing in MLN is remarkable. Everything about the show is good, but the writing is the show’s linchpin. Some of the dialogue is so resonant that I wonder if Park Hae Young has personally experienced depression and existential crises to be able to write such lines.

  4. I loved Another Oh Hae-Young. The FL was so lively, honest and in the same time tender. Seo Hyun-Jin was great in this role and her chemistry with Eric was perfect. Both of them did so well.

    The writer really found good actors to play her characters.

    My Liberation Notes is really great thanks to the writting and the actors. I’m very happy that Son Suk-Ku is finally shining because he’s such a good actor.

    • Not only he is a great actor but he is also so damned sexy in this drama . If i was in a fairy tale i’d choose him over all the Hyun bin, Gong Yoo, and all the new generation of younger actors of South Korea. I’m happy that the drama is getting finally recognition . This writer knows how to make shine each actor thanks to the lines .

      • Oh, for me, I was already sexy in Sense8, Designated Survivor: 60 Days and Be Melodramatic!

      • He was, he is, he will… long time since an actor didn’t make me feel like that . YOU make me ” Sway” you are “The air that i breathe” now “i”m a believer” and i’m ready for “wicked games” in “nights in white satin” so ” Call me”…

  5. And yet MLN’s ratings are in the 2%, 3%, 4% range. If they know how great her work is, why aren’t more of them watching to increase the viewership ratings? Sigh. 🙄

    • But it’s getting so much buzz though. Her drama this time it’s not that crazy addictive like my ajushi and another oh hae young. Bit still, her story is still quality. and friday-saturday filled with so many drama despite many of them airing in different timeline.

      don’t look at the rating for searching a good drama.

      • I’m not “looking at the rating for searching a good drama.” I’m just a bit bummed that the ratings don’t reflect its high quality. And whether we like it or not, ratings do matter.

        Lost was a similar kind of slow paced introspective quality drama with low ratings. It unfairly ended up on that Joynews year-end worst drama list and no noms at Baeksang despite superb performances by the JDY and RJY and an overall great production. I dare say in its particular case that its low ratings had something to do with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        But since MLN has so much buzz, then its unlikely it will suffer the same fate.

      • @mylibernationnotes

        But the joy news thing put be melodramatic in their best show of 2019 list. The lost inclusion tbh is really baffling. But I still don’t think ratings are big deal, be record of youth and now forecasting love and weather had good ratings but I’m sure most can agree both were mediocre and shows noone will remember unlike gems like just between lovers and be melodramatic.

      • The fact that they put lost as their worst drama shows their lack of taste, even if its not their cup of tea which is fine putting it as the worst lol…

    • Airing slow paced drama’s at night is just not ideal, thats on jbtc. Its seems that many are watching on Netflix though.

  6. This drama, MLN, makes me excited to watch netflix during weekends. Actually, i liked it more than Our blues, which I found depressing

    I just hope that this drama (MLN) will have a good ending.

  7. I honestly hate Oh Hae Young. But i was so surprised with Ajjussi. But but but… im more impressed with MLN. From the story to the acting to the chemistry to the cinematography, every single thing of this drama is soooo detailed and beautifully described.

    Literally the best drama of 2022. Not rven a half year but… it’ll be hard to beat this one.

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