Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young Make Cameo as Their Characters in Find Me in Your Memory for tvN Drama Shooting Star as Favor to PD

This may end up being the highlight of this drama, lol, what with the complete disappointment so far in not getting either ratings or buzz. tvN Fri-Sat entertainment industry drama Shooting Star (or Sh**ting Stars) started with ratings of 1.632% and has stayed in that range with a slow slide even with the most recent episode 7 dropping to a new low of 1.280%. Starring Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Dae, and Lee Jung Shin, this drama may not have an A-lister cast but it wasn’t supposed to get such a super low lever interest or traction from K-viewers. For those watching, please share thoughts for why this drama isn’t working, or perhaps that it is so is simple an overlooked gem. This Saturday’s episode will have a special treat with Moon Ga Young and Kim Dong Wook making a cameo as their exact characters from Find Me in Your Memory as the two dramas have the same PD. This may help those who watched Kim Dong Wook’s most recent evil creepy turn in The King of Pigs (I noped out of that one) and also a preview for Moon Ga Young who will be returning next month in June for the tvN drama Link: Eat, Kill, Love.


Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young Make Cameo as Their Characters in Find Me in Your Memory for tvN Drama Shooting Star as Favor to PD — 22 Comments

  1. The first couple episodes were pretty rough, but I actually really like this drama now. I don’t care about the romance at all, maybe people are tired of the guy acts like a tool trope, but as a workplace drama, this drama is pretty fun. I think it was always doomed, ratings wise, given the lack of big names and being set in the entertainment industry.

  2. Sadly, it was really the “Africa” reference and they still kept bringing it up in almost every episode. Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to say look beyond it because it’s really unacceptable to some people. But I did and overall it’s fun to watch for me. I look forward to every episode.

    • The Africa part contributed to the loss of a lot of viewers internationally, they need to research more about Africa as a continent not a country, it’s offensive and given how the Korean industry is popular now a little research before touching that sensitive topic wouldn’t hurt would it?

      And apart from that the story is a little bit weak too and the leads aren’t doing it enough for me (neither acting wise nor chemistry wise) for me to keep watching. Sad for LSK tho cause I like her, bot that I think she’s super talented or anything but I have a soft spot for her.

      • I didn’t really decide to watch because of the leads. It just happened to be the only weekend drama that suits my mood atm. I think that the writer’s aim is mainly to show the various facets in SK entertainment industry. I think it’s not really intended to have a plot that starts with point A and should end with point B. So I’m just really going along with it at face value and especially enjoying all the cameos.

  3. If it was a workplace comedy it might have been better. The male lead as well as his character is just not doing it for me.

  4. The male lead can’t act.the story is meh,the drama works best when the male lead not on screen and Africa is a continent not a country.

  5. Definitely the highlight…

    KYD has been exposed bare and dry here, totally feel bad for him. Didnt help that his character is such a cliche ML, but he is just totally can’t act to save himself. The writing and characterization overall is pretty weak, but then you have every other character give more depth and shine than him. That’s just wrong…

    And then Kim Dongwook came on screen, he sucked all kinds of attention and presence. The cameo is akin to KDW stomping all over KYD like he was a bug in acting. It also didnt help that in that particular scene KYD was on the floor like a poor wet defeated puppy… it is such a perfecr representation of what this drama and him has been…

  6. The Africa backstory was a huge mistake and it should have been walked back and never mentioned again by now. Total blot on the copybook, a major problem that brought the show down.

    It’s also very ambitious when it comes to a big cast and having material for all of them—I can see why that’s off-putting but I actually like that. Same with it being set in the entertainment industry.

    This is still my most anticipated show. LSK is playing a great competent professional heroine, and KYD is actually a revelation to me—I never liked or found him attractive before, and now his epically strange, maximum of micro expressions, actor who’s always acting out, character has me smitten. Same with several of the supporting characters – I’ll be following their careers from now on, and what the writer does next. I like to see big romantic feelings mixed with ambitious storyline weaving mixed with goofy humorous—it’s not easy to do and I’m sorry that early mistakes plus who can say what else meant it hasn’t paid off.

    I dropped Find Me in Your Memory ep 1 as I didn’t see the leads’ chemistry but after this cameo I liked them and might look at it again – I do like both actors individually. So this cameo worked in reverse for me!

    I do see a decent amount of online chatter about it and I think there would be much more without the Africa subplot. I hope it opens more doors than it closes for its actors.

  7. I like it a lot (moronic, ill-informed references to Africa aside). It’s a lot of fun, and it’s got a great ensemble of supporting characters who also shed light on a variety of behind-the-scenes happenings in the k-ent business. I think everyone is well-cast and the writing and directing is zippy. The only thing I can see contributing to low ratings is that there isn’t an addictive quality to the writing, so it’s almost sitcom-ish. The main romance has been sitting second fiddle to the workplace comedy. I like the main couple, but I love the workplace stuff even more. With romance in the backseat of a rom-com, I can see how some people may not feel a drive to watch it, especially when the other weekend dramas have a little bit more suspense.

    I feel like this should have been a monday-tuesday or wed-thurs drama for when people need something to end a day of work and wishing friday would come soon.

  8. I love Find Me In Your Memory, and this cameo might just tempt me back.
    Watched a couple of episodes, I thought it was cute and breezy, I checked it out for LSK as I always liked her, and KYD is keeping up nicely. It wasn’t a solid drop for me, maybe I will continue when I have attended to my growing list of C dramas.

  9. I personally think the actors and actresses are doing a fantastic job given the poor material they are working with. It is not well written to say the least but each one of them works really hard to develop their character. I think the male lead is portraying his character beautifully.

  10. The Africa thing didn’t bother Koreans, so it had nothing to do with the ratings.

    There are a lot of dramas on the week-end.

    For the story, the main romance is not strong enough. They act like kids together, it’s funny but not romantic. It’s the secondary characters and the world behind that are interesting.

  11. For me the drama is good and still anticipating for new episodes. Sung Kyung is her usual cute self, beautiful and funny

  12. Personally, I didn’t watch the drama because of the cast, but the first episode was hilarious for me and that made me look forward to it every week. I don’t know the reason behind the low rating but I think they deserve to have more.

  13. I love the show, and I think its funny, but for the chemistry maybe because they’re still in the starting phase of the drama? I found it funny, and some scenes are relatable specially being a fan, but the show definitely didn’t give them the right plot for chemistry. Like a correct scene to emphasize the romance? It was not directly pointed since there’s a lot of things happening at the same time.

  14. I am really enjoying this drama and look forward to each episode. I think it is a looked over gem and people should give it a chance. I really like the leads as well. It’s a feel good, funny romantic comedy.

  15. People is a DRAMA!!. Supposedly it has to have something real and something fictional, I don’t understand why people get so critical. In USA a singer is just a singer, an actor developed the acting career. In South Korea, usually a singer dance and act, and yet the public always looking for the down side, and they don’t realize all the sacrifice those actors has to make in order to get recognition. They had to renounce to be themselves to satisfy their agents and the public.

  16. I really love the drama. The serie might not be top notch but it’s definitely something worth watching. That’s why I don’t read reviews before I start watching a movie. Lol
    I would’ve missed alot.

  17. Well the drama worked for me..The ML did a good job according to his previous work and the FL was good too.
    The side character maintained the plot well too with their intresting ways.
    The 2nd ML has its own charm but I was expecting more lines from him.
    They ignored the 2nd ML too much I guess.
    But the drama is still going well and deserve more viewership.
    Surely a rom com to make u laugh 😄

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