tvN Drama Eve with Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun Premieres to 3.644% Ratings and a Very Spicy 19+ Audience Discretion Tag

So if this is Seo Ye Ji and Gold Medalist‘s plan for her comeback path it’s definitely…..unique to say the least. I’ve never seen an actor or actress in K-ent actually lean into the reason behind a prior scandal for a comeback role. The new tvN drama Eve portrayed her character as a femme fatale out to seduce rich male lead Park Byung Eun but for a revenge reason to ruin his life the way he must have played a main role in ruining her family years ago. The plot ingredients is straight from twenty years ago K-drama melodrama plot bibimbap cookbook and the directing is also as heavy on the strong flavor. Intense scenes and music with a lot of strong expressions all around, Park Byung Eun looks like he’s going to bust a nut lusting after Seo Ye Ji from his eyes alone and Yoo Sun must’ve signed a contract that requires 24/7 bitchface acting. This drama isn’t for me, summer I definitely prefer lighter fare and this one also starts off with a 19+ rating in the first episode due to a very explicit sex scene. The ratings for the first episode are 3.644% which is almost exactly what predecessor drama The Killer’s Shopping List got for its premiere.


tvN Drama Eve with Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun Premieres to 3.644% Ratings and a Very Spicy 19+ Audience Discretion Tag — 13 Comments

  1. Kill Heel got 4.375% for its premiere though so not almost.

    Anyway, I’ll check out the first episode and see if I like it.

  2. Let’s see how the ratings play out, although for interaction I’m pretty sure koala will keep writing about eve.
    In other news her endorsements are coming back. Rieiti has officially brought her back
    So much for the unprofessional rumors.

  3. She looks like she got herself a new nose. Its ugly. Pinnochio-ish tbh. In korea nose jobs are meant to “change luck” well- she will definitely need alot of it.

  4. Seo Ye Ji is seen as a femme fatale who manipulated his boyfriend to the point to ruin a drama ( Times)so returning with a project that reflects what a part of netizens thinks of her, is a bold and smart move . Returning with a ” candy role” would have been seen as hypocrite . A lot of great K actresses would love to play an ambiguous character but can’t because of her image . I watched the 1st episode but it’s not my cup of tea . Theses days i prefer thriller, polar, comedy, feel good ones .

  5. I watched the episode. I see it more as a revenge drama. I would like to see Lee Sang Yeob getting more screen time here than playing a supporting role.

  6. SYJ and her agency’s strategy is not a bad move. Most Korean celebs live in mortal fear of public backlash, and she just went “lol, whatever” and did the bare minimum with apologizing.

    It might pay off for her. Her career becomes immune to public criticism since she just leans into the criticism. You can’t shame someone who is shame-less. It also helps she has enough connections to keep getting gigs.

  7. She’s like a cat that has more than nine lives. Decent for tvn ratings. Some dramas in public channels dipped into 1% territory.

  8. The acting was bad all round. Seo Ye Ji was trying too hard with that seductress role and Park Byung Eun literally looks constipated (supposedly lusty) the entire first episode. His expression made me laughing hard.

    Having said, I won’t be surprised if this drama turn out a rating hit given that Korean in general love makjang and this drama is purely makjang. Everything is over the top. It’s a no for me after first episode since I am never into makjang.

    • I think that it will have good ratings because Korean tend to like makjang and even more the ones that they criticize the most . KBS drama Young lady and gentleman begun with a controversy about the 1st encounter between a teen and a young man , and it was a hit . “Now it’s beautiful ” which is more a comedy isns’t doing well for a KBS Weekend drama .

  9. Explicit escene? Lol… You need to see more movies and series.
    Go ahead and keep on watching school dramas and kids shows. (: bye.

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