Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao’s Tang Dynasty Romance Drama A Dream of Splendor Gets Highest Douban Premiere Week Ratings for 2022 C-dramas and Sets New Streaming Records

Well I definitely know a hit when I see one and this one is starting off the summer 2022 season with a bang for C-dramas. A Dream of Splendor (Meng Hua Lu) with Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao premiered on June 2 and in a few short days has inked only positive news. The drama is wildly popular breaking streaming views off the bat and the ratings of 8.8 on Douban is the highest for any 2022 C-drama thus far in the premiere episodes. C-audience reviews are glowing apparently on as icing on the cake. The OTP is also stoking remembers of Return of the Condors Heroes where Crystal was Xiaolongnu in the 2008 version opposite Huang Xiaoming and Chen Xiao was Yang Guo in the 2014 version with his now real life wife Michelle Chen as Xiaolongnu. I didn’t like either version but I am SO DOWN WITH a Crystal Xiaolongnu and Chen Xiao Guo-er, sad it will only be a fanfic but hopefully their romance heats up the screen here with lots of shippy moments.


Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao’s Tang Dynasty Romance Drama A Dream of Splendor Gets Highest Douban Premiere Week Ratings for 2022 C-dramas and Sets New Streaming Records — 18 Comments

  1. I really enjoy watching it. Cant wait for the next episodes. Im not really fond of Crystal Liu’s acting but she’s better than some names. And Chen Xiao is really good. I havent finished anything with him so hopefully this one will be the 1st one.

    I wish they release all the episodes like Netflix lol. Cuz im super curious.

    And both of them are good looking people. Love this show.

    • This is not disappointing so far! Love the characters especially Pan’er. Heard that Yang Mi was rumored to play lead but as much as I admire her, the female lead Crystal, is the right choice. The make lead is great too. He has such a “righteous face” that you want to follow his story. Much success to all!

  2. I binged all 14 episodes and it is seriously so good! The directing, cinematography, and acting are all good, yes, even Liu Yifei is good lol I say this as someone that never liked her acting in the past. She’s really good in this and her chemistry with Chen Xiao is *chefs kiss* I always thought they were pretty individually but the sexual tension?? omg I’ve never really felt this kind of chemistry from LYF with any of her past costars. There’s still 26 episodes to go so I hope the quality remains consistent. I’m kind of wary of the writer because she’s written some pretty awful dramas in the past.

  3. The show is quite good. I’m glad there is finally a good historical c-drama to watch because there’s been a serious drought of them.

    The set design is stunning to look at. I would tune in for the set design alone.

    Chen Xiao and Liu Yi Fei make for a beautiful pairing. Chen Xiao’s acting is (always) solid, but LYF’s acting is still shaky. Her enunciation needs work – she sounds like she’s mumbling her lines and I need to read the subs to understand what she’s saying.

    • ia so much re: set design. there’s something less fake? about the set design. it doesn’t look completely polished like most idol cdramas these days. the set looks like it’s weathered which makes the setting feel more legit.

      the locations they used are gorgeous too. the first couple episodes outside the capital makes me want to visit china lol

      • @jane – The set design isn’t gaudy. So many of the idol c-dramas use an oversaturated color palette that looks fake and cheap. The warm-tone also lends the show a dreamy quality.

        The set design is similar to Ming Lan and Serenade to Peaceful Joy. All three shows are set in the Song Dynasty, so maybe that time period is influencing the aesthetics.

        I wonder if they filmed the earlier episodes in the South, because the scenery is very Suzhou and Hangzhou.

    • @ Ophelia

      Yes. I’m glad you talked about LYF’s mumbling. I thought about the same thing also. Thanks!

      • Just an honest question: is it really her voice? I’m not that familiar with cdramas, however, I read they’re mostly dubbed by trained voice actors

  4. I like both individually, Crystal Liu as a beautiful actress and Chen Xiao as a good actor. I also like Joe Xu the second lead and looking forward to see a better version of character than the original play. So I watched it even though I was a bit apprehensive about watching a sisterhood drama based on an opera. A Dream of Splendour turns out to be better than I expected as this drama also features Chen Xiao in a more complex setting and genre; investigation, intrigue, palace, Wuxia etc… that makes it more exciting.

  5. This drama is just so beautiful. The casts and the aesthetic are a feast to the eyes. I hope more c-dramas can use such rich and natural colours in their cinematography because most of these days c-dramas have such a dull or fake colour tone that it was so refreshing to watch such beautiful colours in this drama. And Liu yifei’s visual is just Goddess level. There are parts where I just go back and repeat the scenes just to look at her again. And I love her soft and gentle voice. I wish she would do more dramas than movies as I want to see her more and hopefully with another good production and costar. I have noticed Chen Xiao in almost all powerful female lead roles like legend of lu zhen, nothing gold can stay and this and I’m glad he take those roles. His charm is that even though these are female centric , his acting enhances the drama and he still stands out on his own and just blows us away with his sizzling chemistry with his costars.

  6. Hehe, I know Madam Koala will bring up the Xiaolongnu role for this paring 😁🤣😚😝. I feel the same way. It was ancient history but Michelle Chen was not mean for that role, period.

    • After all Michelle Chen got a good, handsome & talented husband – it’s a win-win situation for both of them.

  7. @ep14 already. Im glad Crystal Lou has back with Chen Xiao ofc. I love the drama, totally feel their strong chemistry and the plot is so witty. I love the side characters, everything in it is worth watching.

  8. After moving on from WRTW,I am glad that I can find another good historical drama…I like both the leads especially Chen Xiao whom I have bias toward him since Legend of Lu Zhen…Happy to watch him again in big drama. Both are veteran and beautifull I am happy to see good acting compare to some newbie acting that pop up in my screen.
    This drama surely one of the big budget drama with good props…wonderful costume and also support with many good supporting actors…Before the drama aired, I was afraid if the story or the directing will be messed up..But now I am relieved that it is beyond expectation..and they use their own voice…wooww…
    Eventhough the story is about the development of women, but I am pleased that male lead characters here is also very very important…They don’t make story that the women will rule above the men, but men and women can join hand together to achieve success

  9. After all Michelle Chen got a good, handsome & talented husband – it’s a win-win situation for both of them.

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