C-drama Love Like the Galaxy with Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Tries to Weather Costume Controversy Prior to July 5th Premiere

Hit period C-drama A Dream of Splendor ended last week and taking its place was supposed to be another highly anticipated period C-drama Love Like the Galaxy (Xin Han Can Lan). Starring Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si, the drama has instead had to deal with more articles being written about the costume (and to a lesser extent hairstyle) controversy. The C-netizens are upset that the costumes have a Japanese kimono/yukata influence and some of the hairstyles also resemble traditional Japanese high class lady hairstyles in the early Japanese period. The biggest thing are the female costume robe knots on the waist which is not seen in Chinese period costumes and also the female lead is seem wearing a costume that tapers cuts off at the knee with a different color under robe and that’s also seen as taken from Japanese style period costumes. The production has taken to completely editing the promos on the website and streaming links to crop areas of the controversial costumes but we’ll see if it remains an issue now that it’s airing and viewers can weigh in.


C-drama Love Like the Galaxy with Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si Tries to Weather Costume Controversy Prior to July 5th Premiere — 16 Comments

  1. C-netz are rightfully upset because this drama is set in the Han dynasty, so the costumes should match the time period. It is not like those xianxia or wuxia dramas where the story is set in a fictional world.

    Looking from a positive point of view, at least C-netz recognise what belongs to them and what doesn’t, and condemn the stealing of other countries’ cultural elements.

    • nah, they they’re not the angels you think they are when it comes to claiming culture.

      They had the audacity to claim something from the Korean such as kimchi & hanbok previously

      • I believe that kimchi issue first started due to translation and communication barriers, the literal translation of kimchi to Chinese is “Korean Fermented Vegetables”. But of course, there is a small portion of overzealous nationalists who deliberately say otherwise just to annoy Koreans, plus some water armies trying to stir up unrest.

        The hanbok issue is more complex. Firstly, they have Chao Xian Zu people as one of their ethnic minorities and China currently promotes itself as recognising all local ethnicities as Chinese citizens, so they recognise hanbok as the ethnic costume of Chao Xian Zu. Secondly, the starting time of the Ming dynasty and Joseon are just about 24 years apart from each other, with Joseon being the latter (according to wikipedia). Their clothings for this time period do share some similarities, especially for the men’s side, but there are still very clear differences between Ming’s hanfu and Joseon’s hanbok. I don’t want to bring up Goryeo because that time period is shrouded with ambiguity and that will lead to a very big can of worms.

  2. Pls – cant dramas have some creative freedom ??! Leave politics out of it – it’s tiresome at times the way C dramas (and artistes) are scrutinized…..

  3. I was kind of anticipating this because the director and writer have a good track record but so far it’s been kind of boring. The cinematography is also kind of meh so far.. maybe A Dream of Splendor and its warm hues spoiled me but this drama looks so grey/dull in comparison. Wu Lei is also way too skinny right now. Some scenes he looks like Voldemort.

  4. I feel like Zhao Lu Si is classic case of over exposure. She’s a hard worker for sure but her dramas have been airing all year. It’s like every other big budget dramas have her in it. Sometimes the audience get bore seeing the same people so much in one year.

    Either she loves to act so much that she doesn’t want a break or the money too good. Or she’s trying to take reign as A list star. She’s already quite famous. I think she needs to space it out.

    • Being a non-Chinese, I am surprised that my initial take on this drama was very similar to what I’m reading here. Yes, to the female lead being a bit overexposed. Was interesting to read she was not drama trained. Either the roles she takes on need to portray extremely confident, domineering females, or that is just her underlining personality.
      In a way, I feel aloha for Wu Lei. Apparently this should be his big break, opportunity to get this size drama into his resume. I had no problem with his statue, his appearance. I was impressed at his seeming confidence, skill in horsemanship. So seldom do people actually ride horses in Cdramas, just appear to be riding.
      I did not get passed the family shenanigans in the first drama. Totally turned me off.
      Maybe as the drama progresses, the ratings will increase. Hope so!!

  5. It’s fiction, let the costume designers have some creativity. If you want historical accuracy watch a documentary. People who can’t distinguish between fiction and non-fiction, are the reason we have to have labels warning us hot coffee is hot.

  6. This drama sucks so far. Lol. So slow, and then they voiced Zhao Lusi horribly. They need to keep the same voice from Who Rules the World for allll her dramas. Was that her voice? The voice in this drama is critically wounding the actual acting performance. Smh. I hope it’s not her own voice! Lol

    • That’s her own voice… Wu Lei’s voice also sucks anyway, so that’s a pretty good match right there. I’m dropping this one.

      • OMGAH. Lol. Smh for real. She can’t voice act then 🤣 seems voice acting is a whole ‘nother talent. Sometimes I get so bugged out about dubs, because I really think VOICES are what help to make an actor great. Sad…


  7. The drama is meant to be slow paced because it is written by the same author who wrote story of Minglan! I think it’s too early to judge how the drama is like until more episodes air. Till then I think people should just put this drama on hold rather than drop it.

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