Episode 7 of Alchemy of Souls Creates More Mysteries While Probing the Heart of the Leads

I’ll report on the ratings for Alchemy of Souls if there is any meaningful change but it’s been staying around 5.3% and 6.5% on Sundays for two weeks now and it’s more interesting to keep tabs on the actual plot development. This world that the Hong Sisters created, cobbled together from a bajillion prior novel, drama, movie, play bits and pieces we’ve seen before but never bibimbap-ed this way, feels like a beautifully layered animation cell. Each piece rendered lovingly and when layered together and then moved it creates the live image and I believe there is so many more layers than I could have imagined. Episode 7 took a foray into a cave of wonders, the Jin family collection lair of magical items, and somehow brought each male lead closer to their own feelings AND moved the story forward meaningfully. I wonder if Mu Duk (the body and the original soul) could be the vessel for the elemental ice thingie that creates the power for soul swapping, hence she can handle Naksu’s soul. I love how Wook and Mu Duk always first use brains to solve problems, him because he has little power and her because she lost her, and the implicit trust in each other is just the bees knees. Sorry Yul and CP, love you guys too but sorry not sorry imma riding this OTP train to the end.


Episode 7 of Alchemy of Souls Creates More Mysteries While Probing the Heart of the Leads — 6 Comments

  1. Plot points that I’m feeling sure of as of this moment is; Maybe the original master is related to the Jin family and hid the ice ball/soul ejector in the body of the OG Mudeok, Maybe the OG Mudeok was never blind but the blindfold was to contain the energy(?) of the soul ejector thingy, OG Mudeok is definitely the oldest daughter of the Jin family. One thing I’m not sure about is could the soul of original Naksu actually belong to the body of original Mudeok? Maybe their souls were exchanged and now have returned to the original body? Because how powerful could the original soul of Naksu really be to not have run wild till now? This is the best and most interesting world building I’ve seen the Hong sisters write till date. They’ve found their nice and hopefully never go back to writing modern romcoms cough*warmandcozy*cough

  2. the reason why Naksu’s soul can survive for so long in Mudeok’s body is because they have equal strength which may not be apparent right now. I would like to think that Buyeon is so powerful that ‘they’ have to turn her into blind Mudeok.

  3. So Mu-Deok is not the daugther but the iced stone? Or both?

    I don’t know, the last episode was a little bit long…

  4. LOL i’m watching this for maidservant Park and leader of Songrim. They are such a funny couple. Their lines are so cheesy but it works because they have good chemistry!

  5. This show is actually great and a genre the koreans have never tackled before which I think they did great.. Which is wuxia.. It is also one of my favourites genre. As European myself I always loved the charm of wuxia.. The dresscode and the way people behave and carry themselves is charming which is honorable. Making them believable as ancient people

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