Extraordinary Attorney Woo Production Approached by Multiple Offers for US Remake and Leading Lady Park Eun Bin’s CF Price Doubles Since Premiere

The success of ENA drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo isn’t just a domestic South Korea event, on July 14th Flixpatrol has it number 6 on the worldwide top 10 streaming TV shows on Netflix so it’s getting worldwide views as well. K-news is reporting that the production has received offers from multiple platforms to remake the drama for the US market and is in discussions. For the leads everyone is getting the shine but none more than leading lady Park Eun Bin. The CF industry insiders are saying that her CF rate has doubled in the short two weeks since this drama premiered and is only going to get higher. And of course, there is already chatter about her bagging statues come awards seasons so it’s just awesome to watch this little drama from nowhere take over.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo Production Approached by Multiple Offers for US Remake and Leading Lady Park Eun Bin’s CF Price Doubles Since Premiere — 5 Comments

  1. No wonder because she’s doing an amazing job and is the main reason for the drama success. Her Young Woo is so adorable that after 5min of watching the drama youΒ΄ll already want to protect her and will be super invested in anything that happens to her.
    Glad for her and hope she indeed collects lots of awards for this drama. πŸ™‚

  2. Good for her, truly, she’s very deserving!
    I just wish the comment section will just focus on congratulating her and stop with the dragging other actresses. Been seeing that trend with every PEB post. Just be happy with her and be done with it. Believe it or not, multiple women can be at the top, there are room for multiple actresses to be on top. Stop with the “there can only be one” mentality.
    Just saying, before this post gets filled with comments downplaying other actresses, who also have their own achievements.

    Anyway, congrats PEB! She’s such a talented actress and this kind of success is long overdue. Been following her since Queen Seondeok lol

    • Yeah, I agree the “there can only be one” mentality is really annoying. Like in any profession, you can have lots of excellent people and have them be excellent at the same time. And there are enough roles and opportunities to accommodate them. Also, actresses need breaks too. It’s probably healthiest to do one-two roles a year, so what happens to the dozens of other dramas that air?

      I’m so glad that the writer and PD stuck to having PEB as the lead even if they had to wait. Having a well-known PD likely helped. There is a lot of passion and deliberateness to the entire drama that makes it a special watch.

  3. It’s a lovely drama. I’m happy for its success. I’m not sure PEB’s performance is award worthy but she’s certainly charming as Woo Young-woo and will no doubt be nominated.

  4. her acting super duper Natural i enjoy every episode πŸ‘πŸ˜More episode πŸ™γ€€γ€€all the cast in this drama are all great Good job all πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’•

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