Immortal Samara with Yang Zi and Cheng Yi Abruptly Premieres and Early Netizen Reviews Complain About Cheesy FX, Too Many Side Characters, and Female Lead Visuals

Well, this is either an attempt to slide a less than well-made C-drama under the radar or Youku ran out of marketing dollars midway through the year. This Wednesday the high profile xianxia C-drama Immortal Samara with Yang Zi and Cheng Yi premiered kinda out of nowhere with the first five episodes released on streaming. This drama isn’t Yang Zi’s mega fandom’s favorite since she made it as the last drama with her former agency before she left and her male lead is rising actor Cheng Yi who belonged to that same agency so Yang Zi’s fandom felt that she was being used by their agency for her popularity to boost the rise of a comparatively less well known star. Plus this drama just looks and sounds like Yang Zi’s mega hit xianxia drama Ashes of Love with Deng Lun. With the sudden release, the first impressions are out and it’s on the negative side – complaints that Yang Zi looks strangely bloated and not as attractive in costume and hair design as second female lead Meng Zi Yi, that the cast is too sprawling with too many side characters, that the special effects is cheesy and looks bad. I know there is always an appetite for the gazillion xianxia dramas that C-ent produces every year so good or bad this will at least have viewers tuning in but hopefully the complaints are resolved later if the story is good and picks up.


Immortal Samara with Yang Zi and Cheng Yi Abruptly Premieres and Early Netizen Reviews Complain About Cheesy FX, Too Many Side Characters, and Female Lead Visuals — 34 Comments

  1. xianxia is really not my cup of tea I hope Yangzi gets to act in something like love like the galaxy. I just hate xianxia its cringey lol

    • This drama shouldn’t be considered as Xian Xia 仙侠, nowadays there’s a new term called Xian Ou 仙偶 aka idol romance using Xian Xia as a cover. Real Xian Xia is geared towards chivalry and saving the world etc basically have deeper meanings, there may be romance but it’s not the central theme.

    • Yeah Love like a Galaxy does have a better production quality…
      Meng Ziyi stole the scenes in Heroes but here, she is a bit wasted, playing a jeoloys sister
      Immortal Samsara looks like a cut and paste production from Ancient Love Poetry and Ashes of Love…..sigh ….

    • Yes these people just come here a spit out nonsense imagine the people who acted it went on diet exercised and acted it they are also not considered human imagine the budget and even if the production is not good but its okay and good for me bcus I have seen improvement in the fx

  2. Weird! I thought she looked the most beautiful in here in comparison to her other works. Plus, there’s a reason why Yang Zi’s character dresses differently from Meng Ziyi; Are we even watching the same drama?

      • LOL I don’t think @avarachika was talking badly about Yang Zi. Reread carefully.

      • Yes these people just come here a spit out nonsense imagine the people who acted it went on diet exercised and acted it they are also not considered human imagine the budget and even if the production is not good but its okay and good for me bcus I have seen improvement in the fx

  3. Omg, it will take time for me to reflect before I watch this. This is like the premise of Ashes of Love but my consolation is that Deng Lun is a feast in my eyes but Cheng Yi is just a meh to me. The story is gard to follow if there is really a little interest in watching this. I started yesterday but I couldn’t even finish the first eps, just a half of it I already gave up. Gonna motivate myself first.

  4. I love Yang Zi and I know for sure that this drama will eventually catch up. It’s only 5 episodes so far. Wait for the suprise!!!!🤗

  5. The story is what I have problem with, and most people who watched it so fat say the same. It’s closely similar to Ashes of Love so it’s basically a repeat of what she’s done already. She may not have a say about this drama but I hope YZ would choose her projects going forward. Fresh stories that bites would be good for her. Otherwise she’ll be stuck with no new offerings.

  6. I beg to differ I love this drama and Yang Zi and Chen Yi have so much chemistry. Chen yi is so hot here and even though is almos
    t like Ashes of Love who cares. I look forward to every episodes and I am pretty sure every international fans agree with me. Love Chen Yi.

  7. I’ve patiently waited for a long time to watch this but *sighh* it took me 20 min to drop the story. Pick it up again after 5 hours and still couldn’t manage to finish 1 ep. Idk what went wrong as the costume look marvelously done and ofcos the set and actor too but there’s something about the plot that seems off… And is quite boring. Also, yangzi’s character is too…bubbly for me idk but how is yandan personality so diff from her twin sister like she’s so careless and a bit childish in someway.

      • Oh yes. Psychologist was better I thought. I’m over her in this genre. I need serious romance in either republic or other dynasty genres for her. To me, this genre is not serious and it’s been redone too many times.

  8. Wow had I not seen this on Google I wouldn’t have known the drama premiered. I will try to catch a couple of episodes soon. I like both actors and I really hope it’s not a remake of ashes of love.

  9. the dubbing takes me out. for some reason Yang Zi is the only one using her original voice while everyone else is dubbed. anyways Xian Xia lacks orginality imo which is why I don’t care for this genre.

      • The worst part is he’s dubbed by Zhang Jie again.. who literally dubs almost every historical drama male lead lol I keep thinking I’m watching a Ren Jia Lun drama or something. I wish actors would start using their own voice.

      • I read that he dubs one of the incarnations of his character. If you watch the first trailer that premiered months ago, that is his real voice. I was disappointed to learn that he doesn’t completely dub himself.

        I personally also don’t like how Yang Zi dubs herself in the beginning. The voice is too cutesy and completely makes me dislike her characters. I think it’s supposed to sound innocent and naive, but just comes off as annoying and childish. It was the same in Ashes of Love. The beginning dubbing was hard to bear but her dubbing towards the end was much better.

  10. To tell the truth love the drama it’s the criginess that makes the drama the drama not everything goes as planned in life

  11. Don’t just criticism a drama and as if it was only yangzi that acted chengyi still acted director’s producer those heavy lifting things you guys just say things without consideration of others feelings

  12. as a fan, regardless of its outcome, disappointment and whatnot I will watch this. I WILL NOT PUT TO WASTE what she and Cheng Yi did for this production.. i love her and i love him also as a fan. i can only support her through subscribing and watching their shows and that’s what real fans should do. if you are disappointed raised it to her staff don’t boycot her shows..grrrrr

  13. Did any of you even watched the drama?? How is that one bit like Ashes of Love other then being a flower immortal?? Yan Dan is the polar opposite of JinMi. JinMi is more honest while Yan Dan likes to shed crocodile tears and a total drama queen

    • @euphoria, for me it aint the character but the vibes is very similar, it’s like watching 2nd season of AOL, at least DL is a festive in my eyes but the ML now isn’t but I’m gonna try to watch it for the love of YZ.😁😁😁

    • I felt like this too. Like people complain and I do think both dramas are so different.
      True the vibes are similar but for me this is true to almost every xianxia, the vibes are similar,having tons of reincarnation life’s whatsoever….
      Anyway I enjoy it just hope it won’t drag, since 78 is quite long.

  14. I’m gonna have to pass on this one. I actually find Yang Zi’s styling alright, just that I hate that she’s always a “weaker” heavenly being compared to the male lead character in her xianxia dramas. I would love her to have more girl-crush roles. On the other hand, I like Cheng Yi but I’m not a fan of his character this time. It’s one of those oh everybody secretly adores this cold distant guy and some of his admirers are vicious supporting females with zero personality. It’s a real pity because I want to like the side characters. They don’t have to be good but at least interesting. Also, I didn’t finish Blue Whisper but I remember liking some costumes and colour palettes. I really wish this drama played a little more around with colours.


    My last disappointment is related to the writing of the drama. Cheng Yi’s character is actually not who the female lead ends up with according to the novel. An important takeaway from the plot is that a first love can be beautiful and self-sacrificing but after seeking peace with each other, you don’t have to feel obligated because of old feelings however you can too accept the love of someone who has been loyal to you for many years and feel that love is genuine. Agarwood like Crumbs, your old relationship and feelings can crumble away but now what? Can I really be convinced that Cheng Yi’s character is who she should end up with or suffer immeasurably for? How many times are you going make me watch Cheng Yi get hurt to create a weird sense of guilt-tripped forgiveness?

    I can’t follow these characters or plot so I think I should step back.

  15. I’m not actually a fan of YZ and CY but I watched AOL and love and redemption twice😁, I really love the story both of that dramas that they starred that’s why I was excited to watch this drama that they were paired together. I will not criticize their acting nor the story because I respect their hard work, I saw some flaws but its okay, nobody’s perfect. I just want to share my thoughts, I think people have different preference when it comes to dramas, so if this drama is not your cup of tea then better not watch it. You don’t have to criticize the actors, the writers nor the story because they work hard for it. Just simple don’t watch it, lessen your stress. The actors, the writers and director wouldn’t mind at all even if you don’t watch rather than you just watched a few episode then you criticize them like your an expert movie critic🙄🤨

    • Super agree! Since i watched the whole 39 episodes of part 1. I’m sorry but I really loveeeeed it! It’s unique too. The chemistry of YZ and CY is overflowing. Ratings by the way could tell. So excited for the part 2!

  16. I love this show too!!! Actors and crew worked hard and I’m not wasting time complaining. Everyone have different preferences. I don’t care what the critics say because I enjoy this show and look forward to each new episode that comes out!

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