Xianxia Romance Drama Immortal Samsara Ends Run Leaving Even Ardent Fans Disappointment with the Conclusion

I watched two episodes of Immortal Samsara and bounced, considering I couldn’t even get through Ashes of Love which is objectively a pretty good xianxia and a much better made drama that this. Jin Mi annoyed the shit out of me in AoL and I didn’t have the patience to get to the point she mentally grew up but here at least leads Cheng Yi and Yang Zi are not playing annoyingly written characters from the outset. I just found IS so dramatically pale as a narrative, the story and characters didn’t hook me and the struggles felt like facsimiles of prior xianxia dramas but not in any interesting fresh way. It remains one of the three hit dramas of the summer of 2022 along with Love Like the Galaxy and Love Between Fairy and Devil so I guess it is true that whatever Yang Zi is in will sell even if no one really loves the story all that much. I only heard that IS finished this past week from the howls of fury, frustration, and anger from the fans of the drama who took to social media en masse to complain. I hear you peeps, that was me last weekend from Alchemy of Souls. *solidarity fist bump of anger*

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Xiao Zhan’s Character in The Oath of Love Tops the 2022 To Date Vlinkage Poll for Online Search Followed by Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy and Yang Zi for Immortal Samsara

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Immortal Samara with Yang Zi and Cheng Yi Abruptly Premieres and Early Netizen Reviews Complain About Cheesy FX, Too Many Side Characters, and Female Lead Visuals

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