Liu Shi Shi to Make Wuxia Period C-drama Return in 5 Years with A Journey to Love with Male Lead Liu Yu Ning

Okay, C-drama watching babes, like when did baby Liu Yu Ning become AN ACTOR? Like, I must’ve been under a rock because this is my Our Song fetus with the softest most delicate voice that totally captivated me way more than more well know star baby boy Xiao Zhan, classically trained brilliant Ayunga, and rocker Jiang Yi Qiao. But here he is, apparently been acting for the last two years lol and just got a huge casting – he’s going to be the male lead in upcoming period wuxia drama A Journey to Love which is headlining Liu Shi Shi as her first period drama comeback in 5 years. It’s big everyone, like this may be 2023’s tentpole type of big. Anyhoo, the official poster is above which makes it look like a mystery story with the scroll that reads “burn after reading”. If anyone has watch Liu Yu Ning act please chime in, is he as good of an actor as he is a singer because if he is this is going to be EPIC. Please be good together my lovelies!


Liu Shi Shi to Make Wuxia Period C-drama Return in 5 Years with A Journey to Love with Male Lead Liu Yu Ning — 14 Comments

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  2. I miss Shi Shi on my screen in traditional settings! I’ve seen him act in The Long Ballad but I didn’t pay much attention to that drama, but he does have his own presence. Boy can definitely sing though almost singing every ost now.

  3. Oh I loveee Liu Yuning and enjoy his live broadcast humor and wit, apart from his heavenly voice. I have only watched him in The Long Ballad and he was decent there with good charisma. But wow this is such a massive leap tho from a side supporting role to main lead in a big budget drama with A-list female actress in what, less than 2 years??

    • Liu Yu Ning was good in the Long Ballad acting alongside Zhao Lu Si. He also played second lead in the recent drama Heroes. Lots of fans are waiting for him to be a main lead. I think he will do well next to Liu Shi Shi but a lot of factors also depend on the production crew etc.

  4. I knew Mr Liu as an actor first, before his music career. And i love everything he sang. This man is soooo talented. His acting was pretty good in the long ballad.

    Will definitely give this one a try.

  5. Wohooo, Liu Shishi is returning, my Bu Bu Jing Xin heart is excited. I hope this will become a HIT Cdrama like BBJX. 😍😍😍

    Idol Liu Yuning, I think is a decent actor. I only watched him in the LB partnered with Zhao Lusi but I really appreciate the way he acted. He didn’t bore me. So getting this huge role is fitting for him. Congrats to LYN for this big role.

  6. I absolutely love Liu Yu Ning. He captivated me the first time I heard him on the 1st season of “Our Song” and have followed him pretty closely. When he was on the Long Ballad, I’m more interested in his cp with Zhao Lusi than the main leads. He was on the recently aired period drama with Joseph Zheng and Yang ChaoYue “Heroes” (说英雄谁是英雄) . His role in that drama even got him on Weibo hot list ranking #1!! There is still room for improvement for his acting, however considering that he has never receive any training for acting, I think his acting is much better that what you so called “traffic actor”. He will surprise you.

  7. OMG! I loooooved him in The Long Ballad. I didn’t even notice the male lead. Yeah, he’s THAT captivating. And then I discovered his music after and I’ve been praying for him to be in a ML role. So whaaaat?!!!

  8. Liu Yu Ning ❤️❤️❤️
    Love his voice, it gives ‘soul’ to whatever song he’s singing. And he’s perfect as Hao Du in the Long Ballad. Together with ZLS, I like their story better than the main couple. I think he’s ready to be ML.
    LYN and LSS, what a combo! Looking forward for this!

  9. Liu Yu Ning was actually pretty decent in Heroes. The drama wasn’t good but he was a highlight. I actually think he might do better in this drama than Liu Shi Shi, who imo is one of the most wooden actresses of her generation.

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