Liu Shi Shi and Liu Yu Ning Pair Up for Wuxia and Political Conspiracy C-drama A Journey to Love in First Preview and New Posters

So I missed the first preview for A Journey to Love when it came out recently but watching it now for the first time is actually better timing. It gives off My Journey to You vibes (a good thing!) and I’m also super sad that Liu Yu Ning‘s other drama Prisoner of Beauty is likely kaput to never see the light of broadcast day. My Journey to Love pairs him with Liu Shi Shi in a female-centric drama that nonetheless feels like the male lead holds his own in story and strong character, unlike recent Legend of Anle where the male lead was just THERE and had one main issue. The two leads look great onscreen together and individually in the preview and honestly just air this one too before the large sprawling supporting cast mayhap suddenly do something wrong.

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Liu Shi Shi and Liu Yu Ning Bring the Swashbuckling Aura in First Teaser Posters for Wuxia C-drama A Journey to Love

Having eye-catching official posters and stills drop unexpectedly is my favorite treat as a drama watcher, it’s like cold water for a parched throat. A Journey to Love with Liu Shi Shi and Liu Yu Ning released the first official … Continue reading