First Official Stills for The Legend of Shen Li with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin

Well one of these two is looking mighty fine, but then again, I’m partial that her to begin with. The first stills are out of the two leads for the upcoming C-drama The Legend of Shen Li adapted from the novel Yu Feng Xing (Traveling with the Phoenix). Zhao Li Ying plays a female general and she looks kickass, love her look in this first still, the hair that is attractive but still plausibly able to go do battle, and the royal blue color of her battle armor is regal and practical. I didn’t care for Princess Agents so perhaps I am the wrong demographic for this reunion of her and Lin Geng Xin, it doesn’t help that his look in character screams sickly scholar who lives in seclusion. If the goal is to reverse all the gender tropes then I’m all for that at least.


First Official Stills for The Legend of Shen Li with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin — 5 Comments

  1. Thank god she play mature woman this time,she’s really not suited playing young girl character anymore,i’m surprise the audience did not bash her more in legend of fei.she really look good,but her aura,the way she carry herself has change after getting married really not suitable playing young girl character.

  2. Zhao Li Ying looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see her as another badass female lead.

    Age aside, I personally don’t care if she, Yang Mi, or anyone else in their age group still does Xianxia/historical fiction/semi-wuxia dramas..I just wish the writers would make the female characters more mature vs these naive, innocent little girls when the actresses chosen to play them can do so much more with the character.

  3. lin geng xin looked super aged in his recent dramas so either that is some heavy air brushing or he got some procedures done lol

    • also I need zhao li ying to give up the heavy makeup esp if she’s going to play action heavy roles like this. her makeup was so distracting in legend of fei.

  4. I love zhao liying acting especially in wuxia dramas/movies.
    Cant wait, all her scripts that she has acted are well writren stories too.

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