Slightly Better Character Posters for Confidential Assignment 2 with Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin Back for Round 2 Against Jin Seon Kyu

Haha, maybe the graphic designer on the movie Confidential Assignment 2: International Cooperation heard all the complaints about how low budget and dumb the official movie posters were. So for the individual movie character posters at least each character looks less stiff albeit three dudes are literally doing the exact same pose. It’s the gun drawn one of course, with Hyun Bin, Daniel Henney, and new baddie Jin Seon Kyu are all pointing their guns but the captured image is from different angles, namely side, upwards, and downwards. I also feel like Yoo Hae Jin and Yoona are in a different movie from their posters, he’s in a disaster movie where dragons are firebombing Seoul from above and Yoona is in a jailhouse caper where she plays a private detective moonlighting as hobo who keeps getting taken to the police station so she can snuff out clues.

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