Love Like the Galaxy Goes From Red Wedding to OTP Wedding Ending Epic Run with Added Bonus of Cast Live Stream with Tons of Cuteness

Wow, I feel like I just ran a marathon, tired but so satisfied. Period C-drama Love Like the Galaxy ended today with 56-episodes, the production released the final 10 episodes in one swoop and assembled the available cast members for a live watch stream. As expected, the entire drama that started with General Ling Bu Yi investigating black market weapon sales led up his finding out the truth about his family’s slaughter and he took out the Hidden Boss that was his so-called dad Ling Yi in the LLTG version of The Red Wedding. It was brutal but satisfying and then afterwards he left poor Shao Shang to pick up the pieces, but not before she went full Mulan and galloped a horse to rescue him in her version of “Get Yo Man!” Then came the 5 year separation before the remaining bitches who hadn’t yet tried to back stab (or direct stab) Shao Shang came around to get their turn at ineffectual revenge before getting their comeuppance.

The Queen gave up her position to Consort Yue so the only son who can be the next Emperor Third Prince becomes Crown Prince, before dying so gracefully and telling Shao Shang and Bu Yi to please just be together already. But it’ll take a few more life and death rescues before these two stubborn and hurting babies FINALLY GET BACK TOGETHER and cue Wendy having an adorable tantrum that he can’t attend his precious sonby Bu Yi’s wedding off the countryside so it doesn’t count and those two have to come back to the capital and get married in front of him again. The post 5 year arc did feel rushed and based on reports LLTG was supposed to be over 60 episodes and reportedly about 10 episodes worth of screen time was cut mostly on the back end. The final scene all the leads together gazing up at the stars as we bid farewell to this impeccably rendered dramatic entertainment. To help with LLTG withdrawals, go watch the cast live stream, leads Wu Lei and Zhao Lu Si couldn’t be there in person but video connected in and their banter is off the charts adorbs. It took me 7 years since Nirvana in Fire to love another C-drama this much, thank you to the YiShang (Ling Bu Yi-Cheng Shao Shang) couple for hitting a homerun.

This drama is so visually sumptuous and even to the end it didn’t disappoint or skimp on the set and costume pieces. 081 and 33’s flight after kill your fake dad who murdered your real dad The Red Wedding was so gorgeous albeit heartbreaking, I’m usually able to pick a side on who is right (or right-er) but this one I can’t. He had to get revenge, and he had to not implicate her even if she said she wanted to be implicated. Because it goes against not just his principles but also how much he loves her. He can’t see a hair on her head harmed how can he allow her to walk the doom path with him. And she’s not wrong either, he didn’t give her a choice and even if he did and she chose death with him he wouldn’t let her. It’s the impasse that doesn’t have implications on life together because how often could this predicament happen for them going forward. That’s why the Queen is right, just let it go and move on together again. These two are so broken they can only be with each other, and any of the witches that covet 081 like Princess Yu Chang or Luo Ji Tong will never understand they can get a body but not a soul if he ends up with them. Yuan Shan Jian got that which is why he’s totally redeemed for me by the end. And my guess is a lot of cut scenes are his, with Shao Shang during her 5 years in the Palace as he kept her company.

I loved that in the aftermath of now General Huo Bu Yi’s burn it all down murder fest, he got the pass for massacring Ling Yi but had to get shipped off to the borderlands for using the Tiger Seal the Crown Prince lost to unlawfully move the troops. That the Emperor was fair and just continues to seal my love for Wendy, who goes from running a country to being the biggest OTP shipper around on a dime. Those two also needed to be apart to get through those feelings of guilty (him) and hurt (her), because time apart softens the visceral agony but reminds of the love and longing. It’s the best medicine.

The drama really went all out to give a closure for everyone, including a surprise final arc appearance of no longer a fetus Lou Yao and no longer a spoiled bitch He Zhao Jun. We got to see all the princes and princess seemingly better off and/or better people and the ones who got the ultimate smackdown (i.e. death) are ones who kept on pushing their own twisted anger and agenda. Would I be like Wendy and want to see a wedding as the ending? Nah, no ceremony would add more to how much I love these two and how much I know they love each other. All that capital city pomp and circumstance never called to them. They are only so beloved because of how much they care for those they love, from the lowly maid/soldier to the highest Queen/Emperor. I would love to see them setting up their own home, having kids, being barf-inducingly cute whether privately or publicly, and knowing they earned it.

If C-ent knows the perfection they have on their hands they would cast Wu Lei and Lu Si in another drama, but then I kinda don’t want that because I want them to stay forever my 081-33, him that bitter fueled murder boy open to love with his one in a million soulmate and her the uneducated but intelligent girl with a chip on her shoulder taking zero shits from anyone.


Love Like the Galaxy Goes From Red Wedding to OTP Wedding Ending Epic Run with Added Bonus of Cast Live Stream with Tons of Cuteness — 56 Comments

  1. I am glad they ended on a good note. Everybody did an amazing job. I watched English translation of a portion of the live stream and I could swear Wu Lei proposed marriage to Zhao Lusi in one of the most swoon worthy part of the broadcast. She made a confession to Zisheng ( but I am not five, I could tell it was really to Wu Lei not the character)lol and according to the translation he responded by saying let’s get married then laughed. I screamed. Overall, a great experience. I can’t wait to binge the ending myself.

  2. omg I love this drama so much its perfect. to think that both of them were 21 and 22 while filming this wonderful young actor and actress! kudos to zhao lusi and wulei and ofc to all the casts, director, scriptwriter they are all brilliant !

    • I remember encountering super young breakout stars and just being a different level of impressed because that felt like natural acting talent rather than learned ability, neither one is better than the other of course.

  3. The tears I dropped for the last few episodes were unreal. I really love her relationship with the queen. This drama was quite fast paced, and each conflict was resolved quickly. Even with an additional 10 episodes, I don’t feel like it would’ve been draggy. Nonetheless, it was a great drama, with great acting, and every character seemed to have a purpose in the story. I loved it so much! I hope there will be another great one coming up to take it’s place in my daily drama watch 🙂

    • I would love to see a director’s cut just to spend more time with these characters. But I can also understand why the last five episodes in particular felt like half the story was missing, because part of me doesn’t need to spend all that time with the OTP apart. If I had to see more of that witch Luo Ji Tong trying to glom onto 081 or 33 moping in the Palace that might be too frustrating even if every detail is quality fare.

      • Me too, I feel a bit sorry to Yuan Shen but I’m not exactly missing the scenes of him and 33 in that 5 years. Or Luo Jitong either (but she had it coming). Just glad to have the angst parts short and cute parts longer!

      • [SPOILER ALERT] I agree, I don’t need to see more of that two faced Luo Jitong or dwell too long on them being apart. But I could have used a bit more 081 and 33 time after his return :). It was conflict after conflict. Almost no down time between Luo Jitong, Wang Yanji, and the rebellion. I also would’ve really enjoyed seeing the Emperor force them to get married again while he was there to make it count lol. I mostly miss the fun and loving parts of this drama. I’ll probably start my rewatch now haha.

    • Since I stumbled on Asian Dramas, Love Like The Galaxy is the best I have view. It pulled out every emotion in me, I almost ran out of tissue. Loved it; enjoyed it; couldn’t wait for the next episode. But, I am so broken that a “grand wedding” was not in the finale. I longed to witness the union through a wedding that was put on hold so many times. I will try to get over it.

  4. I don’t have words. Just a Cdrama fan who feels totally vindicated for all her love and angst and lost sleep over this drama.

    I’ve never paid as much attention to those 2 as in in this drama. I have to say the writing and production quality of this drama made an insanely chemistry laden pair of lovers immortalized now in my memory.

    I love Ling Buyi and Cheng Shaoshang. Those 2 were made for each other.

    • I’ve been thinking that if it another set of actors I don’t think I would love Ling Bu Yi and Shao Shang this much. He makes Bu Yi strong on the outside but deep inside so broken and so much a kid of 8 years old and watching his entire family slaughtered and never emotionally moving from that moment. That Wu Lei can subtly convey those two extremes makes me connect with his character. Same for Zhao Lu Su, never a fan but now totally a fan, we watched Shao Shang grow in the drama much as Lu Si’s acting improved as the drama went along.

  5. For me it’s already a perfect ending. As long as i know they’re together, im happy.

    I love NIF, but i won’t compare these two. But have to agree that, after NIF, no drama is as amazing as this drama. I love goodbye my princess but seriously, not as epic as this one. Im curious about the cut scenes, 10 episodes are a lot! But i prefer to not watching css with anyone else but buyi. That’s it.

    Thank you for posting this article. Im not a fan of a certain ending, but i do love this ending.

    Hope to see these two in another drama, i wont mind it’s modern or wuxia. Their chemistry got me speechless. Wont mind either from reel to real tho. Lmao

    • I don’t care LLTG to NiF other than LLTG is the first drama SINCE NiF that I loved this much and also felt had such exceptional production and script quality all around. Such a labor of talent and love.

      • Well said M’s. Koala. These two are different but both are darn amazing. This is the first drama for me as well after NIF that I’ve been this passionate about. The last time I drew a relationship diagram for my mom was NIF and that was way back. Since then I’ve watched dramas I enjoyed but not to the same extent where I want to read everything about it, watch BTS after BTS and just be giddy over the moon when I find others who love it as much as I do. Thank you for coming out of hibernation and writing this second post on LLTG. I was hoping you’d mention this show as I read you daily and was bummed when I didn’t find anything… then you dropped a full on deep and detailed post a few days ago and then this post. Ah!!! Love!

  6. Koala, you should learn from the commenters here how to write the ‘correct’ Chinese names, where to put space, where to put capital letters, where to put apostrophe. If they can, you can do it too. Even Simu Liu knows. This is your personal blog so I won’t nitpick about grammar, even a bit misinformation I can tolerate, but names, names should be correct. And this applies to other countries’ actors too, not just Chinese.

      • China’s name format for english goes like this, you space out the surname and the first name and capitalise them. If the first name consists of 2 words like 凌不疑 whereby the surname is 凌 and first name is 不疑, then you should spell as Ling Buyi, not Ling Bu Yi. Same goes for surnames with 2 words, 欧阳娜娜’s surname is 欧阳 and should be spelt Ouyang Nana.

        But I also understand some countries spell chinese names like you do, so perhaps you can spell them differently depending on which countries they are from. And personally, I think that for chinese celebrities, it would be better to use their chinese names instead of english names like Wu Lei instead of Leo Wu.

      • @4ever

        There is a reason Chinese entertainment uses also English first names. They choose to do it. My guess is that’s for the international audience. So, why shouldn’t international bloggers and outlets not use the alternative self-chosen names?

      • @eJc

        The thing is, how many chinese celebrities promote outside of China using their english names? I can accept using the english names for people like Jackson Wang, Lay and Cyndi Wang because they had promoted themselves with those names internationally. It’s jarring to see people calling Wu Lei as Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi as Rosy Zhao when they have always only introduced themselves on broadcast with their chinese names.

    • @manji

      I don’t know if you wanted to sound patronizing and very rude But you do!
      It seems like you have no manners. In my opinion,commentators are guests on personal blogs. If you have a pointe of criticism be nice about it and suggest constructive improvements. Like @4ever did.
      BTW, are you (always) flawless? Who are you to “tolerate” things that aren’t perfect in your eyes? Different countries different styles of language.

    • This may help:

      “Given names with two syllables/Chinese characters may be written together, hyphenated or divided into two. For example, 小平 could be written Xiaoping, Xiao-Ping or Xiao Ping. However, it is advisable to write both words as a single unit (e.g. Xiaoping) to clearly indicate that it is one name.”

      Pinyin prefers given names with two syllables written together whereas Wade-Giles like you said in other countries write it separate or separate with a hyphen.

      If your issue with my use of given name separated then it’s not an “incorrect” way as again all three are used and depending on the country preference and the system.

      I use given names separate with no hyphen for consistency, as Mainland China mostly does given names together and Taiwan does given names apart but with a hyphen and I freaking hate hyphening even my own name I don’t use a hyphen unless it’s filling out passport and official documents.

      Since this is a personal blog, unless I’m flat out wrong such as writing a given name first then surname or combining Pinyin and Wade-Giles spelling in a Franken name like calling TW-actress Joanne Tseng 曾之喬 Zheng Chih Qiao rather then picking one or the other in Wade-Giles Tseng Chih Chiao her name in Pinyin is Zheng Zhi Qiao.

      Sorry for the cultural lesson lol.

      • Come on KoKo I’m here for it!!! 🥰🥰🥰👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You better say it! 😜

  7. Thank you so much for writing your thoughts
    Love this drama so much, one of the best drama which I’ve seen in ages. All casts done an excellent jobs especially our young leads WL and ZLS. WL done brilliantly, he will have much brighter future.

    • You’re welcome! I don’t want Wu Lei to just take drama after drama, he’s so talented I hope he doesn’t do idol xianxia stupid fare just for the buzz, but also not only serious dramas because we need him in smart swoony stuff like this.

      • i hope he gets offered similarly complex roles in the future. such a young dude, but he’s able to tap into a great well of pathos. hoping for big things for him in the future.

      • totally agree! i hope he picks his projects wisely unlike other grown up child actors that have wasted talent and time on xianxia and cotemporary rubbish ie. yang zi… i will forever enshrine her character in battle of changsha as her best ‘grown up’ character… forever a challenge balancing popularity and good quality productions in chinese dramaland.

  8. Thank you so much, Ms. Koala for this treat. This drama has really brought me out of the rabbit hole. It’s difficult to put into words how much I love everything about it. I may have to re-watch it until my gray hairs are all out.😂🤣😍😊 Thank you everyone for enjoying this drama as much as I did. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this epic production!

      • That would have been a real pleasure for all of us if you had the chance to recap this amazing drama, Ms. Koala. Actually, I’ve been a quiet fan here since reading your thoughts on Damo, WHIB, or your recap on TK2H among many others you’ve written before. However, I understand that you have not been recapping as of late. I’m sure writing this article on LLtG already took so much from your time. It is greatly appreciated, Ms.Koala! Thank you.

  9. Also, just like you Ms. Koala, I hope they will release a director’s cut for this drama. I would like to savor every bit of interactions from 081-33 that I could I see should they release one. All the best to ZLS and WL, as well as everyone who was taken part in this drama!

  10. To the producer,writer,director and everyone who worked hard to come up with such a wonderful show,i give my thanks to all of you!you make us happy for giving us an amazing show to lei and lusi…great acting!love u both!hope to see you both on your next projects.more power!

  11. I loved the ending scene. It wasn’t called a wedding scene but it might as well have been a wedding scene. First him declaring under the stars to the Empress and his deceased parents that he has found the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, them declaring their love for each other (doesn’t it sound like a wedding vow?), and kiss, and them being surrounded by their friends and family looking on. Isn’t that a wedding scene in all but name?

    The only disappointment I think was our CP fan club president Wendy not being there. He’s family too! But I’m sure Wendy will make them have another wedding in the capital. Very happy with how this show wrapped up!

    • Definitely a wedding vow as Buyi said he regarded her as his wife as they bit arm to each other in front of his deceased parents.

  12. Thankyou for writting this recap article 🤍 Im still crying happily over this most amazing drama over the years. Everything was so perfect. Bitter yet sweet. Dare to love and hate. It’s comedic yet realistically touches our deepest heart and soul. I love LLTG. And i agreed on what you said, even if we dont get to see the wedding, the love we longed to see has happened. Beautifully. ❤ LLTG, i dont think im able to move on.

  13. Koala is so active in the comments, it’s funny to see 😆 I have not caught up to the latest episodes. Glad to hear its a happy ending!!

  14. I’ve been so into the drama that I didn’t have the time to read the book but I’ve heard the post-5 year arc is much more in depth in the book including a lot more interactions between 081-33. One scene readers were really upset didn’t make it into the drama is their big brawl fight:


    081 comes back and decides he’s going to win 33 back but she’s already engaged to Yuan Shan Jian. He takes his time like plotting a military conquest including bringing all sorts of presents including rare treasures from his northern conquests to the Cheng house to apologize. Some stuff is so big the door frame has to be removed to cart it inside lol.

    Anyways, 081 gets upset because he hears from the witch Luo Ji Tong that 33’s matching teeth bite scar is nearly invisible to the eye now. Turns out 081 refused to get his scar treated and in fact purposely put on medicine to keep the scar dark during his 5 years away.

    So at Queen Yue’s party for the returning Lady Qu Ling, he corners 33 and they hie off to a quiet place to “talk”. He grabs her arm and sees for himself the scar is nearly healed and demands to know why. 33 days she purposely got all the best palace doctors to give her scar medication to heal the wound and when it’s all healed and not visible she’s going to get married and move on.

    081 turns feral he’s so upset because he cannot move on from her he loves her so much and here she is all moving on. So he grabs her arm and BITES HER in the same place to darken the scar again. She’s so upset she pulls his hair and scratches his perfect handsome face but he keeps biting. He finally lets go, gets down on one knee, and grabs her into his arms to put medicine on the wound ands she’s sooooo angry she bites his other arm because she can’t fight back he’s too strong. He’s totally fine with that.

    Afterwards she’s all huffing and puffing and then he kisses her forcefully on the lips where she still has blood on the corner from biting him but she hits him a few times and he breaks the kiss because in the end he still can’t bear to make her upset.


    These two are so deliciously unhinged towards each other how could ANYONE think they can be with anyone else. Anyways, the scene above is so passionate and angry and we didn’t see that in the final arc of the drama, where drama 081 was so apologetic and 33 so cold until their big near death reunion at the very very end.


    So after that big biting fight, the two calm down enough to have a talk. Though 081 looks like a hot mess, as 33 has scratched his face and neck and he has to bandage up his arm from her bite. He tells her that meeting her (the first time) was unexpected as all he thought above was revenge and then dying after. He was happy she was going to marry baby Lou Yao, who may not be capable but is a good person inside. But once that fell apart, 081 couldn’t hope back, he wanted so much to be with 33 but she’s made he made his move when he still had his revenge. They discuss moving on, he says he is not planning to get married and she’s upset saying he has to marry and have kids to carry on the Huo family name. And she’s upset because knowing he’s living a life of loneliness she doesn’t know how she can move on. She wants him to move on, both of them move on and marry others and years later they can be old friends when they run into each other. 081 says no, he grabs her into his arms and says he wants them to be an old married couple years later. He buries his face in her neck and she cries but pushes him away and tells him to marry or not she doesn’t care anymore.

    081 grabs her again to stop her from leaving and gets down on one knee while wrapping his arms around her wait. He begs her not to be so cold and heartless, he wronged her 5 years ago and knows how much that broke her after he made her let down her guard and trust him when she was such a guarded wary person. 33 starts to sob as once again 081 broke down the wall she constructed around her heart these years. She screams that she will never forgive him, she survived only because she hardened her heart. She will never forgive someone who wronged her. She knows everyone is trying to convince her to forgive him even now her parents but she won’t. 081 starts to cry and begs her that they are all trying to help not just him but them together. He tells her to grab a mirror and the way he looks at Yuan Shan Jian is totally different then the way he looks at him and everyone can see it!

    081 says he’s been having dreams these years that his family never died and they met and he went to her house to propose marriage and they happily got married. 33 imagines through her tears how wonderful that would be. 081 would be the most handsome powerful young man in the capital, they would meet at the Lantern Festival, he would have no reservations and walk directly up to her, she would take one look at his face and just turn into a boy crazy girl for him. 081 grabs her hands and puts it on her face and through tears begs her not to please be so heartless to him. 33 finally has no energy to try anymore and just starts to bawl like a child.

    Then all the princesses suddenly show up at that room to hang out and run into this scene lol.

    • I was waiting for this scene. 081 in the drama didn’t have the same resolve to win her back as depicted in the novel after his 5 year return. His love was always a bit overbearing, but he became a kitty cat. Though parts of this conversation is conveyed through other means, like Luo Jitong telling 33 in the carriage about how 081 has tried to darken the scar, it doesn’t hit the same. I really could’ve used another few episodes with more OTP interaction, reconciliation, sweetness, and happy wedding celebrations with Wendy!

    • Thank you! I dropped the novel after the first chapter. The tone and language… not my cup of tea. This drama though is the bomb. I plan to rewatch it with the re-edited scenes where I heard the beginning episodes had sound and color touch up… and some scenes were slightly changed. These two in the live stream was adorable. Too cute and her hair. Love. This auntie is enjoying this drama and the production. Would really like them to be in another production. Modern, wuxia, period just no republican era with motherland over tones. Drama gods hook us up with editor’s cut or new drama.

    • This was one of my most anticipated scenes too and i’m sad they didn’t film it at all. Though this can mostly be attributed to how in the adaptation, LBY having learnt his lesson of being the overbearing boyfriend, the craziness after the five years is toned down quite abit from the book version.

      Another scene that I loved and would’ve liked to see how it was dramatised was the scene where he helps her with the horse when they meet the first time. In the book, it was in front of a crowd and their dialogue was much longer than what was dramatised (though I loved the flashback treatment given here). In the book, there was another story arc where LBY was wronged and CSS was called up to give testimony that would’ve required her recalling a particular memory from five years ago that involved hot springs and some making out (as alluded to in the text but never explicitly). While may fans call out the weaksauce kissing scenes, I loved the restraint in how both actors performed their roles, because despite the apparent chasteness, their sizzlig chemistry allowed for the scenes to leave alot more to the imagination (and audiences wanting more) which in my opinion is a mark of a successful OTP. (C-netizens went crazy with the edits for those two scenes where LBY caught CSS unawares when he came from behind to wrap his arms around and silence her)

      One of my favourite parts of the adaptation was the Cheng family being wronged, because in the book it was supposed to be the Wan family. But in drawing the focus of this arc upon the Chengs, it allowed for CSS to really see from LBY’s perspective, of being the only member of the family being left to avenge and right all wrongs, so that it would all make sense for his actions later on. She understood his motivations, all of it, but couldn’t forgive him for giving up on her unilaterally and not making her a part of his decision truthfully. Also especially loved the motherly love arc with CSS real mom and the Empress- cried buckets with the death of the Empress.

      • @soph

        True,true,true! More interaction,more reconciliation,more screen time for the CP.

        I have not read the novel yet, not my cup of tea, but I really loved the CP of this drama. The drama has ended but my thirstiness has not quenched. Pity on me.😪🤧😪

    • I’m a bit torn because the book was a lot more passionate but at the same time a little obsessive by current norms. I’m kind of happy with the drama adaptation but I wish we got the cute scene of 33 helping to shave 081’s beard and her twin brother feeling all uncomfortable with how such a normal activity turned into such a suggestive scene. Give me that if that’s in the director’s cut!

      I think it’s a bit unlikely though because Wu Lei did say in the special viewing episode that they didn’t film any married life scenes. My CP heart is broken.

    • Thank you Ms Koalas for bringing this up. I was also looking forward to this particular scene depicted in the book, but a bit disappointed that it was not filmed. I only read snippets of some chapters in English with far from perfect translation, yet I could feel the angst , the emotion, the desperation of LBY. I could imagine WL and ZLS playing out this scene well even if it has to be modified a bit to suit the drama adaptation. In my opinion, LBY’s desperation featured in the drama is rather repetitive as in the words that he said. This particular scene in the book just nail his emotion. Anyway, overall I am satisfied with the drama. I thought that WL also played LBY brilliantly. When I read some excerpts from the book, I could picture WL’s LBY.

  15. gosh if you loved this livestream with the rest of the cast in tow, you have to watch their first livestream on weibo! im sure there are playback cuts floating somewhere on the internet, but that chemistry was so palpable that there were trending tags of the CP all over weibo for the next day or two. so stinking cute!

    • oooo. Is it the one where they had poor connection and at one point both played frozen? They are indeed so cute. I’ve not shipped any CP as hard as this in… ever.

      • yesssss… and they didn’t get annoyed when the connection was so bad (and neither did i…gosh the amount of patience i managed for these two). so many cute moments to ship in that livestream, C-netizens were micro-analysing every facial expression and word… it was so fun getting caught up in that maelstrom of shipping enthusiasm for those few days!

  16. No!!! @MsKoala, I wanted to see little Hou Buyi and little
    Shaoshang. I am not fully disappointed with the ending but I wanted more. That was a good ending but not a satisfying one, after all the mishaps that happened.

    Ohooooo, I am crying here. But this is really the end. I marathoned the last 6 or 8 eps yesterday night and the ending ripped my heart a little coz I wanted moreeee!🤧🤧🤧 Well, I am gonna miss this drama big time and all the cast especially Wu Lei, my baby LeiLei. I hope the next drama of Wu Lei with Zhou Yu Tong will have a more satisfying ending.✌️✌️✌️

  17. Koala;
    Me too same with you
    Thanks this great drama bringing another level
    Koala; I still wait your review of concubine Yue – one of my fav character
    I laughed very hard at episode when she stopped the emperor in kicking the minister yet at the last she also kick the badass minister
    Her dialog – really bring a different vibe of others palace drama.

  18. Thank you so much for covering this drama. The entire cast is amazing. Story was nicely paced. Do you think they’ll release a directors cut? They should. I would pay money to own a box set of the directors cut.

  19. I liked how you went from criticizing LLTG for “hitting a sack of bricks” and comparing it to A Dream of Splendor being a “massive hit and more impressive and exceeded expectations” in your previous article from July. You stated that WL was a “skeletor” and an “unfortunate visual negative”, while calling out ZLS “bad acting and her even worse voice dialogue”. Then after it’s completed filming.. you’ve said nothing but praises.. is this how c-ent works? Judging artists before even diving into their works? It’s so shallow, superficial, and judgmental. Artists are people that try their best to play in the role they worked hard to earn, yet before even giving it a chance, they’re criticized and judged so harshly. Of course, to each their own, whatever suits their taste. But I dislike hypocritical people that are harsh and show a strong dislike for certain biased judgments and then try to follow the masses after hearing others commend their acting. Words said can never be taken back, and all the negative words said could cause undue harm to the artists.. which could spiral into other things, like other celebrities going into depression and such. I know all this comes with their job and opinions shouldn’t bother them.. but they’re human after all.. they have feelings, too. They may be nonchalant and act like it doesn’t bother them in public, but who knows how many tears or sadness they’ve gone through behind closed doors? I just wanted you to promote a more positive atmosphere for everyone to share an enjoyable discussion regarding why they like or dislike a drama and not just superficially criticize an artist individually like how your other article did. The world needs more kindness and I was hoping it could start here and the fandoms can relate and also engage. The toxicity of c-ent fandoms is beyond control but change can start from the littlest voices, even if it’s just one person, it could hopefully cause a domino effect one day.

    I love this drama.. and everything about it, I fell asleep in the beginning thinking about how annoying the family dynamics were, but I held on and gave it a chance. After about 6 episodes.. it kept me wanting more! After crying terribly in the last 10 episodes, I went back to rewatch the beginning. Everyone deserves a chance to shine, whether the drama was a hit or not, looking at things from a different perspective gives a new meaning to every drama. The best way to watch a drama is from a blank mind. Pretending you don’t know these characters and it’s your first time getting to know them. Comparing artists from their past works is like an unconscious bias, who wants their past to become the shackles inhibiting them from the future? If everyone deserves a second chance, why can’t they?

    Sorry this post was long, but I just think no matter who or what an artist does, they shouldn’t be judged individually based on the drama they acted in, but as the characters in their drama. Like I would judge their portrayal in acting as Cheng Shao Shuang and Ling Buyi, and not Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi as a person. I’ve seen so many posts that judge them from the characters they’ve portrayed in the dramas. It’s unfair for them. Like if you’ve always played an evil character, are you evil in real life? Just my two cents. ☺️

    • I agree… I got into c-dramas about 2yrs ago and I do have my favorites I start every show with a clean slate, I think this is best. I loved this show from episode 1 and was highly offended by some of the comments and ratings I saw… I believe I saw it was rated like a 7.6!?!?!? First who’s rating these shows and where can the actual people watching go to rate it! Now I do have Viki and rate shows on there but I don’t see where or how to rate on c-cent … this show gave me every emotion and many sleepless nights binge watching. Thank you for your passion and speaking up and defending the artists Chubbsie and KoKo thank you for creating a platform that we are free to comment on❤️

  20. Este drama provocó el surgimiento de un vínculo con cada personaje. Sufrimos y culpamos la soledad de la protagonista principal, nos enamoramos del general que guardaba un secreto tan obscuro que le impedía ser cálido y feliz. Disfrutamos y aplaudimos las diversas formas que tuvo la protagonista principal para enfrentar y vengar las ofensas y agravios recibidos, etc. Todos estos sentimientos que emergieron en cada uno de nosotros durante la emisión de este drama, son el resultado de un e vrlrnte trabajo actoral de cada protagonista, de la adaptación, libreto o guión y sobre todo de un Director que supo manejar los recursos a su alcance y pudo contar con un elenco que demostró estar a la altura del proyecto y dar a su propio papel el tono adecuado para brindarnos la oportunidad de disfrutar y gozar de una historia con contenido y donde podemos conocer valores de un país milenario como lo es China. Los dos jóvenes actores sobre quienes recae la mayor responsabilidad de esta historia demuestran su talento y su gran capacidad para obligarnos a sufrir, llorar, reír y amar con su historia de amor t crecimiento personal. La actriz es muy versátil y profesional. El actor es indudablemente un actor nato, quien de nosotras no acabó derretida con las miradas y gestos de amor, la preocupación y angustia reflejada al saber en peligro a su dama y, el dolor reflejado en su rostro cuando ella lo deja. El director supo cómo manejar cada escena para dejarnos ver cada actuación en su verdadero punto. Disfrutamos, reímos, lloramos, etc con este drama y solo nos queda agradecer con un gran aplauso y una reverencia completa a todos los que participaron en este drama. Saludos desde México

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