Allen Ren and Bai Lu Revive the Memory and Tears with Weibo Tribute From Their Characters in C-drama One and Only on the One Year Anniversary of August 2021 Broadcast

You can call me late to this bandwagon but it doesn’t matter when one watches C-drama One and Only (周生如故 Zhou Sheng Ru Gu). The period romance aired on August 18, 2021 and is considered one of the biggest successes of that year in both ratings and critical reception. It’s adapted from the novel One Life, One Incarnation, Beautiful Bones (一生一世美人骨 Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu) but split into two dramas – One and Only is the period piece and Forever and Ever the modern sequel. It stars the same cast and aired in succession. One and Only has a 7.3 Douban rating while Forever and Ever sits at 6.1, and I’m totally aligned with it. One and Only is unforgettable and Forever and Ever serves to assuage the pain from the leads Allen Ren as General Zhou Sheng Chen and Bai Lu as future Crown Princess Cui Shi Yi with their unfulfilled love but as a drama it’s pretty standard modern fare. But One and Only is epic, just 24-episodes but packs easily double the dense plot and pathos.

On August 18, 2022, the one year anniversary of airing, Allen paid tribute to the drama and posted on his Weibo “Hi. Zhou Sheng Chen. How are the citizens of the Western Province?” That’s where his character was situated as the Provincial King and he sacrificed himself to keep his citizens safe. Bai Lu responded with a line from the drama 色授魂与,心愉于侧 (Seeing something so beautiful, one cannot contain one’s heart) and then with the line “My Shi Yi (which is Eleven which sounds the same as her name Shi Yi), Misses You Very Much.” I watched One and Only after I did The Blue Whisper with Allen and went backwards to check out his other notable dramas. That the story took a mute rich girl and a country first controlled general and delivered an unforgettable romance is not to be missed. Allen Ren’s General Zhou Sheng Chen is one of those General performances in C-dramas that all future general roles will be measured against it’s that good.


Allen Ren and Bai Lu Revive the Memory and Tears with Weibo Tribute From Their Characters in C-drama One and Only on the One Year Anniversary of August 2021 Broadcast — 8 Comments

  1. It was so hard to let go of this drama. I really do hold this against all other ancient military dramas now. It definitely made me an Allen Ren and Bai Lu fan. Forever and Ever was a good band aid to help with the pain of this drama. But it was a good pain if that makes sense.

  2. That drama was beautiful. And even just looking at the photos made my heart clench in pain.

    I actually rewatched the modern drama 2 times just to let the happy ending sink in.

    But my god I went into One and Only not knowing it would end badly and it still traumatised me.

    The restrained dignity was memorable and his ending absolutely terrible. I hated the writer who killed him off so painfully.

  3. When i read this novel years ago, i could imagine how painful it was for her. But the drama hurt more painfully. The ending for him was terrible. It was better to die in the hand of their enemy in the war than their ‘brothers’. The backstabbing was so painful and i cried a lot.

    This drama is still one of my fave. I prefer this one than fae.

    Now i know why they split this drama story into two. After the pain, the joy will be there.

  4. Oh Koala, welcome to RJL’s farm.I realised I have been reading your blog for a decade and we shared, and dropped, quite a few actors/idols along the way. From Jang Geun suk, Joo Won and now.. Ren Jia Lun?

    RJL… he is NOT super amazing actor. He is NOT that handsome.He has nothing for crazy fangirls to “drool” over him, and it would be a sin to do so, given the fact that he is married.

    But he can act and his characters will linger in your heart and mind~

    Do check out Under The Power.

  5. I just finished rewatching both of these dramas again and I love as if the first time I did. Both of them left wonderful memories in my heart. His kind and gentle nature and her complimentary personality warms my heart.

  6. Omg, I am watching this drama right now, ep6 already. I watched first the sequel of this FEaE, the modern one. This drama seems good. I didn’t able to finish the novel of MBFB but I read mostly of it so I know the gist. Allen Ren and Bai Lu delivered thier best for this drama.

  7. I watched both dramas, both were excellent! Their acting is extraordinary. They are masterpieces! The first one made me cry my eyes out;the end is very sad but I inmediately started watching the following so that the pain could go away…

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