C-netizens Spot Former Costars Zhao Lu Si and Ding Yu Xi Sporting Same Cat Cell Phone Case as Evidence of Dating

I did not watch the 202o C-drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose but it was popular and helped add to the rise of leads Zhao Lu Si and Ding Yu Xi. This week C-netizens think the former costars are dating thanks to using the same cell phone case in different colors, hers is girly purple and his is more masculine grey green. I just like how cute the case looks even if I’m a dog mom and not a cat person. It could be a case of super coincidence or indeed a couple’s cell phone case used by the two in dating. No word from either side but I think there needs to be more tea than this one matching item to really gain steam on this rumor.


C-netizens Spot Former Costars Zhao Lu Si and Ding Yu Xi Sporting Same Cat Cell Phone Case as Evidence of Dating — 16 Comments

    • This isnt even trending on Weibo, Koala just realises Zhao Lusi drives up traffic to her website and will post a lot about her to get clicks. Koala please cover the Flying Apsaras awards, it’s the first top tier acting award ceremony in a long time and features the who’s who of cdrama because it’s an official government award, people should know who are the big names in the industry not just the popular liuliangs like Yang Mi, Zhao Lu Si, or Dylan Wang whose fans claim are top actors.

  1. Didn’t her team and her come out recently stating she wasn’t dating anyone? Seriously, the minds of CP fans. They make my head hurt, they find crumbs that make no sense. Other day, Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi wore the same sweater a month or two apart and their minds run wild. Same situation here. Baseless. LOL

  2. They actually did super well together in that drama. Haha. But she always has chemistry with everyone, so…

    His hair was super ugly in that drama though lol

  3. According to Chinese netizen Zhao Lusi is dating the whole China. Chinese netizen haven’t met a man that Zhao Lusi is not currently dating. Lol.
    At last count the most notable ones were Xiao Zhan, yang yang, Wu Lei, and now Ding Yu Xi. All at once. What is your secret Lusi? Share it with us Obiwan Lusi.

    Now Lusi collects phone cases. She has enough phone cases to be eventually matched with all the men and women in C-entertainment industry.

  4. zls is the chinese female version of korea’s jcw he’s been linked with various co-stars esp njh like forever his and hers rolex watches same sneakers same clothes lol

  5. The phone cases could be birthday or casual gifts from either one of them or their friends. I’d like her to date Wu Lei among all of her co stars so far. Maybe Xiao Zhan too but I think she won’t be able to stand the pressure from his fans.

  6. Now where can I get that cat cell phone case so I can pretend like I’m dating Ding Yu Xi? It would be scandalous as I’m a decade older than him and a nobody.

  7. Goodness….just leave Zhao Lusi alone. Why do you have to drag her name into the news again over stupid dating rumors. It’s her birthday week. Let her have fun turning 24. Besides it’s her personal life. She isn’t obligated to tell anyone anything especially netizens. How about writing a story about the good thing she did donating 500 desks to school children in the name of Zhao Lusi fans. Or how about the fact she brings actors/actresses she’s worked with in her older dramas to work alongside her in the newer dramas.

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