Ding Yu Xi and Deng En Xi Make a Pretty Pairing Playing in Snow in First Filming Look From Period C-drama Chang Le Qu

So it’s either real snow in Hendian since it’s winter or man made snow but either way it makes the leads pretty as a picture for sure. Ding Yu Xi and Deng En Xi have been filming the period romance drama Chang Le Qu (长乐曲) which translates to Long Happy Tune and is adapted from a C-novel of a slightly different name. Ding Yu Xi’s looks are so not my thing but he actually looks good here in character and Deng En Xi might be the fastest rising young actress of her age group (called the ’05 flowers) as she is only 18 years old and goodness she’s like a smidge older than a fetus for these kinds of romance pairings. But both are known for being good at acting so that’s a plus haha. Ding Yu Xi was supposed to have two big dramas in 2023 but both Romance of the Twin Flower with Peng Xiao Ran and later Love You Seven Times with Yang Chao Yue flopped so for his sake I hope this one lands solidly.

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C-drama Adaptation of The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus with Yu Shu Xin and Ding Yu Xi Releases Visually Pleasing Stills Showcasing Sprawling Cast

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The C-drama Adaptation of The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus Wraps Filming and Releases Stills and Making of Special with Leads Yu Shu Xin and Ding Yu Xi

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Official Poster for Fox Spirit Matchmaker Zhu Ye Chapter with Liu Shi Shi and Zhang Yun Long Reveal Studded Supporting Cast

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The Producer of Love You Seven Times and Leads Ding Yu Xi and Yang Chao Yue Have Meltdowns After Drama Flops Despite Being the Sister Project to 2022 Hit Love Between Fairy and Devil

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