Kim Soo Hyun in Talks for K-drama The Queen of Tears Reuniting with Screenwriter of You From Another Star and Producer

Well this is certainly a big K-drama casting news. Kim Soo Hyun is in talks to be the male lead of the K-drama The Queen of Tears, written by the screenwriter of Crash Landing on You, Producer, and You From Another Star. No clue what the drama script is about but it’s definitely a high profile and big budget production it’s also got the PD of Vincenzo. IU was offered the female lead and turned it down earlier which is a shame for those who want a reunion but I’m sure this production will land another big name female lead.


Kim Soo Hyun in Talks for K-drama The Queen of Tears Reuniting with Screenwriter of You From Another Star and Producer — 17 Comments

  1. Lol I always thought he’d do it. Even without confirmation for months, it was obvious he was tied to this project. I absolutely LOVE PJE dramas. YFAS is always going to be my fav drama (a decade hasn’t changed that) and Producers was absolutely fantastic to me. So I’m pumped.

    I heard Park Eun Bin’s name whispered for the female lead. I do love her but considering it’s been months since IU turned it down due to scheduling conflicts, I’m hoping she reconsiders because that’s still a reunion that desperately needs to happen. It would be so epic if she says yes.

    • I would like to see IU and Kim Soo Hyun as over the top scheming rivalries. They are too close in real life to play lovers. Alas, IU has already turned down the offer.

    • I think IU turned it down because she’s rumored to have already accepted the the drama ‘Life’ since late 2021, which is going to be filmed at the same time as ‘Queen of Tears’ next year. Park Eun Bin would be great, but if not, I personally hope for Shin Hye Sun.

      • I thought she turned it down because of scheduling conflicts with Money Game (which she eventually dropped out from)? I believe Life is the current offer she’s considering tho… but yes, either way I’d love for her but also 100% Shin Hye Sun would be my other favourite! She would look amazing with KSH and I think I’d love that pairing over PEB… but really they’re all fantastic options. I’m happy with someone who can act and have good chemistry.

      • She dropped Money Game because the filming was delayed, which caused scheduling conflicts with her concert preparations.
        But yes, Soo Hyun and Hye Sun would be amazing together! I hope it happens. But regardless of the female lead, I’m just happy he is making a comeback and not with Coupang Play lol. The whole production team is solid too. So excited.

  2. So exciting!! Finally he’s back. Didn’t watch his last drama: too dark. This one will likely be a rom com. So excitedddd – hoping for HHJ or SHS 🤞

  3. Wow what an amazing combo. Love the writer but the PD of Little Women and Vincenzo?! That’s mouthwatering. Think they changed PDs – it was previously Lee Eung-bok who would’ve been great too. Kim Soo-hyun obviously will slay so just want a good fl and it’s set. Hope it’ll be out early next year and I don’t have to wait another year.

  4. Taking the title in literal context, this could be FL centered. I like how KimSooHyun don’t mind shraing (if not giving).the spotlight with (to) his co star(s).

    • The first casting news came out more than half a year ago and he’s just in talks now. The original script could’ve been tweaked to convince him to accept the role. I don’t think Kim Soo Hyun would take a role where story is female lead centered.

    • Title will probably change. You Who Came From the Stars was first introduced as Man From the Stars and both leads have equal weight in their respective roles. Really curious who female lead will be. I wonder if they are still trying to persuade IU since writer had IU and Kim Soo Hyun in mind first. Didn’t Jun Ji Hyun also initially declined YWCFTS and the production team and/or KSH convinced her to change her mind?

      • I’m thinking there’s a change IU is reconsidering given the first news came out over 6 months ago. There has been rumours that Park Eun Bin is being courted too, but considering IU hasn’t confirmed the other drama, maybe she’s in talks for this one 🤷🏻‍♀️

        KSH did convince JJH to do YFAS and he’s very close to IU so who knows. Personally tho, I don’t mind any of the actresses suggested here. As for the billing, it’s definitely going to be equal for both leads. That’s Park Ji Eun’s style based on all her previous dramas.

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