Gorgeous Zeng Li Reunites with Her Love Like the Galaxy Daughter Zhao Lu Si as She Celebrates 24th Birthday

Watching Asian dramas for over three decades not only has seem my tastes age as I have but it’s also followed plenty of stars from their own leading man/woman days to their playing dad/mom days. Most recently I did “what tha what?!?” when I saw Han Chae Ah playing Yook Sung Jae‘s MOM in Gold Spoon. I should have seen it coming when she cameo’d as the mommy queen in The King’s Affection but goodness it’s like she went from leading lady to taking a marriage break to coming back as…..mom. Nothing wrong with that, but another mommy turn I did a double take on is C-actress Zeng Li playing Zhao Lu Si‘s general mommy in Love Like the Galaxy. Sure she’s in her 40s but Zeng Li is legit a top C-actress female lead widely considered one of the three most beautiful Central Academy of Drama graduates OF ALL TIME. But I guess in her twenty-something years of acting there comes a time to graduate to mommy roles and at least in LLTG her daughter was only 15 years old in the drama so she was a young mommy heh. The mom-daughter duo reunited last week at an event and also to celebrate Zhao Lu Si’s 24th birthday in real life on November 9th. Congrats to another year with successful projects that belie all her hard work in doing drama after drama. Love these pictures and Zeng Li shared them on her SNS so clearly the two are quite chummy after doing the drama together.


Gorgeous Zeng Li Reunites with Her Love Like the Galaxy Daughter Zhao Lu Si as She Celebrates 24th Birthday — 21 Comments

  1. Zhao Lu Si is really not that pretty. But her looks are perfect for ancient dramas. Acting wise, looks wise, I felt like she was perfectly cast for Love like the Galaxy. I would be thrilled if the entire drama with no cuts were released.

  2. I agree. Lu si isn’t pretty compare to all these pretty Chinese actresses. She’s cute in her own way. She’s great in LLTG. But her other old dramas she plays the same characters.

  3. She’s cute but not great for costume roles because of her gargly voice and chubby face https://youtu.be/NgR2ygnni9k (idk if links are allowed), she got criticsed for keeping dyed brown hair in Imperial College and a video editor whose screenshot showed LLTG’s title complained on Weibo about working overnights to photoshop countless frames per second because “X female star does not do self maintenance”.

    She should do more student dramas but even for Hidden Love (?) and Houlang, her face keeps getting edited to be much smaller it looks unnaturally v shaped onscreen. Houlangs producer posted a video of her puffy face without Photoshop and then her company posted one which was slimmed down. It won’t affect her popularity even if she is abusing Photoshop since many women are into chubby actresses like Esther or Lusi who look like themselves but it clearly affects Rosy enough that she is requesting her face be slimmed down for every drama to the point its weirdly V-shaped like a 鞋拔子 like in LLTG. Note: This is not to pick on Lusi, many lead actresses are abusing video editing and filters to the point they look blurry onscreen versus other non-lead actors because they cant be bothered to exercise.

    • And despite all that, cute but not great, she rose to such fame and success. Only says more about her talent than anything else. 🤩

      • I agree Lusi has comedic talent and is really good at funny scenes, she suits modern dramas than historical ones though.

    • what self maintenance ? her face size is not that small compare to other actress and so what? what does it has anything to do with self maintenance. It cant be changed lmao. obviously people choose to believe every single bad things posted on weibo by yxh while they refuse to read what those people that really knows Lusi personally has to say about her. most of them praise of how profesional, hardworking and humble she is. Poor girl just because she is not as pretty as other actress people decided to body/face shaming her, nit picking her etc. what a world we live in

      • Self maintenance = dyeing her hair back to black for historical drama?
        Can I ask, why is Lusi requesting her face be slimmed down in dramas if she doesn’t have a problem with her own self maintenance? Houlangs producer uoloaded a trailer of chubby faced Lusi so obviously if she doesn’t mind they wouldn’t edit.

      • You can google the post by LLTG’s editor (who didn’t name Lusi, netizens just saw LLTG was the file name they were working on and then checked their old Weibo posts…please dont call them an yxh or anti) “我真的想说某位女演员,拍古装能不能把头发染成黑色,每次都要处理真的,很无语,不是我说染个头能花多少钱” or “I just want to say to Actress X… Can you dye your hair black if you are fllming a historical drama, you need editing every time seriously, speechless, I didnt want to say this but hair dye doesn’t cost much.” Fans like you will hate on low paid crew for complaining about busting their eyes overnight to edit your dramas just to shield celebs who demand Tiktok filters to look less like their real selves in dramas. Reality is so ugly, silly plebs have more empathy for unprofessional pampered celebs who don’t want to dye their hair black to film an ancient drama, just in case it affects how they look on Douyin.

        No big deal, the Tiktok Era is all about jaw-slimming and leg lengthening filters so Douyin’s top celebs like Lusi and Bailu are very popular now, their fans won’t mind if they use filters in dramas. BUT those who call Lusi top or best actress should reflect if anyone that is a serious actress should need video editors to spend nights jawshaving and slimming them in every drama? If Lusi’s biggest wprry is having a V-line face or pale wrinkle free skin in every scene God forbid frown lines show when they cry, why are her fans so adamant about calling her best actress when even the production crew grumbles about her diva behaviour? it’s insulting to the audience and the film industry to call actors who demand the crew Photoshop their face smaller “good actors”, when Zhou Xun or Zhang Ziyi were younger they dieted if they wanted to look slim onscreen instead of demanding Photoshop. Guan Xiaotong, Vicky Chen, Wang Churan and other “big faced” actresses do not do this even if they can, so it is what Lusi herself demands. It is also why Lusi got criticised so badly in Hutong for her visuals and acting, it is one of the rare dramas where her face wasn’t filtered to death. Ju Jingyi is the same with filters and excessive editing but everyone isnt calling her a great actress.

      • Lol oh yes were all gods to judge haha. Shows someones hurt cause someone cant accept anyones looks without saying abything negative. Let rge girl live besides just enjoy the movies if not shoot go watch something else. Sorry but you aint god and we dont need to be perfect just for you lmfao beside who are you and what makes you so important.unless you admire and love her abd all this ugly hate and judgement negatitvity is just to hide the love you have for her.hmm i think so. Im sure she wont like you. She deserves better and theyre out there. The worlds big lol

    • @lol one of lltg staff already explained that Lusi hair during lltg is black. It was a mere rumours by her haters and yxh. you want me to send you the link of the staff weibo post ? gimme your email and ill send it to you lmao

      • I don’t think anyone should post their email on a public blog so some rando can spam them, especially not Lusi fans who are known to harrass others. Sorry.

      • Hater will always hater, even if you give them the evidence, they will say you r lying.. just as long as you know that all that matter….

  4. I was first impressed with her beauty while acting as Song Wei Long’s stepmom in “Find Yourself”. She’s a good actress, beautiful and classy.. surprising to me that she isn’t as popular as others in the same generation. Would love to see more of her on screen.

  5. Wow, these on screen mother and daughter are both beautiful. Zeng Li has the best faces in C-Ent even she gets age this time but the good looking face is still there. Lusi is always beautiful. They are fit to be related in a drama. Well, BTW, Happy Birthday, Lusi. More dramas and movies to come but I hope less controversies and more sensitivity to make mistakes especially in SNS.🫰

  6. You can say that again about Zeng Li. While everyone was debating the no’s and yes’s of Chen Yuqi and Dylan Wang for Unchained Love, I was here feeling the sizzles between Zeng Li and Dylan from their trailer LMAO

  7. Beautiful Ladies 💕💕💕
    I don’t care how ZL’s round face looks cuz she can act!!! And she keeps getting Cast as the lead!!

  8. Both ladies are beautiful… did those haters think they are handsome? Lmao..

    They have their own beauty.. aigoo.. those who talked bad about lusi’s beuaty,i wonder if you guys are pretty too?

    Haters gonna hate. Not a fan of lusi. Rarely finished everything with her, except for two or three dramas, but she has many expressions when it comes to acting. She’s getting better and better in every project. Dont compare her current acting to her past, experiences are the best teacher tho.

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