Reborn Rich with Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min Premieres to Second Highest jTBC Ratings Ever with 6.058%

It’s off to the races and what was billed as a thoroughbred of top actors and acclaimed production team does not disappoint from the start. Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) premiered this Friday on cable network jTBC with 6.058%, the second highest network premiere of all time behind The World of the Married with 6.260%. It’s the only other jTBC drama to premiere over 6%, and to compared the third highest network premiere went to Sisyphus: The Myth at 5.607% as that drama was billed as an top of the line anniversary production. Even better are the rave reviews, the premiere set the stage for a huge cast of acting talents playing the sprawling, rich, and plotting family at the center of the tale and Song Joong Ki in one episode sells his loyal consigliere character who gets a second chance now from the center of the family. I loved the first episode but know this is a rich tapestry that will take time to slowly savor the unfurling, but the patience will be rewarded also from the amazing acting across the board. Lee Sung Min showing up for mere seconds at the end of the first episode sent shivers down my spine and honestly this is the old school K-drama revenge melo we’ve been waiting a long time for again.


Reborn Rich with Song Joong Ki and Lee Sung Min Premieres to Second Highest jTBC Ratings Ever with 6.058% — 11 Comments

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  2. So many great actor in one drama. Whahhh. Didn’t expecting this. Can the writers flash all of them well? Kim Jung Nam, Kim Nam Hee, Kim Shin Rok as supporting roles. Insane star studded..

  3. It is brilliant and episode 2 was masterful. The plot really took off! Young Do Joon was acted so well by Kang Hoon that I was really sorry that this was it for him. He and the grandfather had fantastic on-screen chemistry. I find it hard to believe Kang Hoon is just 13 because the range he displayed was truly something to see. It was obvious in Mouse he is talented but he really showed off her.

    Can’t wait for the third episode today, I am grateful it is three per week!

  4. This show is catnip for Korean viewers. Makjang with terrible rich people fighting and backstabbing each other is a recipe for success. Super commercial fare done with a big budget.

    Lee Sungmin is dominating this drama and that child actor was so good. You actually don’t miss SJK at all. The family is deliciously nasty. My personal favorite is the daughter who obviously doesn’t appreciate being sidelined for succession by her inept brothers.

  5. The first episode was good, but episode 2 has that addictive feel to it. And it helps that this drama has the cider-feel to it. The writing, directing and acting for now are tight and topnotch.

  6. Sooooo good!!! Finally a “time travel” concept done well, exceeding expectations!!!! Usually not my fav genre bc it’s illogical, confusing and hard to believe, but this drama is different, it dances superbly on the line separating reality and fantasy. I’m so drawn in and it’s only been 3 episodes. Hope it continues the good momentum!

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