Joynews Poll of Favorite K-drama OTPs of 2022 Lead off with Extraordinary Attorney Woo, My Liberation Notes, and Twenty Five, Twenty One

The first year end K-drama OTP poll is out courtesy of Joynews and it’s basically the list of all the good pairings I’ve heard bandied about during the 2022 drama runs. In first place is Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh in Extraordinary Attorney Woo with 61 votes, and clearly the whales approve. Second place is Son Seok Kyu and Kim Ji Won in My Liberation Notes with 33 votes and Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk with 33 votes for Twenty Five, Twenty One. Then cuties Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jung in A Business Proposal with 21 votes and the fated pairing of Lee Jong Seok and Yoona who gets 18 votes for Big Mouth. Does this align with your fave OTPs in 2022?


Joynews Poll of Favorite K-drama OTPs of 2022 Lead off with Extraordinary Attorney Woo, My Liberation Notes, and Twenty Five, Twenty One — 13 Comments

    • For this year, no Kdrama couple that really won my heart. However the OTPs from cdramas ”LOVE BETWEEN FAIRY AND DEVIL”, ”PRINCESS & LIGHTER” has stolen my heart

  1. EAW and Liberation Notes were not really romances dramas with the story focused on the couple. But EAW couple was super cute and LN couple was interesting. 25-21 was nice but knowing they won’t end together in the present made it kinda bittersweet. The couple in the past in Seasons of Blossom was super cute too but again, knowing the present made it very painful too. Once Upon a Small Town’s couple was really cute and easy to watch. Gaus Electronics’s couple was super funny and had a great kiss scene!

    • @sayaris ,I was waiting the end of Blind, Golden spoon, …to watch Gaus Electronic’s . I need some fun after all the dramas about changing lifes, becoming rich, taking revenge,…

      • The first episode is not the best but after it’s really good.

        You will need to watch until the last second because they added scenes at the end (like the kissing scene).

  2. For me , this yea No Kdrama couple stole my heart, but the OTPs from cdramas ”Love Between Fairy and Devil” and ”Princess & Lighter” stole my heart

  3. The couples are good but no one stole my heart this year . But if it was a Poll of dramas with the best or favorite cast : for me without any hesitation
    1- through the darkness, 2- My liberation notes ,3 – Attorney Woo Do Woo . From the leads to the little roles , all were perfect .

  4. I think I choose based on actor chemistry, I mean acting chemistry, Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong being first, and Nam Joo Hyuk – Kim Tae Ri. I actually like The character couple arc on My liberation notes, as i really like the idea 2 introvert character meet and share their thought. but i just don’t feel chemistry as much as I want for the actor.

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