K-netizens Divided Over Reporter Criticism of the Excessive Use of Filters on Song Joong Ki Playing a College Student in Reborn Rich

Okay, this is a dicey opinion with room for nuance. The first criticism of hit jTBC drama Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) is here, and of course there will be negativity that accompanies anything that is trending, A reporter wrote about Song Joong Ki having excessive camera filters in Reborn Rich playing the 20-something college student era of his reborn character. K-netizens are split about that because it’s clear there are filters but Song Joong Ki is 38 years old and from the drama he’s going to run the entire age spectrum from 20’s to 30’s so it’s reasonable to soften the lines for the 20’s era scenes. Plus the filter was used for the scenes starting with Kim Kang Hoon as the child version since it’s all “period scenes” until the drama catches up to the present. The reporter drew ire for additionally mentioning the rumor that a star in Vincenzo wrote into the contract the requirement for camera filters and the rumor that it was Song Joong Ki. I’m all about how natural it looks, I don’t mind filters at all as long as it’s not distracting and ridiculous, if the star needs to look a wee bit better with the help why not, magazine photos are touched up each and every one so onscreen is no different. So my verdict is “okay!” for Reborn Rich because it’s not distracting and we know Song Joong Ki is playing a role within a role and we’re all just waiting for him to grow up and TAKE THE WHOLE FAMILY DOWN!


K-netizens Divided Over Reporter Criticism of the Excessive Use of Filters on Song Joong Ki Playing a College Student in Reborn Rich — 20 Comments

  1. I think there are so many negative articles are coming up from the time reborn rich starts rising, which are making no sense. If audience look at all this they will understand all these are senseless.

  2. It’s a lot of fuss over nothing. He has to cover a lot of years so there is a legitimate reason for a filter now that he is playing a 20yo.

    For the record, I hate filters to make people younger because there is nothing wrong with aging. It’s a natural process. They are abused too often. But he isn’t playing someone around his own age now and it is a huge age gap. Netizens are creating problems where there are none.

  3. Ehh… I think it’s okay because it’s not necessarily for aesthetic purposes but more like for plot credibility (is that the word? sorry, not a native english speaker), I mean, it literally wouldn’t make sense if he has wrinkles and stuff if he’s playing a 20 year old lol

  4. Reminds of that movie of So Jisub and Son Yejin where filters were used so they can play their characters as 22 year olds. It’s understandable in cases where actors in their 30s play much younger versions of their characters. I don’t get the fuss when filters in dramas are so common these days even when actors are playing characters in their similar age range as in real life.

  5. For ne it’s ok. He played his roll gorgeously, perfect and amazing! Go go go SJK. We, your fans are here for you(with you) no matter what! We love you unconditionally❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Exactly! Can’t we just be happy that we get to see him again. He is gorgeous in and out and no filter is going to make me feel different.

  6. I don’t really mind it, perhaps they don’t have young actor that resemble him for the younger counterparts cause I think they fools no one.

  7. He is still the Hallyu Top Star Actor Song Joong Ki. His acting and his aesthetics are always top notch. Lol, never mind the filter words!

  8. So? Even Robert Downey Jr used de-aging technology to play his character’s younger version in Avengers. SJK’s role is of a character who ages from early 20s to late 30s, he’s obviously not going to naturally age that much in the time of filming.

    the rumour about him being the actor in Vincenzo who demanded filters doesn’t make any sense either, the character was the same age as him irl. What would he need de-aging/filters for if he’s 35-36 and playing a 35 year old?

    • Because at 35-36, you start to show your age and he wants to look young and wrinkle free on screen. I’m sure a lot of older actors have this in their contract. Did you see how blurred SHK’s face was in Now We Are Breaking Up?

      • I don’t know either He has that agreement in his contract even in his Vinzenco days. But he actually looked older in some scene in Vinzenco. If that’s the case, the lightning in Vincenzo is really doing him no favor in making him look younger.

      • Did you actually watch Vincenzo? He absolutely looked in his mid 30s, and looked noticeably older/tired towards the end of the drama when they were filming day and night.

        If he had such a thing written into his contract for Vincenzo of all dramas, it obviously failed because he looked his age (as he was supposed to) lol.

  9. Exactly! Can’t we just be happy that we get to see him again. He is gorgeous in and out and no filter is going to make me feel different.

  10. It is the actor’s choice as well as the film makers to decide what is beat for the film! Regardless WE LOVE SONG JOONG KI AND WILL ROOT FOR HIM AND THE REST OF HIS TEAM!

  11. I think he is the most handsome man in the world he is my favourite ❤️❤️i think i am crazy for him 🥰🥰 he is so cute actually he is my crush 🥰🥰

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