jTBC Weekend Drama Reborn Rich Hits 14.758% Continuing to Set Rating Records in Meteoric Rise

Man, if it weren’t for Arthdal Chronicles as the outlier, and TBH everyone did think would be a huge hit, then I would believe that Song Joong Ki has the midas touch. Every drama other than AC where he has been a lead has been ratings hits and this new one Reborn Rich is setting new cable records. Episode 4 on Friday got 11.800% ratings and Saturday’s episode 5 hit 14.758%. The only other cable drama to break 14% as fast was The World of the Married which hit 14.676% also in its episode 5. Yesterdays episode 4 was EPIC, OMG I watched every second riveted and loved all the mind games and one upsmanship. But today’s episode 5 felt like a retread and I worry there are only so many times the drama can show Soonyang people trying to buy another company and all the machinations behind it while Song Joong Ki as reborn Do Joon pulls different strings in the background all the while investing his way to multitudes of billions thanks to knowing which new companies to buy (Amazon), which crises to take advantage of (IMG crisis). Do Joon is a cipher because he can’t show too much personality needing to play the dutiful smart grandson so it’s all the supporting characters and the incredible veterans playing each role that shine more with their visceral hunger for power, wealth, and validation.


jTBC Weekend Drama Reborn Rich Hits 14.758% Continuing to Set Rating Records in Meteoric Rise — 17 Comments

  1. Imagine if suzy rumoured being female lead in this drama will skyrocket her career lol!!I hope gong yoo can returned in kdramaland just take lesson from song joong ki make comeback hit drama after flop artdhal chronicle. Please gong yoo comeback to kdramaland and choose good script carefully.

  2. I was surprise cause of the buzz the drama is getting. But the execution really make you hooked. Since epi 1 imo. I’m glad Kim Tae Hee finally has hits drama once again and SJK starring in her drama as leads is such a nostalgic to me, since I first saw SJK in Sungkyungkwan Scandal.

      • I think missjb is referring to the writer lol, I didn’t realize it at first, so I was like, wait KTH is in the drama? why no one mentioning it? But then I got to the Sungkyunkwan part, and realized it’s the KTH the writer 😂

      • I’m from the Caribbean (Jamaica) and I lived for Vincenzo and I literally subscribed to Viki which I would never have done if not for Song Joong Ki (Reborn Rich) whom is fully supported in my part of the woods.

    • I think Kim Tae Hee writer is also the reason why SJK accepted the drama, and good for both. I do like the writing, directing and acting, which hooked me and I guess a lot of viewers considering the ratings and this is cable ratings .

  3. I think the whole point of ep. 5 was to show that although HW may be from the future, the knowledge doesn’t give him the power to change events, certainly not the ones that matter to him the most. Which raises another significant implication, because we know DJ dies too from ep. 1, so how is he going to stop that? All to say I floved ep. 5. The writer also did a great job of weaving the IMF crisis with the characters’ storylines, esp HW’s.

    • Old Do joon didn’t die from illness, he was killed. So the new Do Joon who is already at odds with the family and aware of their rot has a far bigger chance of staying alert enough to counter that. I think it will happen pretty soon in the drama. Whoever has read the novel knows what’s coming and who is behind it.

      • That’s what I meant abt HW stopping his DJ self from getting killed, which is the only thing he doesn’t remember from his former life, per ep. 2. I don’t think the novel means much here, they’ve already deviated significantly from the original source (and I think they’ve been judicious for the most part).

      • I don’t think they are going to change the you know what that happens when he is with his grandfather. I am trying to stay away from direct spikers, sorry if this sounds garbled. But I think they will keep that as it is a very important moment.

        What I don’t know is if the big bad behind it all is going to stay the same. Six out of 16 has passed already and I am not sure they have the time to go there.

  4. During the world cup and on flop channel JTBC too, SJK is blessed. Outdid Vincenzo in 5 episodes, as it should. This show actually has a complex plot and doesn’t rely on slapstick comedy or OTT acting.

      • @Rina don’t bother with @Jennifer (and her alts). The pterodactyl is obzezzed with SJK and hates his romantic FLs. She used to be camped out in the comments sections of that one drama trashing SHK and then threw giant fits over the Vincenzo actress. I also remember her screaming about Korean grannies having bad tv taste because they liked Vincenzo. Hilarity. I always laugh when she pops out of the woodwork.

      • Well RR outdid already, complaining won’t change reality. Certain people were hoping that RR would flop so they can push their agenda but they failed lmfao. Well idc which you prefer Vincenzo or RR, I think we can admit now that their commercial success belongs to Sjk.

    • Whether you hate vincenzo or not, it still helps SJK to win a Daesang at the APAN and yes it is not through popular vote, rather it is chosen by professional judges.

      Mind you it is still in the top 50 highest rated kdrama (for cable television channels)

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