K-netizens Discuss the SBS 2022 Year End Drama Daesang as a Two-way Race Between Kim Nam Gil and Namgoong Min with Nods to Lee Jun Ki, Seo Hyun Jin, and Kim Rae Won

It’s tough that of the three public channels in South Korea really only SBS had a good year. With the slate basically done it’s time to look at the contenders for Daesang at the Year End Drama Awards for 2022 and it’s looking like a two-man race between Kim Nam Gil for Through the Darkness and Namgoong Min for One Dollar Lawyer. The former has been lauded for his performance and the drama also got rave reviews but aired at the very start of the year and also didn’t get high ratings while the latter got buzz, ratings, and solid reviews but isn’t as prestigious of a drama. I’d give to Kim Nam Gil but let’s see how the network hands out the prizes. Also in discussion for the Daesang are Lee Jun Ki for Again My Life, Seo Hyun Jin in Why Her?, and the most recent arrival Kim Rae Won for The First Responders.


K-netizens Discuss the SBS 2022 Year End Drama Daesang as a Two-way Race Between Kim Nam Gil and Namgoong Min with Nods to Lee Jun Ki, Seo Hyun Jin, and Kim Rae Won — 9 Comments

  1. No doubt, for me the winner is Through the Darkness and Kim Nam-Gil. His performance was incredible and the drama was great.

    The other actors were good but they couldn’t save their drama. One Dollar Lawyer, Again My Life and First Responder are focused on the ML and forgot the story or to develop the other characters. A drama is an ensemble not just the performance of one character. Why Her?’s story was weird and the love story very bad…

    • It’s easier to act well potraying good character in a good script. I Applaud Seo Hyun Jin act so well in a drama which has no clear direction.

      • Yes and no. His character wasn’t easy to act. But he did with so much sensitiy.

        Seo Hyun-Jin was good but she failed with the love story. And honestly, she was way too thin during this role.

  2. Yea, there’s no way LJK, SHJ or KRW are truly in the running here. The performances in of both KNG and NGM along with the dramas themselves are just faaaar superior. There’s no contest. Pretty sure KNG is running away with it but let’s see.

  3. I dropped First responders after two episodes because I couldn’t handle the nonsense. So many stupid things in the plot. That always colors my view of the rest, even though I love KRW as an actor – and why I even tried this drama in the first place.

  4. As far as KNG and NGM are concerned, KNG won the SBS Daesang three years ago for Fiery Priest and NGM won it two years ago for Stove League. NGM also won the MBC Daesang last year for The Veil, so that might have some impact on whether they are chosen to win this year. SBS usually rewards actors whose dramas had the highest ratings; that would put NGM in the lead. One Dollar Lawyer was a hit, but got messy behind the scenes so that could have some impact as well. To be doing that well only to have the episode count cut short. Who knows how high the ratings would’ve gone up with those two extra eps. If SBS wants a second season to capitalize on the show’s success, I could see them rewarding NGM so he comes back for it. But then your have Fiery Priest Season 2 coming next year as well, and KNG winning the Daesang this year would be good publicity for it’s return. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee Jun Ki wins it though. He’s been acting a long time and had the second highest rated show of the year.

  5. I am happy if either KNG or NGM wins the grand prize.
    But since NGM already won a big prize this year (he got married to a nice woman) so I hope KNG wins the Daesang,

  6. Kim Nam Gil . A role wich needed a lot of sensibility . KNG interpretation was just perfect . For this kind of role you have to give a lot of yourself .Even explore the dark side of humans . The others actors are really good too but their role wasn’t so demanding . People who watched “through the darkness” will understand what i mean . At one time i saw him as the real life profiler .

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