New Poster and Variety Show Appearance of C-drama Nothing But You Leads Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Hints at Soon-ish Airing Date

So I’ve jumped over in my interest for the next Wu Lei drama from his upcoming sports modern romance with the older woman-younger man set up Nothing But You to his currently filming billiards romance During the Snowstorm. The latter just sounds more appealing to me plus his female lead is Zhao Jin Mai, whereas I’m just along for the casual viewing with the former where he stars opposite Zhou Yu Tong. I can see chemistry for sure but she still looks like his much older sister who used to babysit him when she was a young teen and he a wee kid. The drama released another new poster recently and both leads were on a variety show doing the kind of drama promotion that typically goes along with an imminent or current release. Hence viewers think this drama may come in very early 2023 and if so I’m in for the ride but keeping expectations low, especially after the “everything looked good in previews but the real deal was a dud” similar age difference set up in a different setting drama She and Her Perfect Husband.

Teaser for Nothing But Love:


New Poster and Variety Show Appearance of C-drama Nothing But You Leads Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Hints at Soon-ish Airing Date — 12 Comments

    • Why? Older actresses need work too, in the past older actors were always in high demand and older actresses would quit in their 30s but now both genders have more opportunities.

      I don’t see the issue, if you’re in the biz of idol dramas you’re either collaborating with people older or younger all the time onscreen like other industries. When you are a young star like Leo or Arthur Chen it’s a given you will act with older actresses who are more famous, they will also pair with 2006 and 2010 born actresses down the line.

  1. Age difference is too apparent. The production staff leaked footage of their make out scene from this drama turned me off even more. Just doesn’t work.

  2. Age difference between the two isn’t that much, 5 years. It’s more that their appearance doesn’t have much CP feels but maybe their great acting might overcome this.

  3. Age difference isn’t much but in my opinion the chemistry isn’t there. I agree with Koala on this one, ZYT looks like a sister/babysitter to WL in appearance. Their recent participation in variety program showed how grossed out WL was about romance scenes doesn’t help the drama either LOL.

  4. The age difference is meant to be obvious because they are supposed to have a 10 year age difference in the drama, even tho its only 5 years between the actors. Not a fan of noona romances so I’ll wait for reviews before watching.

  5. Looking forward to this drama. Am a Wu Lei fan and am just really missing him on the screen. I thought they were kind of cute together during their promotional appearance so I will be watching. Thanks for the info.

  6. It is the female lead’s style that makes her look even older. The only jie-jie drama that worked was My Queen with Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang.

  7. i do not mind older sis and younger man but please be a better looking one….she looks like …..sorry going skip this….

  8. I hv watched why women love,falling into you,just the way you are,i found no issues n the chemistry are top-notch.zyt ..i watched her in begin again wth gong jun n became my fav drama..she can be funny clumsy can potray emotional scene very well…wu lei..he has been an actor since child bit kinda new to intimate romance in love like a galaxy…his romance..i feel like something is missing.but i m sure in future projects he will be better n i definately will watch nothing but you…to see..the cp is top-notch or likewise.every one has own cup of tea right?

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