C-actor Hu Ge Drops Stunning Announcement that He is Married and Just Welcomed a Baby Daughter

Stealth mode seems to be all the rage and good for celebs to live a personal life mostly under wraps until the time to do a self reveal. C-actor Hu Ge added to the shocking news week in Asian entertainment with the personally issued announcement that he was a dad. He wrote that mother and daughter are healthy and well, and because his wife is not a celebrity he wants to ensure the safe arrival of their daughter before sharing the news. He thanked his fans for accompanying him for what is his 20th year in the industry and is sharing this surprise in the new year, then wishing everyone a happy and healthy year of the rabbit. Congrats to this incredible actor who I watched go from idol young’un into what can be the Tony Leung of his generation.


C-actor Hu Ge Drops Stunning Announcement that He is Married and Just Welcomed a Baby Daughter — 18 Comments

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  2. This was my favorite news the other day! I am very happy for Hu Ge, I was waiting for him to announce his marriage. Very happy for the new family.

  3. Poor wife and child..In a relationship like this I would feel like I’m the mistress with an illegitimate child.

    To be with a loved one in secret is just so sad.

    Anyway, I hope they are both happy and fine with this. Fortunatelly Leo Wu did not beat him, lol

    • He probably wants to protect his family from the netizens and media. He’s at an age where most of his fans want him to get married and have a family, but there are still a lot of crazies out there. People will always find something to criticize about as well and might post unnecessary things about them. I don’t blame him for keeping their identities secret at all.

      • I don’t blame him either, it’s just sad.

        Finally, they won’t ask him again about his marriage plans. It must have been very annoying after a while.

      • @Irisz, I don’t find it sad at all. The comment at the very bottom of this page is why I would probably want to keep my identity a secret as well if I was dating a celebrity (not that I ever can lol). I don’t even know if it’s true, but it stinks either way to have people talk about your relationship like the celebrity is too good for you and they only married you because of a baby. They’re saying other things as well that’s more harsh.

    • I’m sure the perk of being together in secret is privacy though…especially for their kids. And sometimes, that’s more important than public acknowledgement that your spouse is a celebrity.

  4. OMG congratulation to Hu Ge. I love him. All my favorite actors are married with a happy family except for Takeshi Kaneshiro and Louis Koo. Nicky Wu, Vic Zhou, and now Hu Ge.

  5. My fav!! So so happy he is married and has a baby girl! Loved his work since I was a teenager in high school and now I am a mother of 2 little ones. I am glad he found someone, yes she might be young and what, but hey, they love each other and gosh I have always hoped he found happiness as so many others I adore also have.

  6. Is it true that he only married her because she was pregnant, and struggled with the decision until she was 5 months along?
    I don’t follow the Chinese netizen hubs because I don’t speak the language, but from the little gossip that has made its way from there into the English-speaking Internet, things with his marriage/wife sure sound odd.

    • Of course he married her because she was pregnant. A shotgun wedding. Who knows about the rest. In the end, she got what she wanted. He got an 11 years younger woman. Typical man. Everyone should be happy.

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