Awesome Ent Continues to Make Effort Showcasing Kim Yoo Jung with Release of BTS Stills of Poster Shooting for Shakespeare in Love

K-actress Kim Yoo Jung has been with agency Awesome Ent since 2020 after doing her last project under Sidus HQ which was Backstreet Rookie. Her first drama Lovers of the Red Sky under awesome looked good on paper but fell apart in execution but it’s still early yet. The agency has been doing a really strong job of promoting her and for her upcoming stage production of Shakespeare in Love where she is one of three rotating female leads the agency shared BTS pictures this week of the poster photo shoot and I love all the different angles and poses. She’s a proven drama actress and doing a live stage performance should add further depth to her acting skills.


Awesome Ent Continues to Make Effort Showcasing Kim Yoo Jung with Release of BTS Stills of Poster Shooting for Shakespeare in Love — 23 Comments

  1. shes so pretty, just saw on twitter that pann girlies are raving and love love love her, as they should. and for you all accusing her with ps, you all are just bunch of ugly people with bad eyes and even ugly personality.

    • She’s love by her home country and she’s a household name there… I can’t wait how Awesome will help her achieved her goal as an actor. So far it’s better now than before. Red Sky was a mild hit in South Korea then 20th Century Girl was a hit movie both in SK & worldwide. Then Chicken Nugget from a well known director in chungmuro. A rumor of having a cameo in DP season 2. Debuting in her first ever play in Shakespeare in Love which is having good reviews by knetz for her visual amd acting. Unconfirm drama My Demon with Song Kang as a heiress. Then the Ceo of Awesome and his wife treating their talents with support. Like golfing with them, having dinner and such. I bet they will sue someone who will spread bad rumor on her unlike Sidus who handled it so BADLY….

      It’s really better than Sidus…

      • Delusional. Red Sky is not even a mild hit in SoKor. It has no big noms or awards outside SBS. 20CG is yes a hit but not a sensational hit ala Love Alarm.

      • You have a sad life Myrrana.
        Just love your bias and stay away of any articles related to actors you don’t like so that you won’t spout negativity and non-sense to actors you don’t follow anyway.

      • You’re the one with a sad life coz you are delusional for thinking that Red Sky is a hit in SoKor.

  2. Joining Awsome was the best decision for Kim yoo Jung

    Love the way awsome promotes her.

    Sadly kim so Hyun failed to choose good agency after sidus.
    Infact sidus handled her best than all her later agencies.
    Also continusly changing agencies is bringing her mediocre projects.

    Awsome decision was awesome for Kim yoo Jung

    May she shine bright in future

    • I mean, good for her, but I just want to know why is your fandom so obsessed with sohyun? Literally, every news article/casting news about your fave, there’s always one comment mentioning or shading sohyun, and I just don’t get it?
      Like, is your fandom incapable of just celebrating without dragging another actress? 💀
      Also, those “mediocre projects” you speak of have brought huge popularity to sohyun that she now has 12+ million IG followers and she has been cast in 2 dramas just this year. That means her popularity isn’t fading in any way, and even casting directors know that.

      Look, I’m happy for your fave, but please can you and your fandom just stop dragging sohyun’s name in every article? It’s bordering on obsession at this point (and yes, I will say the same to my fellow sohyun fans who will mention your fave in a sohyun article).

      Both girls are thriving and have the best longevity out of their peers. The fact that both of them have multiple drama offers despite all the new rising stars prove they’re not going anytime soon, so let’s just be happy for them and stop starting fanwars

      • at the end of the day, it would be sohyun fans fault for lurking around on yoojung’s articles like her fans said at the other articles. just look at her previous articles,whose fault it is for summonning sohyun’s fans here fans here if not them shading sohyun first? the commentors will only less than 10 if they aren’t shading sohyun. sohyun fans will always mind their own business if not them summonning her in yoojung’s articles. i bet the comments will reach 30 agains thanks to you who shade sohyun

      • im sorry on behalf of yoojung’s fan but we dont claim that kind of so called yoojung fan, they just love to bring hate and toxicity. lets just support and cheer our girls.

    • Who are you? Every Kim You Jung article, you will add other actress to compare. I am doubting your sincerity in your comments.

      Don’t compare even if they are your kids.

    • Are you real and sincere in your comments??? Please don’t compare the artists achievement or give assumption comments of the artist. All of them worked hard as it their career. Don’t start a fan war in the article here.

      • Okay….
        Call it flop globally but it did well in her home country. So who cares. My fave is well love and rich compare to you.

      • All actors have flops. Let’s be real. Your bias or even A-listers have flops in their career.

        Awesome is not only good in promotions look at rookie actors Moon Sang Min & Bae Hyun Sung.

      • How it did well domestically when it did not even got nominations and awards outside SBS? Are you delusional?

    • Tbh if you are a wise fan of your bias you will clearly not engaged to a post who gives bad vibes not only for your fave but also to my bias.

      This lalala user is laughing of both fandoms because we’re giving the negative energy she wanted.

    • What has Kim so hyun got to with this article?

      If you are truly a fan,you would not compare another actress and open your fave to be dragged,please get a life.

  3. Anyone who drags other actress in this post is just looking for an excuse to have Yoo Jung dragged and is an anti,if you fall under this,please get a life psychos…..real fans don’t compare and are happy as long as their fave is thriving.

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