K-ent Reports that Yoo Ah In Under Police Investigation for Illegal Habitual Drug Use of Propofol

Dang, what a disappointing news story to hear about another K-celeb potentially violating the law. K-ent is reporting that top young actor Yoo Ah In is under police investigation and has been questioned for allegations of illegal and repeated use of the drug Propofol. It’s an intravenous anesthetic used for medical procedures and there have been more than a few reports of K-stars being addicted to it. Last big name was Ha Jung Woo using it under his brother’s name and his agency claimed he was trying to law low as it was all part of his skin scar treatment procedures. Ha Jung Woo was ultimately fined and this scandal remains following him to this day when netizens comment but has not materially impacted his career. Yoo Ah In’s agency has released a statement apologizing for the distracting and stating that he is fully cooperating with the investigation.


K-ent Reports that Yoo Ah In Under Police Investigation for Illegal Habitual Drug Use of Propofol — 11 Comments

  1. YAI wasn’t able to go to the army, netizens are still bitter about this, so really he’s already been semi cancelled. If there is anything I have learned about YAI after being a long time fan, he could care less what others think of him. Always a man of mystery and humble. I like his work and that’s what matters most. If he’s using to help him through the pain, may he overcome this.

  2. There aint no surprise koala,this is entertainment spyder web,all of celeb might ever taste it!just a few not,maybe that you can count with finger who doesnt!
    But whether their caught it or not,its depend how much they would pay the cop!

  3. In one of the first news reports (in Daum), it was the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety was the one that tipped the police into his propofol use because he allegedly went to multiple hospitals to secure prescriptions. It was the frequency of these prescriptions that made them suspicious. But he’s a man who mainly works in chungmuro, not the kdrama world. He’ll come back just like Ju Jihoon and Ha Jung Woo before him. With UAA backing him, this is merely a blip in his career.

  4. He should be treated . Using drugs, over drinking,… is always about various mental health issues ( depression, burn out,…) . Ju Ji Hoon got away with it but it took time , Ha Jung Woo ( we have to see if he will be able to reach the pic again . In another side , Park Si Yeon never recovered from it neither Park Bom .

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