jTBC Drama The Interest of Love Headdesks its Way into An Ending That Stays True to the Entire Frustrating Story

OMG, it’s been a LOOOOOONG time since I remember watching a K-drama as headdesk frustrating as this one. The Interest of Love wasn’t bad per se, it was just a story with four awful leads acting like they were emotionally blind and walking into walls and each other the entire time when everyone could just open their eyes like normal human beings and open the F*&KING door of life and walk out and forward their own ways. The drama ended this week and if I was hoping for at least a satisfying of sorts ending I must’ve been smoking shrooms. The most awful character was the female lead and if she wasn’t played by the luminous and utterly morosely Moon Ga Young there would have been no way I would have watched past 2 episodes. And if this was the first drama I ever watched of hers then she would immediately be an actress I would avoid because her character is THAT AWFUL. She is emotionally broken and mentally messed up and through her sole actions puts in action the events that entangle the other three leads. And in the end she has the gall to say that if Yoo Yeon Seok‘s male lead didn’t hesitate for all of maybe 10 seconds when heading to a date with her then they would have lived happily ever after. If there was a female lead that needs to be shoved off a fictional cliff its her. Nothing else needs to be discussed other than Korean societal norms and culture is nicely eviscerated and probed here but beyond that watch only if you want ulcers.


jTBC Drama The Interest of Love Headdesks its Way into An Ending That Stays True to the Entire Frustrating Story — 16 Comments

  1. Since when being emotionnaly broken make an awful character? I’m pretty sure that every chaebol in romcom ia as damaged as her. They hurt the FL until they’re saved by love. This drama is just more realistic.

    I loved her, yeah she took very bad decisions, but the end was an happy one. It didn’t end with happy wedding but their words meant way more.

    • That’s what i think too . Their words in my pov meant that their story has never ended , the fact that they meet again by accident, and are walking to the ” oblivion’s hill” is not anodyne either . I choose to think that .

  2. Yes it was the worst drama ever . FL was so wooden absolutely awful . ML also dreadful . What a waste of filming !!!! Do not have 2nd series would be as boring unless they all had a personality transplant. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  3. The source material was SHIT. In fact this was already a better ending. It definitely ranks high in my mostvfrustrating dramas ever watched. Come to think of it, warm and cozy, yys’s other romantic offering was frustrating to thr core as well. Dude needs a better eye for scripts. So handsome and talented but penchant to pick duds

  4. It was emotional angst porn on the writer and directorโ€™s part because it stopped making sense a long time ago. Usually YYS picks good projects but this one was utter kaka

  5. Stuck with it to the last second, most probably just so I can see any snippet of a happy ending but the walk and talk on Hill is as frustrating and opaque as SY.
    But I take it that it was an ending of possibilities rather than missed chances.

    Strangely I don’t regret watching this drama.

    • I strangely agree with you – frustrating as hell but i don’t regret watching it. mostly because i discovered Geum Sae Rok who stole the show as Park Mi Gyeong. rather questioning Moon Ga Young’s acting quality now tho – I neither hate nor sympathize with ASY, just annoyed

  6. I dropped it after the first episode and have no regrets.
    All that angst over a missed date and the whole concept of not being able to use a landline (which they would have at a bank) to let her know he would be late had me noping out of it.

    • He wasn’t late, he hesitate during 5 seconds and it was what all that this hesitation meant that made her take this decision . Hesitation = dating a subordinate, toxic workplace in which sexism, conservatism are omnipresent , unhealthy gossip,…to be able to handle all that without making “his possible girlfriend” suffer …

  7. The 2 lead characters are, in my opinion, good actors. I’ve watched other dramas they made. The slow pace of the story sucks. I fast forwarded and sometimes fell asleep while watching the last 3 episodes. Also, the characters of the 2 main leads are flat which added for this drama to be considered boring.

  8. The story of self centered girl and a foolish guy….even 4 years on but no closure…wasted that 4 years!
    Very realistic for some.

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