K-netizens Discuss the Complex Collapse of Once Hit Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in that Only One of the Leads is Scandal Free

I thought Sungkyunkwan Scandal was basically un-re-watchable after the Park Yoochun toilet scandal, and even more so with his drug arrest and myriad additional subsequent scandals after. But now K-netizens are saying its unfathomable levels of un-re-watchable with only one remaining non-scandal ridden star among the four leads namely Song Joong Ki. With Yoo Ah In‘s propofol investigation and Park Min Young‘s dating a scammer (and her own older sister worked at that guy’s company), the drama has collapsed so completely from what was a career launching hit for said four leads. I would also add that there are two deaths too – supporting actor Jeon Tae Soo passed away a few years later and then veteran Jo Min Ki committed suicide after his Me Too allegations. I lived through and still fondly remember the SS craze when all the I-netzs loved the drama and everyone had a fave lead among the three.


K-netizens Discuss the Complex Collapse of Once Hit Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in that Only One of the Leads is Scandal Free — 30 Comments

  1. I’m the type who never think about the actors’ wrongdoings. If the films are good, they’re good. I mean for example if Hitler was an actor and his film was good, I would still watch it 🤷🏻‍♀️. There’s no taboo for me regarding enjoying morally deprived people’s works. Even if my money will fund their atrocities. A good project is a good project.

    • Lol… You took that one to an extreme. How can you compare this guys scandals to Hitler? First and foremost some scandals while legally wrong are not necessarily morally unacceptable but saying you would watch a Hitler drama is so wrong in so many levels.

    • LOL Your example is really weird, no way in hell will anyone support an actor who’s committed crimes like Hitler. Doesn’t matter how good the project was, it will be tainted and good as garbage. There is a difference here for the four leads of this drama, two fell victims to drugs while the other two had dating or marriage scandals…they didn’t hurt anyone…no where near as bad as someone who is like Hitler. I get your point, but you can’t compare this to Hitler.

  2. I don’t think Park Min Young herself make a scandal. She is just dating a scammer, they can break up anytime. She is still not doing anuthing harmful or illegal thing.

    But I agree with you if you mean all four leads already make a negatife noise and make public view them differently than before. What a downfall. It seems they get curse after riding a success from skks

    • I thought PMY and the guy already broke up, and her sister resigned: you can make a mistake in judgement about someone easily enough.

    • Lol her sister was a director of one of his companies and she was just called in to testify and is barred from leaving the country. No way she didn’t know at least some of what her scammer bf was doing.

  3. Awe, I loved this drama then. Despite all the leads (4of them) hitting it big time. I never went back to watch then & surely will not now. Times have changed and new actors & drama subject matters are what interest me.

  4. For some people, in some parts of the world/social media/internet, Song Joong Ki not only has scandal, judging from various insults thrown at him you would guess he murdered someone and raped the corpse.

  5. Instead of castigating YAI, shouldn’t we be more worried about him. Maybe fans forget alrdy, but he was diagmosed having beingn bone tumor. I can only imagine how painful it is and it might be the reason why he needed propofol presceiption. And he didn’t get propofol through smuuggling the drug, he made a hospital hopping tryimg to have propofol administered to him. And instead of his urine being positive to propofol, it was cannabis instead.

    He went to LA and was rushes to ho back to Sokor, for sure he partied there and had some fun with cannabis.

    Joojihoon and Ha Jung Woo wwre able to work still with drug scandal on their history. I thinm his career isn’t over yet. I would cancel people who DUI or rape or assaulted someone than him as an addict.

    • His hospital hopping is what got him into trouble in the first place as the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety were tipped off by the frequency. What he does in the US is none of anyone’s business but he at least should have been responsible enough to know that even if cannabis is legal in the US, federal laws will not exempt him from criminal prosecution in SK because their criminal laws apply to him as a citizen. That said, he is male and is mainly a chungmuro actor. His career is safe.

    • He’s been in at least 10 productions since his diagnosis and often seen partying at night clubs with his boyfriend, the pain can’t be that bad. South Korea has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, hard to believe he can’t get the medical care he needed and had to resort to going from hospital to hospital (plastic surgery clinics actually) to get illegal doses of propofol. Experts unanimously said even if he had multiple health conditions, the amount was excessive and considered drug abuse.

      If there’s anything to worry about, he should be worried about the hefty penalty he has to pay for termination of CF contracts, getting sued for causing loss to productions he was involved in, and possible jail sentence.

      • He’s done 10 productions since his diagnosis and he’s seen partying, so he’s not in so much pain? Wow, quite a insensitive way to judge a person you don’t know. SK has one of the best healthcare systems in the world yet they ignore the amount of suicides in the film industry. Being a drug addict can be connected to mental health as well, fix that, best healthcare system in the world.

      • And how are you so sure he’s in pain and has mental health issues? I’m just basing my observation on his actions. Just like if a person declares bankruptcy, you don’t expect them to take the taxi and eat at expensive restaurants. Likewise, someone in so much pain would not be working nonstop and partying at night clubs. People with chronic pain are lucky they can even leave the house for short periods of time.

      • @Ume

        I’m not his doctor or his personal assistant, I can only assume he is going through a lot, just like you who is basing your views on observation. So what makes you right and me wrong?

      • @neen, exactly, we don’t know him personally and you are merely making assumptions while my observations are at least based on events that actually happened. You can also assume Park Yoo Chun was going through a lot but at the end of the day he is still a criminal.

        It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, the fact remains that police are doing an investigation on his habitual and excessive drug use. If I were his fan, instead of making excuses, I would be relieved he is being exposed now before something worse happens.

      • @Ume

        Exactly, we don’t know him personally so how can you say your observations are more valid? Your observations are good as mine. I’ve seen an episode of him on Home Alone and he’s seeking help for himself through meditation, he’s a shy person. This can mentally affect a person, so through my observations, I think he’s working on many things in his life. I’m not making excuses for anyone, if he’s guilty, he will be punished under the law, I just think what people assume is rude and insensitive, especially when we don’t know these people. You’re the one who assumes he’s ok just because he parties and takes up a lot of projects. Whoever thought drinking, partying and overworking yourself solved problems?

  6. This is absolute nonsense. How can you compare Yoochun’s doings with Min Young’s and Ah In’s? Park Min Young dated a shady businessman who turned out to be a criminal. In the entertainment industry, there are people like that. She didn’t injure or harm anyone. How many k-netz have dated people who weren’t really good? YAI has been caught for doping. Pretty sure there are other k-actors who dope who haven’t been caught so far. Ha Jung Woo is still acting! Yoochun had serious sexual harassment charges against him by multiple women.

    I can understand k-netz judging people because of their unfair standards. But it amazes me that Koala would equate PMY’s and YAI’s scandals with Yoochun’s. As far as I know, neither of the other two have had any other scandals apart from these. Park Min Young shouldn’t be equated with Yoochun just because she dated one person who turned out to be a criminal. Similarly, Ah In’s drug abuse needs a less knee-jerk response than ‘OMG! He’s such a terrible person’

    • The voice of the sane people is often lost in the crowd. Meaning, you are right, but people around here really love to judge and throw stones.

      lolol, my response turned unexpectedly biblical…..

    • YAI’s main problem was the propofol misuse, which broke a lot of Korean laws and is dangerous. The marijuana part is just the cherry on top.

      PMY’s scandal is the fact that people ASSUME that she knowingly dates a fraudster, and benefits (financially) from it, e.g. her sister getting a cushy director position. this of course is all assumption, which is why she isnt as cancelled as the others.

      the severity of the crime is different, but the similarity is they all are “celebs acting like they are above the law” scandals

  7. I can’t watch song joong ki shows. The rumour of him dating not long after his divorce was the end of it. How come koala didn’t write about it ?

    • Why is it a crime that he’s dating shortly after his divorce? I would like to know why he can’t and should not have done that?

    • There is no basic of that. The covid outbreak, katy is still in Italy during lockdown make it impossible Katy is meeting him in Korea and dating SJK not long after the divorce happened. Not to mention she is dating another guy in Italy.

      This is about what you want to believe, but I believe he is dating Katy around the end of 2020 onwards.

      Even if the rumor is true. There is no crime in that just we become view him differently.

    • It’s a really good drama, and I would have no trouble doing a re-watch. Once you find out about all the actors/singers etc from back in the day that had issues, you just learn to compartmentalize. If we don’t, there’s not gonna be anyone left.

  8. I rarely rewatch dramas just because there are new dramas and i don’t have time .15 years ago , it was possible , i remember rewatching Goong, Coffee Prince, City Hall, 9 end 2 Outs, Dal Ja’s spring and many more ,… SS was delightful to watch and my fav character was the one of Yoo Ah In . Remember also Ha Ji Won’s
    late brother . I still watch some movies even if actors or directors were involved in drug cases,…but if they abused or harmed someone in any way it’s not the same . Unfair,perhaps, as when it’s about dead artists we tend to forget their wrong doings . I still listen Michael Jackson, Paul Gauguin’s art works are still exposed even if he was in a relationship with a girl of 13 years when he was 43 years , which is paedophilia , the same with Charlie Chaplin and i still watch Modern Times, … It’s always about : can we separate an artist from his art or not ?

    • Ok so according to you the guy who is legit accused of sexual assault is more bearable to you rather than guy who is in news for getting remarried after four years of divorce. Just simply say you are shk fan and move on.

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