K-netizens Discuss the Complex Collapse of Once Hit Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in that Only One of the Leads is Scandal Free

I thought Sungkyunkwan Scandal was basically un-re-watchable after the Park Yoochun toilet scandal, and even more so with his drug arrest and myriad additional subsequent scandals after. But now K-netizens are saying its unfathomable levels of un-re-watchable with only one remaining non-scandal ridden star among the four leads namely Song Joong Ki. With Yoo Ah In‘s propofol investigation and Park Min Young‘s dating a scammer (and her own older sister worked at that guy’s company), the drama has collapsed so completely from what was a career launching hit for said four leads. I would also add that there are two deaths too – supporting actor Jeon Tae Soo passed away a few years later and then veteran Jo Min Ki committed suicide after his Me Too allegations. I lived through and still fondly remember the SS craze when all the I-netzs loved the drama and everyone had a fave lead among the three.

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MV Montage to the Best Kisses and Couples of 2010

I’ve seen quite a few MVs floating around various video sharing sites that aim to collect and showcase the best K-drama kisses of 2010. After watching quite a few, I must say that 2010 was exceedingly fanservicy with the kissing … Continue reading