Crash Course in Romance Stays Steady in 12% Ratings for Episode 11-12 But Introduces a Last Minute Romantic Hint of a Secondary Couple

It’s wild I’m talking about a genuinely well-written likeable rom-com like Crash Course on Romance maybe jumping the shark but I’m really worried it might due to a new and rather last minute subplot being introduced in episode 12. So the whole “who is the killer” story has been sprinkled through this drama well enough, not my fave since this is a rom-com but apparently there is a lot of darkness in the private tutoring and school pressure world so I can accept that. This weekend’s episodes moved it forward so a potential suspect turns out to maybe be a victim himself and the red herring too obvious other suspect is probably the real baddie. What’s weird is that the drama suddenly hinted at putting the female lead’s best friend and her intellectually slow younger brother in a love line and while there is nothing wrong with that in this story is just comes out of left field so late in the game. Like, nothing even remotely portended that until suddenly it drops like a plane from the sky. At least the OTP got cute dates, consummated their relationship like adults, had a disagreement but made up through talking, and continue to project the hallmarks of what a grown up healthy relationship can be like.


Crash Course in Romance Stays Steady in 12% Ratings for Episode 11-12 But Introduces a Last Minute Romantic Hint of a Secondary Couple — 20 Comments

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  2. This love story is really uncessary. They know each other since years and suddenly they will fall for each other? It doesn’t make sense…

    There is already the love triangle with the niece. The 3 are cute so I would prefer to see them.

  3. At first I was like WTH with the best friend storyline. So random! Then I thought about the title of the show, Crash Course In Romance. The best friend has been desperately trying to meet someone since the beginning of the show and joining different clubs. She had this aha moment and realized that there is a perfectly nice guy in front of her. It’s still a punch in the gut when your guy friend says that he only thinks of you as a “sister” or “friend”.

  4. I already dropped this one. And for what I see, I’m not coming back. The actors are good but not buying them as a couple, the crazy moms and killers are too much for me in a rom-com, and now the other odd pairing…too much going on and nothing really appealing.

  5. She’d have been 10 when she had him, that isn’t mother and son, and nobody would even discuss a 10 year age gap with an older man, let alone call it father and daughter. Our leading gent is pushing 40, he isn’t an ingenue being predated upon. For me as for koala they are a highlight and their consummation showed consummate and warm chemistry. Hope the success of this show leads to many similar pairings where it’s not just about youthful beauty but acting skills.

    Another highlight is the niece love triangle, 3 such good kids who your heart goes out to! I love the best friend actress but I do find this new pairing comes out of nowhere and her would-be love seems solidly uninterested. Would prefer they drop it and give her a fun cameo for a love interest.

    • She looks a good twenty years older than him visually and that’s all that counts. People complain about too old male leads compared to FL all the time.

      God I hope we don’t get more of these where either the FL or the ml look so much older. Neither is good and lol at implying good acting is conditional on that bs.

      • Young and beautiful people can be great at acting, see my compliments for the young love trio. But let’s not pretend we haven’t all seen young beauties (whichever gender) given lead roles they just couldn’t deliver on. I prefer actors who can deliver, and if life experience enriches their performance, great.

        How old people look is subjective: I think she looks very youthful for 50. I didn’t see people acting this way with Lee Joon Gi and IU in Scarlet Heart, which has the same age gap. (And I love them too. Ironically I think they’d be an even better onscreen pair now, as IU’s acting has improved as she matured.)

      • @ Maya Kim Hee Ae looks better in World of Married despite 6 years older. It’s all because the production wants FL looks old here. Even the hairstyle is bad. With make Up and camera filter JDY can look younger. But it’s all what the production wanted.

      • @Maya

        You are still making it an either/or and it’s not. Just because young idols get roles they should not doesn’t mean there are no younger actors who can act. Young for young, etc. For example, I disliked a lot when SJK got the role in Reborn Rich as Do Joon. He was under filters the whole damn time pretty much and it was unnecessary. Especially as the role wasn’t even that demanding. The show was carried all the way through by Lee Sung Min. It’s the same thing. Fame gives opportunities that should go to a more appropriate choice.

        The solution is as I said. Regardless of male or female, give the capable and appropriate actors the roles. End of.

      • @Lol in the very first line of my answer you replied to, I said ‘Young and beautiful people can be great at acting’ so I don’t know how you understood me saying ‘there are no younger actors who can act.’

  6. I like our main couple. It’s the only one that I haven’t drop bc the leads and the story isn’t so toxic I can’t stay. This one is getting close but so far I am sticking with it. I was watching TBS and that one is absolutely driving me crazy – it goes around and around in a circle of nothing and so many toxic “exs” that everyone blindly believes. I also really wanted to like the one with Kang Sora but it the storyline is a bit much even though the main leads look so great together.
    All this to say that I guess I see this one as the lesser of the scriptwriters writing ridiculous characters. CCIR does have a lot of things happening at once. I am not a fan of murder obsession, two faced assistant storyline. The toxic parents, I can understand. These parents exist though maybe not so forwardly toxic. Privilege exists and you can see why the kid turns out the way they do. JDY’s character was best dressed in a tank top morning after. Simple and i thought it made her look younger. Her other outfits age her. I don’t think my mom dresses like that. I mostly watch ML and FL’s scenes and skim the rest.

  7. Age gap 10 years . “The interest of love ” age gap between the lead couple 12 years . Just saying . No wonder that women have to get PS to survive a few years more in the entertainment world . A woman is aging while a man is becoming manlier .

    • The visuals in here are too apparent, and they are supposed to be in late 30s? I like the acting but the love chemistry isn’t there.

      • @cahill

        She could have thought they would do the same thing they did with SJK for Reborn Rich, I have no idea why she took the role. You would have to ask her.

        And my point was precisely that, if you care to read again. The ageism exists in the lack of roles. This is an issue across the globe though its getting better in the western countries.

        The ageism isn’t to say she doesn’t pass because she doesn’t.

    • Take a good look at Helen Mirren. Did she have PS? No. Can you see her age and has this been possible for years now? Yes.

      There is no shame in aging. The point is to get proper roles – which means lead roles being written for all ages -so that she, an amazing actress who is 50 doesn’t have to pass for mid 30, which is what they are selling here. She doesn’t pass and it’s not ageism to say so.

      • @lol, not only Helen Mirren, you can name Meryl Stree, Julia Roberts, … What i’m saying is that only a few don’t get PS and still have roles . If you read a lot of articles of older actresses they all say that’s difficult to get roles past the 30’s . It’s a fact . Only a few ones get the roles they want . When you say that JDY who is 50 is playing the role of a woman in mid 30, it’s about ageism as she “doesn’t pass ” . It doesn’t work ! So why did she choose that role ? Knowing that it wasn’t a proper role . Lack of interesting lead roles for all older actresses in dramaland ?

  8. At least they spent a night together like adults but woke up like aunties and uncles in their singlets. That was funny. As the hinted 2nd romance, perhaps woman was desperate? And the hinted villain… now I know who he is. I fast forwarded a lot of scenes in the latest ep. I find this series should have ended by now.

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